Alternating Heaven and Hell in Transcendence
Anadenanthera colubrina
Citation:   Jay L. "Alternating Heaven and Hell in Transcendence: An Experience with Anadenanthera colubrina (exp108613)". Jun 3, 2016.

5 seeds insufflated Anadenanthera colubrina (ground / crushed)
I prepared my Cebil seeds in the manner I read to be traditionally effective in creating nasal snuff yopo, though apparently from what I gather, Cebil or Anadenanthera colubrina is NOT exactly Yopo, it is very close in composition to Anadenanthera peregrina, and certainly had psychoactive effects. I digress.

So about 10 seeds (pre heated in frying pan until popped and de-skinned) ground with coffee grinder, mixed with roughly 1/15th ratio to Cebil seed of pure calcium hydroxide and a few drops of water. I mixed thoroughly and then water was evaporated by placing the container over a cup of boiling water for an hour.

I was ready to snort half of the mixture. Mind set was very spiritual, I had just put my little nephew to sleep and read him some Dr. Seuss and said prayers with him, he wished me well which really made me confident going into this. He told me if I had any 'nightmares' I should come to him because he's a 'superhero' and will fix it, this made me chuckle and put me in a great mood, ready to experience the transcendental.

I spent a few minutes meditating my preferred method of meditation, which is seated zen breath counting, until I felt my nerves calm considering what I was about to endure. I have experience with DMT and I was flashing back to those moments of sheer amazement and bewilderment, telling myself I can handle it. Then I listened to pink Floyd's dark side of the moon while chopping it up. I decided I wanted something trippier and put on tame impala 'currents' and slipped into my bathtub with two fatty lines made from roughly half of the 10-seed preparation.

I snorted the first one. Man, did it burn, not as bad as some chemical like MDMA, but it burned like hell and the size of it felt like someone had shoved a handful of mud up my nose. In pain and with a slight panic from the filled up sinuses, I waited until I could feel the burning of the active ingredients and upon discerning I was most likely about to trip, I went ahead and downed the other line, through the other nostril, thinking to myself some sort of combination of 'it's now or never buddy' 'you already did one why not both' 'why do you do a psychedelic if you don't want the full effect' and a little bit of 'oh dear god and sweet baby Jesus, you're going to die and you might as well finish the job'(I say a little bit because I had researched it before and was fairly certain I would not die, I knew it was just a fear).

I sat upright in the bathtub, about a minute had gone by when I felt pain at the top of my skull. Scared of my brain exploding out of my skull or something, I put my hand on top of my head and pressed down firmly. This felt good for some odd reason. Then about 2-3 minutes in I felt the 'heaviness' described by others, as well as the nausea. At about 5 minutes I felt completely out of my normal senses and snorted out the Cebil as I was sure it was already in my body and the unpleasantness was bad already.
At about 5 minutes I felt completely out of my normal senses and snorted out the Cebil as I was sure it was already in my body and the unpleasantness was bad already.
The nausea felt like an impulse I could feel coming, but not a stomach ache. Then the effects started to hit, colors, faint, but there, flashing with my eyes closed. I could see 360 degree wave forms of red and blue lines. Then I vomited, then I vomited again, and again, and again. Must have thrown up 15 times in ten minutes. Luckily I prepared and had a light dinner and had been hydrating at an excessive rate all day.

As I closed my eyes, I could see all of these lights, for about 10 minutes I cycled through these lights, I couldn't make much of it except each time I opened my eyes, the visuals went away, but I had to open my eyes each time I wanted to puke. I could see these strong wave form visuals constantly flashing forming a type of circling around the center of my vision in the backs of my eyelids and at about 10 minutes after Insufflation it seemed to reach a peak psychedelic effect. The nausea and discomfort were absolutely intense from 5-15 minutes and almost unbearable, but the visuals were real, but there was also a deep introspective feel to the trip which manifested itself in my staring into my vomit and feeling bewildered, asking myself why I did this to myself, then looking forward and closing my eyes, I felt bliss. I alternated between these two states of seeming heaven and hell until what I might call the 'peak effect' .

About T-10 - 15 min. The nausea subsided for a few moments and I was looking at visuals, opened my eyes to look at the bathroom and got the room looking and feeling like the room at the end of 2001 a space odyssey, stretched, white-washed, and generally alien. Then, the peak moment occurred, I closed my eyes and saw the room go black, like entering a void, like the electricity and air had been deleted from the room. The weirdest part about this, is that I decided to close my eyes at this moment, but it was before I had finished closed my eyes that I saw the room go dark. Then I held them shut and despite a painful stomach, embraced the visionary state of pure alien lights and colorful waves, until the red blue green flashes and spherical orbed outlines all subsided to a vision of solid white light like a quartz crystal, filling up most of my vision, and then fading away from the outside in. I opened my eyes as the effects wore off and the white lights stood there in my mind, still faintly recognizeable upon blinking. I looked at my naked body, it felt alien it looked like a new color was added, I could sense a new perception of my self in relation to my body, feeling completely reborn in a sense, it was then that I realized I had had an ego dissolution and this was my new re-formed ego and sense of identity acquainting itself with it's body for the first time.

20 minutes have passed and now I don't feel much, when I blow my nose it is completely clear, and I blow some O's and take a few drags with my e-cigarette to celebrate this moment in time and the relinquishing of the nausea.

Now it has been about 2 hours since the last effects of the trip, and my thoughts are that it is truly a transcendental experience, a taste of the nether, a taste of the dream world, a taste of the never ending cycle of life and the hidden levers of our reality, a taste, a slice, but not the whole cake like pure DMT. And frankly I'm fine with that, if I smoke DMT I am so bewildered and blown away I won't want to do it again for a long time, but this is not terrifying amount of psychedelia, yes the vomiting is horrifying, and no doubt extremely miserable, but the experience is the perfect amount of mind expanding reality breaking and vision inducing without 'breaking the bank' so to speak. I was thinking 'I'll never do this again' in the trip, when gagging with the force of a thousand suns, but now I'm already enjoying the benefits of a re-aligned perception and am even considering when I will do it next! 7/10, maybe 10/10 if I can manage to forget about the vomiting somehow or if my throat wasn't already sore from vaping too much! Getting super hydrated before snorting ensured my mucous production could flush it out after and knowing that my body handled the snuff, I would be more open to potentially doing it again in the future. Access to a steam room would be really nice for someone considering doing this more than once every few months.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 108613
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jun 3, 2016Views: 7,841
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