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Psychedelic Microdosing - a Surprising ADHD Fix
by eMPee584
Citation:   eMPee584. "Psychedelic Microdosing - a Surprising ADHD Fix: An Experience with 1P-LSD (exp108666)". Erowid.org. Jun 21, 2016. erowid.org/exp/108666

6 ug   1P-LSD (blotter / tab)


1P-LSD, a close chemical cousin to LSD-25 and ALD-52, promises to be a very potent ADHD remedy. Daily intake of miniscule amounts can alleviate the full spectrum of core symptoms, i.e. inattentivity, impulsivity, irritability, depression, craving and procrastination. My dosage is about 6mcg, or 1/16th* of a 100 microgram tab, each morning. When prolonged attention is of the essence, a second dose of 6mcg can be taken about 8 hours after the initial one.

Because of a distinctive tolerance effect, it might be preferable to reduce the very first dose by half. This can avoid a somewhat awkward feeling on the first day. Psychedelic microdosing is very cost-effective. At the aforementioned measurement, two 100mcg 1P-LSD tabs (at about 1 EUR each) last roughly a month, totaling in an annual cost of approximately 25 EUR.

No side effects have been observed at this dosage.

Further scientific research is crucially indicated. The time to start research is now, while this substance is still legally and freely attainable in wide parts of Europe and beyond.

ADHD is a serious and impeding condition. 2-10% of the population has it. Drug abuse, criminal conduct, unemployment and social havoc are very common comorbidities. I myself was diagnosed during childhood, and troubles in school and general life never ceased. I started Ritalin medication when I was 21, yet stopped again ten years after because in the end, I did not feel supported enough to continue taking it. I stumbled through life, relocating and -adjusting, very busy trying to minimize the detrimental impact of my very own strong chaotic karma. Then, something nice happened. : )

It started around the end of 2015. Exploring the magnificent CBC Ideas podcast, I tripped over a radio feature called `High Culture', a three-hour program about the reintroduction of psychedelics into therapeutic research. I was having quite a depressive episode at that time, and eager to find a way out. So when I heard about the potential healing properties of these substances, I was thrilled.

Fast Forward a couple of weeks, and I had been trying out magic mushrooms (or rather magic truffles) with..'`interesting' results. But they are of tremendously repellent taste, and the reliable occurrence of nausea makes them unfit for daily utilisation. It was only then that I found out about 1P-LSD, a novel lysergamide that had entered the market only this very year and, being not yet statutory regulated, was being sold legally across Europe (and in some countries, still is). After reading up on it, I came to the conclusion that, judging by the majority of reports out on the interwebs, its biochemical response was indiscernible from that of its famous twin, LSD-25 (cf. ALD-52 hydrolysis). Excitedly, I ordered a sample from a research alchemist, and hence, few days later, I received mail.

A period of experimentation followed, and I had some profound experiences with this substance. But my original purpose was to investigate the merits of microdosing for its antidepressant effects - and I was positively shocked about it. While it did support me through the valley of suffering - the real revelation was the unexpected attenuation of my ADHD symptoms. Not only was I able to focus much better, both at work and university. Mood swings and impulsive behaviour basically vanished. During conversations, it has become easy for me to subdue my urge to interrupt, instead patiently listening to the other person and replying in a concise and considerate manner.

Overall, interpersonal relations have become more positive and inspirational, and my slight social anxiety has disappeared. The scourge of procrastination, relentless destroyer of dreams and aspirations, has become a lot more manageable. I find myself able to eat *just one* bloody cookie, and taking the right decision at the right time much more frequently than ever before. I (nearly) stopped showing up late to class, work and appointments, and I didn't miss a single transportation link (train, bus etc) ever since starting daily microdosing. What's more, a confident calmness and vivid appreciation of life and all living beings penetrates my consciousness, allowing me to more positively handle difficult people and cope with disappointments and woes. What a life-changer these little tinctured squares of cardboard are! I wish I would have met you much earlier in life, my dear companion Delysid. Future has become much more attractive once again.

* 1/16th of a tab is the lowest effective dose I could find. It also is convenient to proportion, as repeatedly bisecting the tiny square into approximate halves is way easier than arbitrarily dividing it into f.e. ten equal shreds.

Addendum: I have shared my find in my local ADHD support group. Several others have reported back with comments such as 'helpful effects' 'better concentration and general condition', 'less thought racing', 'less irritable' etc. One group member, who happens to be an alcoholic, happily recounted that each day he is microdosing, the urge to open yet another beer vanishes, and he will not even finish his first one.

Addendum 2: To better assess the effects of 1P-LSD, I reverted back to Ritalin for a day while working on a very concentration-demanding job. In direct comparison, inattentivity is decreased to a similar extent with 20mg Ritalin as is with 6mcg 1P-LSD. In my opinion though, Ritalin does not feel quite natural, while the LSD does. It is just a more pleasing remedy.

Addendum 3: I guess a lot of the anecdotal `Silicon Valley psychedelic microdosing trend' can be related to the high prevalence of ADHD within creative professions. And this stuff really does work magic for us inattentive, chaotic bunch!

[Addenda added September 2016]

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108666
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31 
Published: Jun 21, 2016Views: 10,908
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