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Must... Have... More...
3F-Phenmetrazine & Etizolam
Citation:   Toxicity_NA. "Must... Have... More...: An Experience with 3F-Phenmetrazine & Etizolam (exp108056)". Mar 3, 2016.

  repeated oral 3F-Phenmetrazine (powder / crystals)
    repeated insufflated 3F-Phenmetrazine (powder / crystals)
    repeated   Etizolam (powder / crystals)
I received my package through USPS a couple days ago. I'll start there:

Actually, before we get started, I'd just like to say that 3fpm is very fiendish. I already have an addictive personality, so having a potentially (almost definitely, tbh) neurotoxic substance that gives me worse cravings than molly, but not as bad as cocaine. Usually I flush all substances that I find have too many negative side effects or bad reports after trying them, but I just cannot bring myself do so with this stuff.

I've read reports on forums where people started low every few days and eventually developed full-blown life-threatening addictions. So remember, do your own research on the internet, even though you really won't find much other than a few threads on different forums with highly subjective information.

So, onto the pros and cons:


- When providing plenty of time (4-8 hours) between doses, quite a bit of euphoria is present at 60-100mg doses, similar to molly mixed with d-amp (Molly almost always means cut mdma/decent stim analogue).

-Mood lift and mental focus all rolled into one drug. I could see it being useful as both a functional (~30mg or less) or recreational. I only needed about 50mg to get the rolly d-amp effects I mentioned earlier. Makes it much easier to talk to people, as I usually have trouble focusing on or coming up with conversation ideas).

- Decent study aid at low dosages, as well

- Minimal side effects when used in moderation. Worse side effects seem to be compounded with duration of use or higher than normal doses.


Once reaching a certain dosage, there's a definite ceiling effect.

No formal research on 3fpm whatsoever.

Now for the cons...

- Very fiendish. The aftereffects are exacerbated by it through anxiety and a strong desire to take just one more dose. I have read many anecdotes on people binging heavily on this substance and regretting it with a passion. I, myself, have a lot of trouble controlling my urge to redose with this one. I was genuinely surprised because I've been able to have heroin AND speed habits in the past and had no problem quitting when I want to. Maybe it's the low price...

- EXTREME vasoconstriction. Its cousin, phenmetrazine, is notorious for this as well, so it makes sense. 3fpm causes the worst vasoconstriction out of any drug I've ever used. On the plus side, I've cut down on cigarette consumption solely for this reason, even though the very occasional one feels very nice.

- Odd vision issues after taking a little too much. Increase in HPPD and have trouble focusing both of my eyes (all the text has text floating on top of it).

- Extreme mood swings, that seemed to dissipate upon further research.

- Any euphoria I get will definitely be short-lived. Orally, the peak/plateau last. My first ever recreational dose (35mg bombed, around 15 insufflated). However, a redose can lead to more euphoria than the original dose.

- Long-lasting aftereffects that seem to be caused by either long-lasting active metabolites or long halflife. I've read from a not-so-credible source that the halflife is 41 hours, but have never found any scientific halflife/metabolite estimations, despite thorough research.

- Headaches and paraesthesia (upon coming down). Sweaty hands. Minor jaw clench, and hot flashes (Starts when buzzed and continue on through the comedown).

-Tolerance builds fast when abused.

- Definitely caustic. Have tiny bits of blood coming out of one of my nostrils despite cleaning them out every once in a while. Also plenty of gastrointestinal distress.

Now for my subjective experience:

0:00 Opened package that arrived in my mailbox at 1:00. Snorted a 10mg line to test the waters. It burns like shit, causes your eyes to water, and nose to run. Not as bad as 2C-I, for sure. Pain wears off very quickly, within 30 seconds.

+0:05 - Already felt a rush which slowly turned into a very odd high. I think it just triggered a bipolar episode, which is pretty typical for stims to cause for me. Every little thing (footsteps/conversation/etc.) irritated the living hell out of me. Buzz from the first line definitely didn't make this substance seem worthwhile, but I had a relatively strong desire to redose after an hour.
Buzz from the first line definitely didn't make this substance seem worthwhile, but I had a relatively strong desire to redose after an hour.

+3:00 - Decided to say fuck it and give it another shot before flushing it. This time did 15mgs and had a much nicer buzz. No mania at all this time. Figure the negative effects on my mood were just caused by the hangover I had.

+9:00 Decided to try to go for a more recreational dose because it's the weekend and I have almost nothing to accomplish nor do I have any people to go see. This time took ~50-60mgs, mostly parachuted.

+9:30 Definitely have a nice buzz going. I'm in a great mood, but not amped. Nice roll feeling with some added focus.

+11:30 Take another 35mg orally and I'm right back to where I was before. Laughing at very stupid jokes I've heard tons of times and playing guitar (the latter being my favorite thing to do on recreational stims, especially serotonergic ones). Decide I'm gonna stop here, but that soon changes... Stupid me...

Between now and coming down I began to experience memory loss, so the rest of the times won't be exact. Took a couple more lines which had almost zero effect. Eventually took some etizolam to knock me out.

~17:00 - Memory recall is easier at this point, I can remember exact times again. Can't sleep because I'm still quite stimmed, but also fighting a very powerful urge to do another line. I give up and take some more etizolam and then a tiny bump.

~17:30 - The etizolam kicks in hard and I start compulsively dosing all the way up to ~270mgs total for the entire night.

I finally pass out at 10 or 11 in the morning only to be wide awake by 3. Still feeling very stimulated.

27:00 - Parachute ~40mg. Have very little, sporadic euphoria, but plenty of focus. I clean up my wreck of a room, cook food, do some programming schoolwork. Very productive day.

31:00 - The urge be at the level I was last night overtakes me and I take another ~200mgs (70 insufflated/130 licked up, tastes horrible).

This time the effects last much longer.

36:00 Snorted another ~60mgs.

38:00 (7 hours ago, 6am) Took another oral dose of ~80mgs. When will I learn that re-dosing in the same night only leads to more negative side effects and far less euphoria...
When will I learn that re-dosing in the same night only leads to more negative side effects and far less euphoria...

Been awake for a total of 44 hours now, if you don't count that measly 3-4 hour stimmed up benzo knockout fake sleep. Gonna take some etizolam soon and sleep for like 24 hours after the residual stimulation wears off, which means I gotta pull through on the comedown and powerful urge to redose this time. I have a better idea of the drug's effects on me now, so hopefully I'll pull through.


Overall decent substance when not abused. Due to the long halflife, can get away with a single oral dose and be motivated for the better part of a day. I was still feeling the morning dose when I decided to go binging. Feeling like shit right now from this binge. The funny thing is I was laughing at all the people going crazy with this stuff, but it's definitely very easy to go overboard quickly with it.

Especially since the first record of this substance is only around two years old, exercise extreme caution or find some real amphetamine/phenmetrazine... Nobody has a single clue what kind of damage this drug can cause except for speculation.

As for my binge, it's over for sure now. The weekend's almost up and I have no excuse to fry any more of my brain cells... Nor do I have a desire to re-dose. Only thing on my mind right now is to get some real sleep before I start seeing crazy shit or shadow people... Oh yeah and I must acquire sustenance...

[Reported Dose: '450mg 4-FPM, 10mg etizolam']

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108056
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Mar 3, 2016Views: 14,936
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3F-Phenmetrazine (678) : Addiction & Habituation (10), Multi-Day Experience (13), General (1), Alone (16)

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