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Visually Enlightening and Visually Persistent
25I-NBOMe & Mushrooms
by lostinrebirth88
Citation:   lostinrebirth88. "Visually Enlightening and Visually Persistent: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe & Mushrooms (exp108810)". Erowid.org. Jul 15, 2016. erowid.org/exp/108810

1 hit oral 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  3.5 g oral Mushrooms  


A Visually Enlightening Journey Into the Mind

To start off, I'm fairly experienced with multiple substances such as mushrooms, DMT, MDMA, LSD, a few uncomfortable/unknown LSD analogs, and 25I-NBOMe. The first time I had ever put a tab in my mouth it was real LSD and I had a very exciting night. In the beginning of my junior year I was introduced to 25I-nbome. I had took two tabs with my friend one night and the tabs were bitter, we ate them anyway and about 45 min later we started to feel just weird. Like something intense was coming. I remember laying on my friend's couch and watching literally everything physical in my open eyes melt and droop and expand with fluidity like water. I was very intrigued and wasn't afraid at all, I was actually enjoying the experience a lot because I had never seen such hallucinations.  I remember seeing Egyptian-like heiroglyphs on the ceiling morphing and when I closed my eyes there was a golden/orangish/ red cloud that would make 3-d pop-out impressions of various shapes/structures. I vividly remember seeing an Egyptian pyramid being built in this cloud when I focused all my energy on the CEV's.

I took another 2 tabs of this stuff one crazy night and I remember walking around behind my high school in the middle of the night seeing amazing patterns/jewels/faces in the sky and I saw rocks form faces that smiled at me as I walked by. Everything was alive throughout the night but in the beginning my friend's eyes turned into black holes along with a black smile that stretched up his entire face kind of out of the corner of my eye which freaked me out. There were eyeballs that would roll over on rocks and would stare at me as I walked past. It was a night I will never forget.

Well this isn't even the trip I want to talk about, it was amazing in such a way that truly I realized the visual potential of the substance. I remember it was the weekend and I was with two of my best friends, we had tripped together a few times before but I had mostly tripped mushrooms with one of them. We had decided to pickup an 8th each and trip for the night. I remember we paid 90$ for 10.5 gs and we had a little extra cash to spare so my friend J brought up the idea that we should buy some of this 'crazy acid' to mix with the shrooms, we all agreed and upon picking up the acid the dealer had told us this batch had 'the craziest visuals so far'. We were very excited.

We got to my house and lucky enough my room is separate from my house because my parents said I could have the backyard cottage as a room.  I remember we all just setup for good vibes and had music going, none of us had tripped as hard as we were about to up to this point.

We took one tab of the acid first and then 10 minutes later we ate our 8th of mushrooms. From what I remember, We were playing video games to distract us from the come up but I soon realized it was going to be a very eye opening and introspective trip from the beginning. The first visuals I got were big purplish diamonds running down my field of view on what looked like strings of light. I remember we were just sitting around talking about very mundane topics and things were getting very very trippy. Maybe an hour and a half through the experience I saw a giant Egyptian like eyeball embossed into my wall stretching from top to bottom in my OEV's. I realized I was going to be truly seeing some real visuals that night.

The body load wasn't bad but the visuals were coming on stronger than we thought  possible. At one point I closed my eyes to see what was going on in there and I immediately saw a brick wall in the center of my vision on what looked like an open grassy landscape, each individual row of bricks were going opposite ways around the wall like a treadmill but at the same time there were little eyeballs on some of the bricks. It all looked very bright and neon. The visuals seemed to have rounded out to form real images instead of your normal patterns. At some other point in time I looked at my wall and closed my eyes once more, there was a GIANT 3 headed purple cobra that was pulsing with light looking down at me with its tongue out. It all was made up of my mind and I wasn't afraid at all, more so I was feeling very enlightened, but it didn't stop... It was like I was witnessing the true power of my mind and whatever goes on behind my eyes... It wasn't ALL just colors though, there was blackness behind the purple snake I remember. My friends were doing ok too and the experience was solely focused on visuals throughout the night. Keep in mind also that the lights were on most of the trip, we turned them off a little bit past the peak and I remember seeing an entire spiral kalidascope that encompassed my vision. It was very trippy, real, and interesting.

My friend j didn't like the lights off though so I turned them back on. I don't remember having problems with my body or mind really other than thinking what have I done to my vision and my speech was a bit jumbled but that was all. I wish I could understand what happened by maybe doing it again but I don't think I should mess with 25i anymore, I literally saw the words 'stay trippy' in bubble letters appear in my open eyes with thousands of little color fractals melting around it. All the visuals were super detailed and mostly beautiful, especially near the end of the trip. It was like the visuals were showing me that I bloomed and was now enlightened to an extent. I remember one of the last few visuals I got in my closed eyes was of a peacock that spread it's beautiful and all colorful feathers, looked up to the sky, turned into a phoenix of some sort and shot up leaving a trail of rainbows from its wings. It was VERY synchronistic with my feelings, very detailed, the most beautiful visual experience I've had so far, and I felt very blessed to come out of that experience with minor visuals disturbances.
I felt very blessed to come out of that experience with minor visuals disturbances.
It was pure visual enlightenment and I had no idea my brain could produce such beauty and magic.

I can't remember every last detail of what happened but I know that what I witnessed was true and perspective changing, I witnessed the power of the human mind and it's absolutely beautiful. The only downside to this combination was that when it was over I was basically seeing double especially with light, it took some integration after all the times I took 25i. I remember being very paranoid that I would have strong HPPD forever, glares of the sun and daylight killed my eyes for some time. I'd see streaks of light burned in my closed eyes vision for minutes after I'd see something bright.

After I stopped my experimentation with the substance, it took about a year for my vision to dim down. I was seeing pretty vivid come-down visuals a month after especially when I smoked cannabis. I'm ok now and I've learned a lot but I wouldn't recommend this substance because it feels too 'computerized' or synthetic which probably isn't good for your brain. Like the visuals were almost too bright/detailed and I didn't even know that could happen. There's some really mind-blowing stuff going on behind my eyes that might just completely change what you know about your existence, but be careful because if you take too much you're going to be in for something very big whether it be death or seeing way more than you anticipate. And it was not controllable until pretty much the end.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108810
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Jul 15, 2016Views: 1,648
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25I-NBOMe (542), Mushrooms (39) : Small Group (2-9) (17), HPPD / Lasting Visuals (40), Combinations (3)

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