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I Hope I Didnít Finally Overdo It
by GermanyJarrod
Citation:   GermanyJarrod. "I Hope I Didnít Finally Overdo It: An Experience with MDMA (exp108807)". Jul 8, 2016.

  repeated   MDMA


I have used for about 15 years now. I had normal healthy food on all occasions and work out regularly and am physically fit.

The come-up on .5-1 gram is slow. After 1 hour I take another hit. 30 minutes later the teeth are grinding. I stand up and know whatís after all this: The come down.

I had nothing happen in the first 48 hours. I went to bed and there was a sharp ringing in my ears while lying there. It was persistent until I finally fell asleep hours later due to exhaustion.

The next morning was fine. About 12pm vertigo kicked in for a moment, briefly I have the shakes and still am having hot flashes that cause sweating. I then went about my day. In the evening I took what was left of my party favorite, and felt great sipping on some ice water watching a movie. Sexual thoughts are at an all-time high, however the male performance from such high doses are not to my liking :/ not matter what! so charming a woman is great, if I want to get giggled about later!

The next day all is well- 16:00 vertigo kicks in again this time a bit longer and more intense. I feel nauseous but get up and move around - vertigo gone! There are still the hot flashes.

This goes on and on for about 5 more days. The ringing stops at night. The vertigo persists. Day 9 still vertigo but not as frequent.

Day 10! mild case of vertigo, but all in all feeling better, more concentrated and the mind is more clear than ever. I am ready to do it again, but I noticed that after consuming one alcoholic drink, I had a killer headache.

I have now had this 5 out of 5 times. and still the vertigo! I hope I didnít finally overdo it. I go to the doctor in a few days.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108807
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Jul 8, 2016Views: 1,673
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MDMA (3) : Unknown Context (20), Hangover / Days After (46), General (1)

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