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A Whole New World
by Samowl
Citation:   Samowl. "A Whole New World: An Experience with Cannabis (exp108574)". Jun 1, 2016.

3 hits smoked Cannabis


I was so excited when I felt it. 'Yes, this is it, this is it! I'm finally there! So this is what it feels like!' The things they said seemed hollow and almost meaningless and I would try so hard to rationalize everything they said. Trying to make sense of the words was like trying to learn a whole new language, or even a new method of communication. In the process, I would come up with all these conclusions to what they might have meant. It made me feel like a philosophical genius making sense of my new world! Other times, I was just simply confused, or didn't give a crap lol.

I think the best way to sum up the feeling is to describe the body as a laggy computer. My reaction to all external stimuli seemed to lag, but only because I was so focused
I think the best way to sum up the feeling is to describe the body as a laggy computer. My reaction to all external stimuli seemed to lag, but only because I was so focused
and thinking so hard in my own train of thought in another reality. I felt disconnected from the world, and I would travel back to reality and back to my own world, going up and down. All of my senses seemed to follow the same numb lagging sensation including my brain. My hands felt like they were flopping around when I was driving in GT5. Everything on the screen seemed to pop out at me, the picture so bright and vivid, and the letters seemed to move around. My mind would look at something, and the movement of my eyeball would lag shortly behind. Then I would have to process what I saw, often drifting off into some other tangent thought. Sounds were magical, so thought provoking, and I could imagine so much through my new state of mind. I could create a whole new world even out of nothing, and even more so with all the sights and sounds I was trying to analyze. They say artists get there to find inspiration and I could definitely see why. It was so amazing. I was sleepy before, but I didn't want to sleep anymore. I was having too much fun exploring my new world with curiosity.

An intense craving for food hit me and I got so excited. I was thinking 'Oh my God! This is it! This is the munchies!' I could feel my mouth salivating on its own as I imagined drool dripping the ground despite feeling very dry-mouthed, and it felt like I was slobbering all over the place! I tried wiping my mouth with my hand only to realize it's dry. I drank some water and I was so excited because water had never tasted so good!

I shared all of my excitement, all giddy and giggling. I would often feel like they weren't on my level and I would wish that they were on my level. I felt sad for them. I felt sympathy. I also crawled down to kiss the Guinea Pig. Finally, I was handed some butter popcorn. The way I would describe eating the popcorn would be like pouring butter all over my mouth. I could feel the intense buttery flavor drip down my chin as I ate the popcorn and the taste would stay there, just as strong, even as I switched to some plain bread. The bread was as if I was eating a block of butter. It was so amazing. It was orgasmic! Food never tasted so good. The grainy bread felt funny as I tried to pick pieces of bread caught from my upper lip. The bread would feel like it's still there from my delayed and lagging senses. It felt like I had a mouthful of bread crumbs in my mouth even though there wasn't anymore. And when I started to attack my 3 burgers, it felt like my mouth was on automatic chewing mode as if it had a mind of its own. I was eating nonstop and I didn't even have to think about chewing. I was worried I would bite my tongue off! And all this took place after I had already eaten to a full stomach! When I hit the ketchup in my Sourdough Jack, at first it was like 'What the hell is this?!' But then it was like a nuclear taste explosion of ketchup, and I was so excited thinking 'So this is what ketchup freaking tastes like!' Every bite was magical. Food never tasted so good. I could've kept eating on and on. On our way to get food, I felt like we were going warp speed at 45 mph. I was jumping up and down in my seat and clapping my hands from the excitement! Time and space was definitely distorted. I wondered what sex felt like lol.

I would be silent for a while, thinking deeply, and then I would babble nonstop again. I kept wondering if they understood what I meant to say. It was so hard to put my extremely sophisticated thoughts into words. I felt my unconscious side coming out uncontrollably as I constantly tried to suppress it by trying to bring myself back down to reality by trying to focus on other stuff besides all the other deep stuff I was trying to figure out. It made me feel vulnerable and I felt like I was talking too much but couldn't do anything to stop it. I felt a bit embarrassed. I would also go in loops, or fall deeper and deeper into some of my thoughts, and they would tell me I was repeating the same stuff over and over. Often, I would come up with satisfying 'conclusions', as if a light bulb went off in my head, but at the same time, I told myself that it wouldn't make sense to me anymore if I wasn't there. My first trip took me to another world!

All senses were enhanced; everything tasted better, sounded better, looked better (TV was more vivid), felt better, and smelled better. I slept better too.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 108574
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Jun 1, 2016Views: 6,669
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Cannabis (1) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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