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Unexpected and Pleasantly Disappointing
by Pseudonombre
Citation:   Pseudonombre. "Unexpected and Pleasantly Disappointing: An Experience with Cocaine (exp109163)". Mar 15, 2017.

  repeated insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)


I visited Miami on a whim, had a contact in the area and was interested in just going all out for the night I was there. I inquired as the availability of good, clean, soft white and he came through. I was told that this stuff was relatively pure and that, as a new user, I shouldn't just rail massive lines like some character in the movies.

I took a trip to my room to try and nap for a few hours. I wanted to start hitting the streets around 9pm and was meeting up with some people around midnight for some clubbing. I woke up around 8:30 and, out of curiosity, wanted a taste of the soft white. I got a pinky-tip full and sucked it off. It was bitter and almost sour and instantly numbed my mouth. Initially the taste was not palatable at all, but as the night went on I would quickly grow to crave tasting the drip.

I was ready to take a little walk alone and after getting dressed followed the advice and took a couple of big bumps off a key. I chilled out for a few minutes expecting something insanely euphoric and almost spiritual. Nothing like that, a little 'kicked up' or amped, so I stepped outside. As I was walking I realized that I had a big cocky smile, I was insanely focused but at the same time was taking a lot of stimulation in. The focus and stimulation sensation reminded me a lot of blowing Ritalin but the coke had a lot more emotional 'up' and sensation of general well-being.

I liked it a lot. Within 15 minutes I bumped off the key 2 more times up to the amount that I wanted before 'coming down'. I wanted to let the stuff run its course so I could gauge both the takeoff and landing. Here is a minute-by-minute of my first 'dose'.

2100: Insufflated 2 large bumps... Almost immediate pleasant speedy effects and numbness of the forehead.

2105: Positivity, perception, and focus highly apparent. A very mellow yet subtly powerful buzz. Not jittery, very pleasant. I feel great.

2120: Two more, but smaller, bumps. No major increase or higher 'peak' but reunification of that wonderful taste and numbness. I walk around Miami Beach just taking everything in. I'm a really positive, fit, and confident person by nature with a ton of energy; I live between a 7 and 10 sober, I am turned up to 11.

2155: I can feel the electric buzz fading. Urge to redose really high, but I fight it.

2210: Obviously coming down now, I hadn't realized until now that an appetite was returning. I had been so nervous about trying the stuff I forgot I hadn't had anything in my stomach since early that morning. The landing is smooth and gentle. After the initial urge to just blow more to keep me up I never experienced that urge again.

2230: Basically back to baseline... No sadness or real urge to keep going. I WANT to, but would rather feed myself, hydrate, and save what I have left for the rest of the night.

My second dose was different. I threw caution to the wind and just basically railed in one go the same amount I had bumped through the first time. Familiar come up with MUCH more immediate euphoric and perceptual changes. Still none of the orgasmic and tingling sensations of pleasure I have had described to me.

I still really fucking loved it. Like, a lot... I did get nausea but once I cleared the drip from the haphazard monster dose and dehydrated I felt fine.

I bumped my way through the rest of the gram, probably a bit less than a gram, over 6 hours. I was able to get back to my room by 5am, the walk back I was coming down, by 6am I was totally level and yawning. I slept until 10:30 the next morning and woke up pretty refreshed with a small headache. Some water, granola, and coffee fixed that.

While I wasn't knocked around as much as I anticipated I was pleasantly disappointed. This is a substance I could use more often than I originally thought. The comedownwas pretty gentle with very little issues the following 48 hours. I was able to get back to my workout routine the following night!

10/10, will do again.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109163
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Mar 15, 2017Views: 1,940
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