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Cow Tipping and Celestial Zen
by Yerba
Citation:   Yerba. "Cow Tipping and Celestial Zen: An Experience with Cannabis (exp10851)". Mar 8, 2007.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Welcome to the meaning of my life.

Let me start off with some background information. At the time this experience occured, I was 14 years old (I am 17 now). I had been raised in the typical anti drug and DARE environment, which had told me that all drugs are extremely dangerous and addictive. This school of thought made no differentiation between herion and marijuana, and as such, it implied that any drug could kill you or ruin your life if you even tried it once. I had pledged never to succumb to the temptation of any sort of drug.

Around this time, I was new in High School and beginining to question the authority of my parents and any official figure. I was already interested in the human conciousness and any sort of hypnosis or meditation. I read extensivly about OBE's and any sort of trance-like state. It was a combination of this interest and the influence of one of my friends which led me to first try marijuana.

This friend, I'll call him B, was always more of a counter culture individual than myself. I know now that his parents had smoked pot, and he had even found their stash, but at the time I had no idea of this. We used to get our thrills by stealing cigarette butts from our parents ashtrays and smoking those, or even smoking straw from his backyard. He told me about his sister in college who smoked pot. I had no idea that she smoked pot as I had always known her as an extremely 'straight and narrow' individual. He told me that she loved it, and that all the information passed on to me as fact by my parents and the DARE program was false.

As we talked about the effects it had, I became very interested and began doing research on the internet. I decided along with a group of our friends who happened to be in a band with us at the time that I wanted to try it. We saved up money for a week and passed it to B who on Friday obtained a decent amount of marijuana from his sister.

We all spent the night at my other friend C's house. He lives on a farm, so we had four wheelers and an entire guest house to ourselves. After riding around some and enjoying ourselves, we decided it was time to smoke some of our pot. Stopping in a wooded area by a creek, we dismounted our four wheelers and packed a bowl into B's homemade wooden pipe. We each smoked about 6 hits.

I had never been high before. I had been slightly tipsy from alcohol before, but I really had no idea what to expect. The first thing I noticed was that my perception of reality seemed changed. As I looked around, I saw what I could only describe as a strobe-like reality. Reality would come into my head, and then it would rush out for a dreamlike period which could have been a million years for all I knew, and then it would pop back into my head again. I stood there for a few minutes with my friends saying 'Are you high? Huh, did you get high?' popping in and out of this dreamlike state.

I wasn't sure if I was high or not so I tried to put my feelings into words, but I don't think my friends could understand. C began to state that everything was 'going into strobe mode,' so I figured he was high too. We rode the four wheelers around a bit more and then retired back to the cabin. It was now about 6pm.

I walked outside towards the woods after everyone got busy with a game of pool and noticed that I felt completely different than I had with everyone around me. I felt a complete peace about myself that I had never felt before. I found a comfortable place and lay down in the woods. There was a sense of oneness with nature. I felt like all the trees and bushes and the few rays of sun lazily drifting through the canopy were saying to me 'here we are, now you know the secret to seeing us, you are no longer an outsider looking at us, you are part of us.' Colors were exceptionally vivid, and my sense of wellbeing was phenomenal.

About an hour later, after playing the Pac Man arcade game C's parents had put in the guest house, playing music, and playing pool, we went on the back porch to smoke another bowl or two. Although I had felt like I couldn't possibly become more high than I was after the first smoke session, I was surprised to find all my feelings intensified greatly.

We rode four wheelers around a bit more. I was on a four wheeler with B and C. B was driving while C sat in front of the handlebars, and I sat on the back. We went up a hill and C fell off the front. B actually RAN OVER C with the entire four wheeler. We all stopped, laughing crazily. C got up, brushed off his pants and fell over laughing. He told us he was ok, and we all thought we were gonna suffocate from laughter as we related the tale to each other from our specific points of view on our way back to the cabin.

At this point it was getting dark. I laid on the floor while everyone played music and closed my eyes. I felt as though my body was spinning around and flying down some immense tunnel. I had had this feeling every now and then as I lay in bed before I had ever even considered smoking pot, but it was greatly accentuated by the marijuana. If I concentrated, I could see what I would describe as 'faint closed eye visuals.' I was able to picture all sorts of strange things in my minds eye so vividly that I almost saw them. Mainly psychedelic patterns that I had seen on posters, but also strange works of art and sculpture.

