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First Solo Voyage
by MaxStone0001
Citation:   MaxStone0001. "First Solo Voyage: An Experience with MDMA (exp109208)". Erowid.org. Sep 29, 2016. erowid.org/exp/109208

T+ 0:00
125 mg oral MDMA (liquid)
  T+ 4:20 75 mg rectal MDMA  
  T+ 4:20 100 mg rectal Tryptophan - 5-HTP  
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00   oral Tryptophan - 5-HTP (daily)
  T+ 0:00   oral Vitamin B-6 (daily)


Holy shit. Wow. WTF was that?!? I can honestly describe my first MDMA experience as the Most Euphoric and Blissful Fifteen Hours of my Life. That is not hyperbole or exaggeration in any way. Wow. That was incredible.

Quick bio particulars: 45 year-old male, not a clubber or raver, big 420 fan but not an all day toker, just evenings to wind down. A fair bit of experience with shrooms and acid which was overall positive, though I prefer the former. Always seeking ways to increase euphoria. Well I believe I found the fucking Jackpot!!

I started taking 5-HTP about a week prior. Itís worth highlighting that for a daily mood lifter, 5-HTP is a godsend. My mood increased noticeably and my fiancť has been a big supporter since she lives with me. I also take B6. I was motivated to learn all I could because I heard the hangover was awful. Luckily, my prep worked and the hangover was sleepy and feeling really out of it, but not depressing at all.

On to the trip. Since Iím a bit old for the club/rave scene, that was not a draw for me. I rolled all alone at home. Spare me the lonely guy loser crap. Most of my friends wouldnít be interested in this. I work in a professional setting so surrounding myself with people also rolling isnít really an option. Additionally, this is my preferred buzz method since I am fully in control of all stimuli and can really dial into the sensations. No distractions, no driving, everything that I need and want is at hand. To me, this is the ideal setting and it works perfectly for me.

About 5:00 pm I nervously mixed 125 mg into a glass of orange juice. Iíd also read OJ is good for rolling. I drank half the glass and put the rest in the fridge. Although Iíd heard a lot of things about an anxious or unpleasant come-up I didnít experience that at all. At first I noticed my palms getting sweaty, then I was sweaty everywhere. My heartrate increased but not in a scary way, it felt like excitement more than anxiety. I started to feel really good and was enjoying some music videos. At 6:00 I finished the OJ and then went outside. It was a beautiful summer evening. My place is very scenic with lots of birds in the trees and we love to sit out on the deck in the evening. It was sooooo nice. I texted a bit with some friends, posted a bit on Facebook, but otherwise kept to myself. I didnít want to wake up to a bunch of messages reading ĎWhat the fuck were you on last night?Ē

About 6:30-9:00 I brought up an electronic station on YouTube. Now I get why that music is so popular at raves. Turned it up LOUD and just sat there, enjoying the most pleasant, euphoric feelings in the world. It reminded me of both coke and opiates, but it lasted far longer than coke and I was more lucid and energetic than when on opiates. Every physical breath felt amazing. It was like being in a warm drizzle of bliss. Words canít accurately describe it.

Around 9:00 I decided to take another bump. I had been reading about the booty bump and that sounded fun so I mixed up 75mg along with about 100mg of 5-HTP in a small amount of water.I froze that in a shot glass and made a booty bump ice cube.
I froze that in a shot glass and made a booty bump ice cube.
It was ready in about 20 min.

Now Iíve never been into anal play for me. I love that area on women and it gets me jacked, but my own backdoor has never been a playground for me. Not anymore. It was incredibly pleasurable inserting the ice cube. This definitely turned me on, so I left the YouTube electronic blasting on the big screen and opened up some porn on my laptop. Excellent move. I didnít touch myself at all. I just watched and felt the endorphins and dopamine begin to kick in. I love weed and pot so I grabbed the one-hitter and did the occasional toke. From that point on I was in another galaxy of bliss. I spent about six hours edging on the porn since as most know, itís damn near impossible to get hard or get off while rolling. Nevertheless, I was in a constant state of foreplay and it really intensified my feelings of euphoria.

I went and got a magic wand vibrator that my fiance loves. Itís one of those big ones that looks like an ice cream cone with a big white ball on the end that vibes. I attached a dimmer switch extension cord to it so I was able to vary the vibes. I discovered that placing it just under my balls and tuning the vibes to the best setting I was able to amplify the feelings. Iíd also take a break from that and hold the wand against my sternum, adjust the intensity. I liken it to tuning oneís chakras. After a bit of that I moved it up to my neck, ducking my chin down to hold it and found a very low setting that felt incredible. At one point I took it outside, sat on a lawn chair, put the wand under my balls, and dialed in the perfect frequency. I felt in tune with nature, like my chakras were all perfectly in tune.

I took breaks to take showers twice. It felt so good. Since I was so hot and sweaty I slowly turned the water colder and colder which felt incredible. It wouldnít be pleasant sober, but damn it felt good rolling!

I made myself go to bed at about 5:00 but was still glowing. I couldnít sleep but didnít mind since every breath still felt amazing.

I couldnít sleep at all until the next evening. I felt really out of it and emotionally drained the entire next day. It was a lost day but I felt good, not at all depressed. I think that the 5-HTP stacking going in really helped.

Itís now the second day after the roll. I feel very calm, relaxed, and good. No depression at all. Still a little out of it but not too bad. Timing oneís roll to coincide with a couple chill days would be a very good idea.

Iíll wait at least another month, probably six weeks before I do it again. I want to respect this substance and not abuse it. Plus, Iíve heard that six weeks is a good timeframe to get the highest sensation. For me, waiting to experience that pleasure again is worth it.
Happy rolling!

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109208
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 45 
Published: Sep 29, 2016Views: 8,685
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MDMA (3) : First Times (2), Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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