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Subtle Consciousness Altering
Citation:   SimSim314. "Subtle Consciousness Altering: An Experience with Modafinil (exp108087)". Mar 5, 2016.

400 mg oral Modafinil (pill / tablet)
I'm pretty experienced in other strong psychedelics (Mescaline, LSD, DMT etc.), and took Modafinil to experience its effect out of curiosity, taking point of view of subtle trip, paying a lot attention to nuances in consciousness-altering effects. I was able to work a regular job (in computer science) through all the experience as it was focus-enhancing although sometimes it was somewhat overwhelming (I took 400mg).

This was my first time on Modafinil, and a half hour after first 200mg pill, and starting to feel the mind altering effects, I took another 200mg to get a deeper experience.

An hour into the trip I had color enhancements, and general high focus - my brain was working on X4-X8 speedup. For example when people were speaking it felt like slow motion, due to intense brain functioning. Also the visual enhancement was very mildly psychedelic, looking at trees and flower somewhat reminding me of the beginning or ends of shrooms, without any visual distortions. Music was also enhanced, specifically high-speed psychedelic trance music.

After 2-3 hours into the experience my focus started to split in a pretty pleasant way. I felt like I can focus on a few things simultaneously (at least it felt like my brain that is usually 'single CPU' became multi-core CPU seeking for few simultaneous external stimulus).

I played a video game and the performance wasn't really enhanced but all the negative feeling weren't there. It was very pleasant socially with some extroversion boost, and the emotional irritation was replaced with laugh and generally irritation wasn't really felt.

There was also 'Zombie effect' - i.e. when nothing usually annoying didn't disturbed me at all. I ate some pretty bitter salad and the bitterness didn't really bother me, also the noise from outside (like alarms and motorcycles) which usually makes me a bit irritated - didn't bothered me at all. I was enjoying doing work and feeling calm and 'centered' in the tasks.
I was enjoying doing work and feeling calm and 'centered' in the tasks.

Generally unlike coffee that makes me somewhat numb in general to everything, modafinil enhanced attention and made me more tuned and aware to everything, and I enjoy more what I'm already doing. It was simply a good focus enhancer, and not fatigue deprivator.

After about 4-4.5 hours the effect started to wear off - and I mean the hyper-focus started to feel a bit weird. The feeling of getting from intense trip was very pronounced. The calm wasn't so pleasant (just a bit unpleasant), actually the multi-focus started to feel a bit wiggling, and feeling of fatigue started to be a bit more felt. I didn't really enjoy the calm down period, as the focused remained split but each 'CPU' was working half power.

After 5-6 hours the effects were similar to after effect of psychedelic substances (although in very subtle way). The single CPU focus came back, and the general focus was enhanced together with some freshness feeling or 'afterglow'. Some fatigue was felt together with some general alertness still being a bit enhanced.

Now about 8.5 hours after taking the pill, still feeling some 'afterglow' but with no focus effects, just a generally good feeling. Some combination of fatigue and freshness and alertness together. Like if I have something very fun after a whole day at work, I feel a tired but also feel some joy and freshness.

Bottom line: 400mg is a bit high dose to start from to function properly.
Bottom line: 400mg is a bit high dose to start from to function properly.
Great focus enhancer, great for study, social interaction, and having more fun doing day to day monotonous work.

Will definitely use occasionally for specific tasks - especially when something needs to be done and requires a lot of focus, or reduce social anxiety. Starting from 400mg was a bit too much. Generally very positive experience. It's also mildly addictive (i.e. it's just too fun) so day to day usage should be done with awareness.

On 400mg first time it was somewhat similar to a trip, with peak, wear off and afterglow. Not something smooth, although the effects are subtle, and easily can be missed.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108087
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34
Published: Mar 5, 2016Views: 20,270
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