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Boosting Energy and Stamina
Lemon Balm
by Brad
Citation:   Brad. "Boosting Energy and Stamina: An Experience with Lemon Balm (exp108244)". Apr 4, 2016.

    Lemon Balm
I have been using Lemon Balm off and on since 2014, at first using it alongside Hops and Valerian thinking it as a relaxant, but eventually its true effects of boosting energy and stamina starting becoming more evident.

The first time I noticed it was in March 2014. At the time I was trying to go biking every time the weather was nice in order to get more cardio, having noticed previously that I feel much better physically and mentally after a good bike ride. I had a very poor (acidic and sugar-filled) diet at the time, mainly consisting of frozen orange/apple juice, meat, frozen potato products, nuts and seeds. I had very low energy overall and was probably wacked as far as blood sugar and pressure goes.

So anyways, one day I took 1500mg of Lemon Balm and went biking about an hour later. I started biking down the road to a church I'd go to smoke and enjoy nature at, as it was connected to a beautiful landscape of trees and forestry. After smoking I realized how much energy I had, at least double the energy than I'd normally experience. And directly alongside it was this feeling of euphoria and giddiness. There was a big parking lot and I got on my bike and started doing circles over and over with such ease, going way faster and being able to maneuver with more control than normal as well. My sense of smell even seemed to be a lot better than normal. A really good time basically!

The effects were very repeatable but soon I started to realize they would carry over a good day or two, and that if I used it too much and/or too often and then stopped using it I would get a headache for a day, and my veins would be constricted and inflamed for a day or two. Lemon Balm is anti-inflammatory, lowers blood sugar, and is anti-bacterial/viral, so these effects may be attributed to an absence of the herb combined with an already poor diet in all of those aspects. Results may vary!

Currently I am working in a warehouse where physical labor is part of the day-to-day. Lately I've been taking Lemon Balm again and really experiencing its potential. If I take it before bed I'll typically wake up veiny (anti-inflammatory) and feel really warm, and just feel good all day. If I take in the morning before work the effects are similar but way more pronounced, lots of euphoria and energy and very low anxiety. I experience an overall desire to do work and to do it at my best potential! I basically take it every other day, and haven't experienced any major withdrawal effects. Some differences today is I drink water instead of juice and source it directly from a well so probably have increased iron too, I also take Chaga everyday which I recommend as much or more as far as general health goes.

In conclusion, I'm very happy with God's perfect design in all His herbs, this one especially! I hope my recollection of experiences serves you well in your own travels!

[Reported Dose: '500-2500mg']

Exp Year: 2014-2016ExpID: 108244
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Apr 4, 2016Views: 8,253
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Lemon Balm (590) : Glowing Experiences (4), Retrospective / Summary (11), Not Applicable (38)

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