It was as though the filter in my mind which sifts through my thoughts, tossing aside irrational ones had been completely removed, and I was allowed to see things and think thoughts that would never before have occured to me. I was communicating these emotions and sensations to my friends, many of whom felt the same things, but I felt like talking and any sort of external physical movement would 'bring me out' of my trance-like state.

We knew the night was just begining, so we rode C's four wheelers in the dark up to a spot on a hill overlooking his house, and a wonderful view of the lights of nearby cities and towns. The ride up was unbelieveable. Although it was dark, I could feel our speed with extreme physicality. The cool rushing wind in the blackness was indescribable. I imagined that I was in the Green Berets, rushing covertly to a bivouac site, and suddenly I was. I imagined that a dog sled team was pulling me silently through the chill Alaskan night, and suddenly I was. The ride, which could not have lasted for more than 2 minutes, seemed to strech on for a very long time. Once at our camping site, we set up a campfire and roasted marshmallows and smoked more pot.

As I sat at the fire with my friends around me, I became increasingly aware of the universe above me and the world around me. The celestial bodies and shooting stars above me seemed just as close, warm, and comforting as the crackling fire in front of me. We warmly discussed our feelings about marijuana and our disgust at the blatant lies issued forth by the DARE program. All was one.

As it became late, we decided to go back to C's cabin. My friend P mentioned something about cow tipping. Several people acknowledged that some friend of a friend or relative that they knew had gone cow tipping and thought it was extremely funny. C noted that there were many farms around the area with cows. B suggested that we go cow tipping. It is now around 11pm on friday night.

We wandered out of the cabin totally stoned and filled with an invigorating sense of adventure. I felt as though I was embarking on some spiritual quest, but I was fuled by the prospect of humor and adventure. After a lot of walking, we came to a field which C insisted had numerous cows. It was much too dark to tell at this point, and a flashlight wasn't doing us much good. So we split up and began walking around the field. It was huge and we all kept up communication with each other. 'Any cows?' someone would ask 'Nope, none yet' someone else would reply. I felt a huge surge of energy and zest for fun while doing all this. The cool and moist blades of grass brushing my legs felt marvelous. Matched with the coolness and freshness of the breeze, I was in nirvana.

We eventually gave up, deciding that there were no cows after all and met in the center of the field. We were all so overcome with our highs that we laid down together to watch the sky. I can only describe it as complete and total peace and zen. I laid in the soft grass, surrounded by pitch blackness. I could hear the breathing of my friends, and the occasional wonder filled murmer.

In front of my face, the universe was vast and clear, each star shining and twinkling was extreme brilliance. I saw at least 4 shooting stars. I was aware of the immense size of the universe and I felt as though I was seeing it in 3 dimensions, rather than the typical flat view. Every planet and star seemed a part of me, and filled me with joy. I became aware of the sound of night, cicadas, crickets, frogs, glowing firebugs. It was all a part of me. It was as though the universe was smiling at me and revealing itself to me for the first time. I cried tears of joy.

We went back to the cabin reluctantly and went to sleep, waking the next day without the slightest hangover. We smoked and then went into C's house for breakfast. His mom had made it for us home made and it tasted fantastic. We rode four wheelers and dirt bikes around more and watched tv for a few hours.

I spent a long time juggling and found that I was able to juggle EXTREMLY well while under the influence. In fact I found that my performance seemed to be enhanced. I would attribute this to the fact that the marijuana allowed me to free my mind from what I was doing. It is well known among jugglers that if you start to concentrate on any single move you are doing, you will screw up a trick. My previous record for consecutive behind-the-back throws was 3 in a row. In one hours practice I shattered my previous record and pulled off 11 consecutive and smooth throws, much to the surprise of C's mom.

I didn't want to go home very much after the wonderful experience I had just had, but I did so, looking forward to the next opportunity I would have. I still smoke every now and then, leaving just enough space in between sessions to allow me a full appreciation of the lessons I learn and emotions I feel each time.

My views of life, people, society, and law have been totally changed by my marijuana use. Mary Jane has helped me to realize that the important things in life are love, and happiness, and the way we treat others, not how much money we make, or how big our houses are. I regard this change as an extremely positive one. I have been given great insight by my use of the ganja goddess, and I hope that this article will encourage other individuals to use marijuana responsibly, and for the right reasons. If you do so, you will open doors in your mind which will enrich your life, and give you a greater perception of the everyday world which many people are never able to grasp.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 10851
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 8, 2007Views: 5,796
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