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Fairly Lucid and Rampant with Thoughts
BOD & Cannabis
by CallMeGhost
Citation:   CallMeGhost. "Fairly Lucid and Rampant with Thoughts: An Experience with BOD & Cannabis (exp108682)". Erowid.org. Jul 9, 2016. erowid.org/exp/108682

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral BOD
  T+ 1:30 6 mg oral BOD
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis


BOD Trial 1

I had been wanting to trip on something new and all I brought to the apartment was nobomes, dox, the usual 2C-P (getting kinda old [not really lol]) and BOD.

Trip report
Fasted and drank water until 4 at which point I then ate a couple plums.
5:40 I took 10 mg BOD.
7:10 I took 6-7 mg BOD.

9ish craving something sweet so I drank a soda. That's all I ate during the trip.

I went for a walk around the park by my house, tried to smoke some weed but there were a lot of people out so it was obviously difficult. I walked around and sat on a bench and basically killed two hours doing nothing.

When I got back home I felt a little buzzy, nothing too much, and I decided to try dosing a bit more. I took the 6-7 mg and laid back on my bed for about half an hour.

After all that time (2+ hours) I was barely feeling anything. I decided to roll a few blunts and go to the laundromat. During this time, my buzz was a really lucid head buzz. I made a few forum posts and this one


So this new fancy thing came around, well I dug it out of my stash. Its an analogue of 2cd, its got a benadryl or benzo something with a B attached to the one mishi masha with the other misha mishu masha somewhere so it affects your brain a little different. Some of you more sciency people know what I mean jelly bean.

Others are like what the fuck? Misha mishu whata? Masha. Anyway I am tripping balls right now. Spell check is my friend right now or you guys would be reading like Brbgek e sub. Ejhdu. Euuubbe e wlops siivekmdksbww sjhshge.

Took a while to peak like 2.5 hours almost, was feeling it before then obvs anyway I'm tripping pretty good after 5 hours
Took a while to peak like 2.5 hours almost, was feeling it before then obvs anyway I'm tripping pretty good after 5 hours
, no signs of slowing down, I hear it's about 12-16 hours, and this shit is smooth son like silk on a newborn I went from 0- tripping balls in 3 hours but then realized I had been tripping nuts for an hour or so. Walls are breathing hardcore, colored bands shimmering everywhere sometimes small flashes of light in my eyes when there is no real flash.
How is everyone else's Tuesday morning?

On a certain forum, which just kind of shows my mind state at the time. My mind was everywhere, but very clear. I felt really talkative, and spent a few hours texting a few people I know about tripping and that stuff. I felt like my thoughts were stacking on top of each other like

Gotta text my friend about this
Gotta do my laundry and stuff
Why is the sky blue
Why does this object work this way and not that way?

But all at the same time but I could actually hear them clearly and focus or not focus on them.

Right before I went to the laundromat, I cracked my second to last nitrous. Wow. This was amazing! Got a really vibrant oily sheen on everything, and towards the end of the nitrous trip, the ceiling bulged down by about a foot as the walls started to wobble in and out with a deep breathing look to it.

I grabbed all my stuff and made it the 200 yards to the laundromat and started my laundry.

The clock on the washer read 24 minutes to finish.
At this point I was maybe +1.5-+2, light warping with the occasional larger warp thrown in. Remember this timing, being roughly 2:30-2:45 from the start.
By the time I finished getting the stuff ready, I felt bubbles in my stomach, went to the bathroom and exploded, but it was very contained, as opposed to some trips where you get diarrhea and you feel like you can't make it to the bathroom fast enough, this one was ready when I was ready for it. And it was terribly vengeful and full of liquid anger.
Enough talk about poop.

So I left the gas station and went down for a walk behind some businesses, it was night so people couldn't see me so I smoked a blunt. In the darkness, I lost sensation of my physical body, like I was a point of existence recording the sights I 'saw' at about 5' or so off the ground. In the darkness my CEV started forming really beautiful circular mosaic and sacred geometry like visuals, like red, blue, and yellowish tribal or mandala flowers. The seemed to be distinct per eye, like if I closed my right eye and my left eye was looking at something bright I'd see only part of the mosaic, and vice versa.

