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Most Overlooked Drug in a Different League
by dioxum666
Citation:   dioxum666. "Most Overlooked Drug in a Different League: An Experience with a-PVP (exp108836)". Erowid.org. Jul 24, 2016. erowid.org/exp/108836

    a-PVP (powder / crystals)


Ok so all the shite I see about this drug, I donít get it. Hands down best drug I ever had the pleasure of taking. Iíll start by saying this drug is for snoop dog equivalent professional users only (most people do have bad reactions). A strong mind is needed and as a borderline sociopath, I have a psychological edge. This drug was made for me.
as a borderline sociopath, I have a psychological edge. This drug was made for me.

Well once upon about a year ago I was a heroin addict suffering with depression due to my ex and I's break up, which after a rough childhood in care was about the only thing that could really hurt me. Then this new stuff came into town, sold as meow and the first person that did it hit up half a g and tripped the fuck out, so I was hesitant coz the guy is known to be hardcore. So I tried some myself, first time trying (and this was MDPV) I did about 2.5 mg it's the nicest trip I will ever experience, everything became 3 dimensional, 2d surfaces had what I can only describe as auric fields, I was entranced, I gradually worked my way up to half a g (which I now know was insane). These experiences probs best I ever had on drugs, and as I'm into the occult I was getting a unique effect compared to other folks around me. I started seeing demons everywhere in everything, my mates were taking more than me, I was like you seeing all the demons? Nope, out of like 10 other people I was only one, and it was instant, I fell in love. As an adrenaline junkie there was nothing quite like going into my own horror movie. The more I did the less I needed to do for the same effect, and I was getting this absolutely amazing rush now from doing it coz I bought like 30 g and seshed for like 14 days solid, 8 hours sleep, and no psychosis, I mean I had seen folk in three days come round threatening to stab us all from psychosis, but after 2 weeks I was fine no delusions just para about police.

I was using a lot, .2 every few hours odd. And I was babysitting my dad and his gf who were arguing about psychosis delusions they were having, and I was fine and level-headed. Needless to say itís not for all but me personally I've done snowballs gram hits of meow, this shit just blows them out the water. We were calling it America because of the Team America tune, every time I did a hit I would jump up and say fuck yeah. I canít describe how amazing it feel, shits on every other drug literally leaves me whistling. It's so amazing, I feel complete, itís like a powerful build-up to an amazing darkcore drop, I'm shamelessly addicted to the stuff. Just leaves me saying fuck I love life, that good.

I started seeing this static electric in the air positive and negative ions, they sting and hurt too. This is more than a drug, now I'm doing the less trippy a-PVP and I'm into the occult, the bioelectricity this shit allows my body to produce...

Since then I donít use it so often but at least a few days once a month, never had an issue. I use it to increase my chi for telekinesis it gives me tremendous control of the wind, like unbelievable, and itís not hallucination because I'm not taking enough for that. I done enough trippin I see the difference clearly. I've stuck my fingers in light sockets on it and it basically does fuckall to me, interdimensional sight telekinesis, pyrokinesis, images I take on it actually look different and I can see the electromagnetic spectrum on it, and if itís still in the photos it ain't just trippin. This drug isnít that toxic, doesnít cause too much hypertension (except one time I overdid it literally every time I noticed something simple stimuli it was like a lightning bolt and made my body so tense I grabbed my chest and pushed down to stop my heart exploding). It is neuroprotective because it just increases neuroconnectivity makes my brain function so much better, hearing is quadrupled, vision is insane and either blurry or the more I take the clearer it gets. It makes gravity affect me more (overdid it again and I'm so used to it I see the fourth dimension regular so it donít bother me anymore, the demons my pals, but I was being yanked round in circles and was magnetising to the earth's iron core spinning, I literally had painful ears for days gravity was so intense).

This drug is very misunderstood but it got me off heroin, showed me spirituality was real
it got me off heroin, showed me spirituality was real
, is enlightening, better done solo. Mind and soul enhancing, I could write for hours but Iíll keep it short. I've seen sounds, a bat's echolocation was displaying as a green flash in the dark, I thought I was hallucinating till I shone a light at the bat. I believe my spirituality has protected my mental state whilst on it. Probably why I didnít get psychosis, I have in fact but I knew it was and just had fun blasting aliens away with my hands like an evil wizard. I donít get delusional thoughts about people and I know when I have psychosis and just enjoy it, also seeing the demons 'I promise to recognise you in all things' in the occult dedication explains that to me.

I feel blessed and I'm quite happy on my own as long as I got some molly, it rapes depression. When I see things I never thought imaginable, the world becomes an absolute thing of beauty and for the feeling I get, ooo. And btw, because it doesn't damage cns the feeling is the same every time, all other drugs wear thin, this is like the best feeling imaginable every time. I've seen more in the last year than the 21 years prior and would die a happy man tomorrow for them and feel like the luckiest person that lived.

I have a sociopathic adrenaline junkie mind so this may not be everyone's idea of fun, inf act very few, but I cant believe no one has had the feeling I get when I jack a p. Heaven is only way to describe it like the devil off Tenacious D 'I am complete' is how I feel.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108836
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Jul 24, 2016Views: 52,047
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alpha-PVP (585) : Various (28), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), Addiction & Habituation (10)

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