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An Excellent Remedy for Paxil Withdrawal
Tianeptine after Paroxetine
Citation:   IAmThatIAmToo. "An Excellent Remedy for Paxil Withdrawal: An Experience with Tianeptine after Paroxetine (exp108150)". Sep 18, 2019.

100 mg oral Pharms - Tianeptine (daily)
I am writing thus in giving some hope to those who are on Paxil, or other SSRIs, but have been relectant to do so.

I was taking Paxil 20 (min standard) and it was deadening my interest in members of the opposite sex, and snuffing out my spiritual fire. In any case, I fretted for 6 months until I discovered Tianeptine, considered a nootropic, but patented by Servier in France as Stablon. But I hasten to make the point that the Paxil withdrawal has been a largely good experience, and I attribute it to Stablon
the Paxil withdrawal has been a largely good experience, and I attribute it to Stablon
. It is not contrindicated if I am just weening off an SSRI, which is good to know!

But I went cold turkey off SSRIs before and despite the aura of heroin-withdrawal said for some (and sadly, I am sure it is) who are quitting Paxil--- I felt more creative juices, libido refueling, sounder sleep, more focus and motivation. Just better. I've been rebooting. In years past I drank more or smoked more weed, but they are only occasional indulgences.

Five grams is 80 days worth. There, for 36 dollars, I may be able to shield myself from Paxil hell-demons. :)

I am Dx'd Bipolar 2/OCD, PTSD, which is all so similarly clustered it's basically because when I was 5 I had leukemia and lymphoma (chemo, radiation), and then survived 3 weeks in hospital in Ireland from septic-shock of unknown cause which caused temp kidney failure, wasting and [?]. Point is, my brain has deep grooves, and are etched even though overcome. But, I digress, I could have avoided months of total suffering trying to eradicate meds from my body.

* I am in no way giving medical advice or endorsing specific products, but I am speaking medically to be clear. This treatment really helped me.

[Reported Dose: "25mg powder 4 times a day parachuting on empty stomach full glass H2O"]

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108150
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37
Published: Sep 18, 2019Views: 2,415
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