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Organic Insight
Morning Glory
by James Holocene
Citation:   James Holocene. "Organic Insight: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp109081)". Sep 2, 2020.

200 seeds oral Morning Glory


Preface: I first became interested in the psychedelic qualities of Ipomoea tricolor (Heavenly Blues) while reading my sister's Drugs and the Brain textbook.

Preparation: Wanting to avoid potential nausea, I chose to soak ~240 seeds in tap water for three days in the refrigerator in a lightproof container. When soaking was complete I removed the outer seed coat from ~200 seeds (40 did not relinquish their protective husk). The 200 viable seeds were then returned to the refrigerator with fresh water until the following morning. Valentine chose to opt for a cold water extraction. He ground up 250 seeds in a coffee grinder then placed them in a glass of tap water in the fridge for 8 hours before consuming.

Experience: We arose an hour before sunrise and drank some ginger tea with hope that it would reduce nausea, no food was eaten. A short car ride was taken to a state recreational area (Roughly 900 acres of mid-growth oak and white pine forests and restored prairie). Upon arriving I drank my seed water before chewing and holding the 200 husked seeds in my mouth for ~5 minutes then swallowing. The taste was moderately vegetative yet palatable. Valentine drank his mixture over the course of the next half hour.

T+30min – Subtle shift of the psyche inwards, possibly placebo.

T+1hr – Atop a large tower in the western forests of Wisconsin, viewing a pastel sunrise through banks of evaporating fog. I am experiencing nuanced visual distortion; as if the distant horizon and surrounding forest are ever-so-slightly “zooming” in and out. Valentine reports minor nausea with no perceptual or mental change.

T+2hr – Sitting on a picnic table beneath the tower. Valentine suffering from moderate to severe nausea, nearly vomiting on multiple occasions. No other notable effects. I am also suffering from waves of moderate nausea, reporting a mental state similar to that of a mild cannabis edible, slightly blurry thought patterns. Valentine summons what courage remains in his volatile innards and holds the remaining “mush” from his extraction in his mouth for a minute before spitting it out.

T+3hr – A desperate walk back to the car, nausea 6/10 for me, 8/10 for Valentine. No psychedelic effects present. I am getting painful vasoconstriction behind my knees. Conversation entirely absent. Dark clouds rapidly approaching from the west, threatening an impending downpour. Mental effects still similar to mild edible. I am beginning to feel slightly “taller.” Observing my entire field of vision instead of focusing on any given point.

T+4hr – I, now experiencing no mental or perceptual distortion, drive a short distance to a local café. The Interstellar soundtrack playing at a moderate volume provides an adventurous overtone. Valentine, reclined in the passenger seat, reports moderate closed eyed visuals on the ride to the café, some rather disturbing. After 20 minutes in the café parking lot both Valentine and myself still suffer from waves of nausea. Valentine eventually exits the vehicle and vomits multiple times… in the rain. We both begin to report subtle visual enhancement. Water rolling down the windshield distorts the stoplights in the background resulting in a “lava effect,” thoroughly entertaining. We enter the café and begin experiencing notable shifts in thought patterns. The current realities of life seem delightfully absurd and humorous. We begin to engage in enlivening conversation about our immediate situation as well as the broader circumstances of our lives. Nausea is gone, minds are engaging an elevated plane.

T+5-8hr – The couch at my apartment. Low natural light. No other humans present. We both experience mental sharpness, as well as increased patience and empathy. Listening with rapt attention seems effortless. Articulating elaborate concepts comes with ease. We feel electrically connected. Thought patterns are rapid but not disjointed. Each conversation topic seems to evolve flawlessly into the next. Thoughts possess infinite complexities on which to discuss. No visuals. I have vasoconstriction in my legs and back.

T+12hr. Both report reduced yet pleasant mental effects. Strong overtones of relaxation and acceptance of one’s place/power in reality. I am still experiencing minor vasoconstriction in legs, back, and hands.

Reflection: The first four or so hours were quite unpleasant on account of the nausea. I suggest planning no physical activities until later on in the experience. At higher doses, using these methods of ingestion, nausea would most likely lead to vomiting. After the nausea dissipated the effects of LSA were incredibly valuable. A sense of genuine introspective intimacy was achieved, mental processes were clean and probing. Superb afterglow. A predominantly “mental” trip. Insightful.

Thanks for reading.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109081
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Sep 2, 2020Views: 1,512
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