The road started warping like waves on the ocean, and I felt really calm and collected.
Walked back to the laundromat, 10 minutes left. I notice the row of dryers start to rotate and warp 2 FEET down and up the wall, and shiny yellow blue green and pink bands shooting and sparkling from light sources (and white or metallic objects) I got a huge craving for something sweet, walked to the gas station for a drink, and had to wait in line for 10 minutes (probably only 1 minute) for my drink. I waited while the row of Newport's dipped down into the row of Marlboros which shifted up into the camels.

Holy shit... Things are warping a lot. I wipe some sweat off my face, this lady has to see I'm tripping, but I still feel really good and my thoughts, while racing are reasonably clear.

Back to the laundromat, I have 2 minutes left. Dryers are now fluctuating from original position to 2-3 feet out of position. It's still clear to me what's real though, and where it's at (thing further away [ex. dryers] warped very much things closer [ex. washers] warped just a little. I grab my laundry when its done, put it in the dryers, set it for 24 minutes and sit back and enjoy the show.

I watched people walking into the laundromat and I got this mental image, or thoughts I guess, like I was forming a storyline, which went like this:

All of the people that were inside were the same person, just at different points in their life. I was a 30 year old copy of this 'consciousness being' and the younger guy that held the door for me was an early 20s version of myself. The old ladies inside were female copies of older versions of myself, the older guy, an older version of me. We had all met before and repeated this same action of beingness. We were at different stages of beingness, and I was the only one in the room that knew what was going on. Every time the other conscious beings left, they would lose their 'consciousness being' part which stayed inside the room
I was the only one in the room that knew what was going on. Every time the other conscious beings left, they would lose their 'consciousness being' part which stayed inside the room
, and metaphorically die, or have their life cease (they left their consciousness being energy inside). Then they would return to the Samsara loop which was outside the laundromat, and return again as a different being which held consciousness being energy, and then left the energy inside and repeat the loop. It was like certain beings (other patrons) had more consciousness being energy and therefore were more powerful or more consciousness aware, and could keep some of their consciousness being energy when they left 'heaven/nirvana/whatever bardo I was spun into)'

These were all thoughts and mental images suggested by my drug-influenced minds however it is pretty profound.

When I closed my eyes I had the really beautiful mosaic-like patterning, and when I opened them I had really warping vision. I finished my laundry and walked it around the neighborhood smoking my last blunt before I went inside, feeling incredibly awkward, but also not feeling too awkward for some reason. As if I could walk naturally carrying a large bag full of clothes smoking a blunt in the middle of the night. I finished smoking and came inside my house where I took a shower (felt super super amazing) and stayed up all night texting a few people I know and typing things up because I had a lot of focus. The quoted paragraph from above fit in some time around this point, and is fairly accurate to how I felt, if you read it at lightning speed, all the sentences blurring together and yet making perfect sense somehow.

I woke up still tripping a bit, and obviously lacking in sleep. I had an appointment for a tattoo before work, which got rescheduled. I had been tripping and completely forgot that it had been rescheduled and showed up anyway, still feeling the afterglow. Walked to my parents' house, and stayed there for a few hours instead visuals at this point were fairly weak but consisted of just a little bit of warping or like water was faintly moving on objects, noticeable but barely. Body buzz was still there though, maybe a 3-4/10 though, and dropping dramatically. I went to work at three at which point, the trip finally wore down after a bit of lunch with my parents. After the food, the trip ended fairly quickly, it had a very long and slow comedown though.

Total time
5:40pm initial dose
7:40pm initial feel
2-3:00 pm down completely. Thanks for reading! Sorry it's long, but like I said I was fairly lucid and rampant with thoughts. I would like to try it again and try my hand at drawing or at writing music or short stories, anything where I'd have to concentrate on something.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108682
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Jul 9, 2016Views: 2,125
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BOD (572) : General (1), Alone (16)

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