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A New Feeling
Modafinil (Modalert)
by J.S
Citation:   J.S. "A New Feeling: An Experience with Modafinil (Modalert) (exp108528)". May 19, 2016.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral Modafinil (pill / tablet)
  T+ 168:00 200 mg oral Modafinil (pill / tablet)


My only prior experience with stimulants has been caffeine and I've never considered trying any other stimulants. Substances such as Adderall felt too risky and I had no interest in potentially becoming addicted.

I heard about Modafinil online and researched it heavily before even considering it. Modafinil appeared to be something worth trying but the $80 buy-in took a while for me to digest. Eventually I placed my order and waited about two weeks for it to arrive. When the package arrived I opened it to find my 200mg Modalert tablets. I held onto it for a few days and decided to test it the following Sunday.

100mg Experience

Saturday evening I had consumed about five beers and woke up after about 8 hours of sleep. I was not hungover but I was groggy and had that dispirited 'one too many' beers feeling. I picked up a 200mg Modalert tablet and used my pocket knife to cut it in half. I always start small and work up when trying any new substance.

I took it with a glass of water and an empty stomach. I opened my laptop to read the news and browse YouTube while sitting upright in bed. Within 15 minutes I felt an agreeable buzzing sensation in my head similar to that of an espresso shot. At first, I thought it might just be a placebo effect and continued reading. Within 30 minutes I was fully alert and the feeling of having drank one too many beers the prior evening was gone. I felt like my normal self and had a mild focus increase on the articles I was reading. Shortly after, my girlfriend messaged me to ask if I wanted to go get some breakfast.

'Sounds great!' I said, and felt.

Had I not taken the Modalert I would have agreed but not been too excited due to the prior evening's beers. After about 20 minutes she arrived to pick me up and I was in high spirits. I excitedly pecked her on the cheek and gave her a hug and had the urge to converse. We talked and laughed and I found myself to be a little more witty and engaged than usual.

She said she wanted to have some Mimosas with breakfast and in the back of my head I remember reading that Modafinil and alchohol don't mix. I agreed anyway, however and once we arrived and the Mimosas we're served I knew I was going to take it slow. Had I not taken the 100mg, no way would I feel like drinking at this time.

On first sip, I felt a pleasant tingling sensation in my head and thought that I might be in for a ride. Interestingly, the alcohol seemed to hit me faster but once we left the restaurant I was not anymore intoxicated than I would usually be. We decided to walk to a coffee shop and on the way there I seemed to 'zero in' on passing cars and people walking by. I had some tea and these effects I've described lasted a few more hours and slowly dissipated. I had no problems getting to sleep that night or any other issues. My girlfriend wasn't even aware I had taken anything.

200mg Experience

After the 100mg experience I was intrigued and waited a week to up the dose to 200mg. This time I did not have any alcohol the night before and got a good nights sleep. I took 200mg with a glass of water at 9am. Within 10 minutes I experienced a great buzzing sensation in my head that felt much better than caffeine. It came on much stronger than the 100mg dose and it was pleasant. Even at its peak it felt much smoother and useful than caffeine. No jitters or anything disagreeable. I began to get 'tunnel vision' on what was in front of me. Not only was I fully alert but I felt a strong urge to do something. Had I needed to study or get something accomplished I would have JUMPED into it without a second thought.

This was when I began to realize that Modafinil is a tool and it required me to have a task to complete, at least this seems to be the case with a 200mg dose. Since I was testing the substance and did not have anything to do I wound up talking to myself and pacing around my room looking at objects. My room was already clean so I took to going through some papers and organizing them. After about an hour the effects settled into a smooth and constant rhythm of the previously mentioned effects only less strong. The urge to focus on something to complete led me to sit down and write this report in one sitting while under the influence of the 200mg dose. It took me about two hours to complete it.

Overall, I am very intrigued with the possibilities of this substance. I have no regrets taking it and will take 200mg again when I need to accomplish something. I can see myself taking 100mg if I am simply tired and need to wake up. Even though I enjoyed Modafinil, it does not feel like it would be habit forming or addictive for me. I doubt I would take this substance more than 2-3 times per week as needed.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108528
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: May 19, 2016Views: 20,083
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Modafinil (217) : Various (28), Performance Enhancement (50), First Times (2), General (1)

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