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A Rather Unintersting Dissociative
Citation:   FlowGnome. "A Rather Unintersting Dissociative: An Experience with Methoxphenidine (exp109120)". Sep 16, 2016.

125 mg sublingual Methoxphenidine (powder / crystals)
Set: Good mood, going in without much expectation other than letting the chemical take me where it wants to.
Setting: Home, internet, cats. No real plans for the evening, listen to music.

Previous dissociatives have been Ketamine, MXE sold as Ketamine, DXM, and MXP at lower dosages. Not much of a timeline is given here because I wasn't paying attention past time of onset and approximate duration. Prior experience with MXP had been at 90mg (twice) and 110mg, and indicated that it was generally enjoyable, but with a fair level of unpredictability in strength of effects. The 110mg dose was subjectively weaker than the 90mg dosages which themselves felt significantly different in strength. None of those dosages were very strong.

T+0:00 - Ingest 125mg and hold under tongue for a while before washing it down with some juice. Taste of it is somewhat similar to Ketamine with a numbing effect and a characteristic flavor which isn't awful but is hard to place.

T+1:00 - No effects yet, this matches previous experiences.

T+2:00 - Beginning to feel some numbness and the somewhat disjointed thought process I get from these things. Communication still ok.

T+2:30 - Still coming up. Thought process has become very confused, disconnection from body very apparent but no problems moving around or balance issues. I don't have as strong of issues with fine muscle control with Ketamine as many have told me about either, but this has the disconnection and movement requires no effort. The mental state is more or less neutral.
The mental state is more or less neutral.
I was expecting some level of this type of confusion, and it is neither euphoric or dysphoric, just interesting.

T+3:00 - All the way up, it has become hard to maintain steady thought required to type. Body control is still fine. I feel like if this was ketamine I'd call it a 'hole' but this doesn't have the same level of disconnect so is lacking some of the weirdness.

At this point I realize I don't really have any particular desire to do anything. Music doesn't provoke an emotional response, games seem boring, the cats are all sleeping and don't want to play. I've lost the capability or desire to find anything entertaining to do beyond that, so I decided to just do some housework. End up folding / hanging up clothes. It needed to get done, so I was doing it. That was really all there was. Ended up standing around doing this slowly for almost two hours because I kept spacing out. Didn't really mind.

The rest of the night was similar, altered, but fairly boring. Eventually fell asleep at maybe T+10:00.

For me the only benefit of this compound was that each time I tried it, a large boost in mood was felt the next day which lasted for a day or two. The 'trip' if I'd even call it that at any of these doses was more interesting at the lower levels when emotional detachment didn't kick in. The unpredictability of response to a given dosage level was undesireable and made this the last time I ended up doing any of it. Just not my cup of tea, kind of disappointing because I do like Ketamine quite a bit and something that might have easily been a long duration version would have been nice.

Most likely won't be trying this one again.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 109120
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33
Published: Sep 16, 2016Views: 5,260
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