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The Language of the Bathtub
Citation:   Botanist. "The Language of the Bathtub: An Experience with Datura (exp109205)". Jul 21, 2020.

2 leaves oral Datura (tea)
First of all, let me present a little backstory for this delirous trip. I am highly passionate in botany and in spirituality (I am from a brazilian religion called umbanda and Santo Daime), I have plenty of experience with ayahuasca (almost two years of religious use), cannabis and some others as LSA. I am always trying to use natural psychedelics to explore my consciousness. I have a Brugmansia suavolens in my yard for quite some time and I've tried it many many times in many different ways (I've smoked, eaten, absorbed through my skin, and drunk the seeds, leaves, roots and flowers of it, with no results), recently I've moved to a different house in a very hippie neighbourhood and easily spotted 5 datura plants, one of which I took two big leaves (almost 30cm long) and made a tea with milk and drank it. On the floor of my bathtub there are embossed (alto-relevo?) stars made to prevent people from slipping, you will need this information later.

I was playing the harmonica listening to Tim Maia after I drank the tea and decided to go to the pool, there, I was wondering if any of the other human beings I was seeing were real or not, but it was nothing but placebo. When I left the pool I noticed that I couldn't walk in a straight line, then I realized that something was going on. Being in home I was getting really tired and really thirsty, my legs weren't working properly and I was peeing mostly water every 3 minutes. I drank a lot of water fearing dehydration and decided to take a nap, for I was really weary. There everything really started, I woke up and started playing a game in a Nintendo DS, but then I really woke up and realized that I wasn't playing anything at all, when I went to sleep again the same thing happened, but I woke up to do something in my cellphone, but I woke up in reality to find out I was actually really far from my cellphone.

Then I decided that I should end this trip 'cause I had something to do later, I went for a cold bath, there, I sat in my bathtub and started chatting with two of my friends that were in the bathroom with me, but when I was going to reply to what they were saying I noticed that I was alone in the bathroom, but kept forgetting it. There I started to read beautiful and deep phrases written in the floor in the embossed stars engraved in the bathtub, some religious phrases about the truth, and I was reading it fluently like it was some language I spoke perfectly, but whenever I tried to read it all over again I noticed that there was absolutely nothing written on it, only some stars on the floor of the bathtub. The same happened in the water drops in the wall of the bathroom, another language I spoke perfectly. I had some other auditory hallucinations, I kept hearing strange voices in the distance and avoided talking because my voice sounded really strange in my head.

I gave up on my bath, avoided looking at myself in the mirror because I wasn't recognizing myself and feared to see something strange in the reflection, and kept feeling presences (probably if I had taken a higher dose I would have seen them), I went to take a nap again. Then I remember standing up in my room, I was lucid dreaming or astral projecting (something I was training to do some days prior to the experience), or even a strange mix between those two, but everything was strangely colored and dreamy-like, I remember walking through my neighborhood and seeings things written somewhere and thinking I must remember this so when I wake up I may prove myself I was astral projecting! but sadly when I woke up I couldn't remember what I read and where I did.

I woke up and tried to force myself to sober up and did pretty well, but still felt some kind of depersonalization a day later, along with complete inability to read things close to me with glasses on (problem that vanished two days later). I probably came really close to poisoning myself, but I may try the Angel's Trumpet some times more, but in a safer way like a flying ointment.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109205
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jul 21, 2020Views: 1,762
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Datura (15) : Alone (16), General (1)

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