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Buy a Drug Test Kit I Wish I Had
Unknown (sold as 2C-B)
by Thomas_Taylor
Citation:   Thomas_Taylor. "Buy a Drug Test Kit I Wish I Had: An Experience with Unknown (sold as 2C-B) (exp108036)". Erowid.org. Mar 24, 2016. erowid.org/exp/108036

T+ 0:00
  repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
  T+ 0:00 1 capsl oral Unknown
  T+ 1:30 1 capsl oral Unknown
  T+ 0:00   oral Coffee
  T+ 0:00     Ketamine


A Saturday night that began like any other, I'd pre-planned to meet one of my mates down the snooker hall for a few beers, we both like our narcotics and have indulged far more than we probably should have done over the years.

Both of us are quite experienced with our hallucinogens we've tried and tested many of the samples out there, so we thought purchasing a couple of capsules each and going for a game of snooker sounded like a right laugh!

So the onset, we'd never tried 2C-B before but I'd had 2C-I, LSD, ketamine, shrooms, DMT before... Did the research into it and thought 'yeah man, sounds like a good buzz!'

I'd had a couple of beers beforehand then met my mate down the snooker hall at around 17:00 with a bag of K to keep things rolling smoothly (low and behold this only made one appearance throughout the night). The snooker hall's a dark setting, quite personal, there's pretty much just you and your buddy having a few jars whilst sinking some shots. We racked up the first game, it gets going and I get a bit eager and ask him to hand me one of the capsules.

About an hour into it and a nice little euphoric feeling in the head, buzzing around and slight visuals. Beer became a turnoff and we decided to opt for coffee, for some reason the beer just didn't seem to sit right. Thinking we had hit a peak of 2C-B at around 1.5h+ we decided to have another.... This is the point where I wish I'd have given this little deceitful capsule time to show its face properly.

The score board becomes meaningless and we carry on playing snooker, all is well, still feeling good, then we decide to roll of and crack on with some bowling and some arcade games. We probably spent about 3 hours in there, the visuals were still pretty mellow but were definitely obvious, like having 40 or so liberty caps. We decided to make a move from the bowling alley and take a walk to mine and enjoy the full effects of the hallucinogen, my house is about 2.5h walk from there.

About 1 hour into the walk, and both of us having several purges of an unknown frothy substance, the hallucinations started to set in stronger, and stronger, which to be honest I quite enjoyed, the problem was they were there with this god awful body load! I remember spewing my guts up into some bushes and there been a thousand set of eyes staring back at me from the leaves!

I like to think of myself as a logical man, and the body load I'm feeling is massively uncomfortable, my legs feel heavy and I feel like I have fluid retention all around my back and my legs. My body feels cold and I'm still spewing this god awful frothy stuff. The hallucinations are fantastic but the trip is ruined by this worry of swallowing an unknown substance and the potential effects it's having on my body.
the trip is ruined by this worry of swallowing an unknown substance and the potential effects it's having on my body.
I ask my friend how he feels and he says he feels the same but tries not to worry about it. Unfortunately for me, I feel I have to look out for us both now because if s*** hits the fan one of needs to look after the other.

At about 2 hours into the walk, nearly home, we decide to ring a taxi as the road and the path have become inrecognisable from each other! Like I say the hallucinactions were amazing! I pull my phone out of pocket and realise I cant see the screen as thousands of bubbles are coming out of the screen at me! It made me laugh! I struggled like mad putting my fingers where I knew the buttons were and hoping for the best, finally I managed to ring us a taxi.

On getting in the taxi it felt like a space shuttle! When driving it felt like we was in a time warp! We were both still talking but still this god awful body load was concerning me!

When we got back to mine my missus and her mate were stilll up watching films, we decided to leave them too it and went upstairs. Neithe of us could settle down and still the visuals and body load were getting stronger and stronger! I felt like I needed to s*** constantly but there was nothing there, it was this fluid which was hanging around my waist line.

I asked my missus to keep an eye on us as I was worried for our health and that this time we'd f****d up, she said the same as my mate, keep calm (I was calm, I was just been logical). My mate somehow managed to block his out and go to sleep (jammy bastard!) I had a diazzy [diazepam] and some vitamin C to try and bring me down. None of it worked, I'm the worst of sleepers at the best of times!

At this point the visuals are super strong, I can barely make anything out but I attempt to use the laptop to put some music on. It takes me nearly an hour to put a mix on but I persevere, concentrating seems to help take my mind off the body load. My head seems to be thinking clearly at this point, I can hold conversations, I'm not high like MDMA high, I'm not enlightened like LSD or shrooms enlightened but f*** me I'm tripping balls! When using the laptop I can see a hologram of my finger using the mouse pad over the screen with all the letters and number and images provided a digital flicker effect like you get in a horror movie, I'm enjoying the visuals and the challenge to put the music on....

Ahhh music.... We got there, I settle down on the sofa to try and close my eyes but I'm not 100% certain on sleeping due to my body load. My brain starts to fuzz and I can see the beats from the music blending together as the music played with my eyes closed, it looks pretty dam sweet man... But my body still feels fucked! God dam nasty chemical, nothing like LSD.

I eventually pass out, I don't know whether this is sleep or whether my brain has given in on this thing, the next thing I know the dog wakes me up, it's morning, and I'd just started to piss myself by the looks of things... This is the worrying bit, I only had a few beers, didn't really touch the K, had the diazzy to help me sleep, but for me to nearly piss my self off them???? No chance... It makes me wonder what the hell I was doing in my sleep for my dog to come and wake me up, she never wakes me up!

When I wake up I'm still tripping balls! On the level of 80 liberty caps! The body load has subsided but my whole body feels like a train wreck! Like I've been out smashing the e's all weekend. I feel thankful to have woken up though. My heart beat is low... Very low all day... I blame that on a combination of the diazzys and K, but my body does not feel right... It worries me, and worried me for several days after.

My mate wakes up and the girls wake up, we have a good laugh, conversation is good and the hallucinations are still strong! They lasted in total for 29 hours, sudsiding bit by bit through the day. When I woke up the next day I was still having rainbow flashes out of the corners of my eyes and trails behind cars.

If there's a good thing that comes from this experience it is to never trust what someone sells to you, that could be your last day when you slightly over do it! I think of myself quite lucky to have woken up from that night and whatever it was in that capsule was deffinitely not 2C-B, I expected 7 hours ish... Not 29!

I've now bought myself a full drugs testing kit
I've now bought myself a full drugs testing kit
, I advise people to do the same if you're like me and you want to recreationally dabble with mind altering substances, you can never be too sure exactly what it is inside. At least if you know you can adjust your dosage to suit if you still want to go ahead. I think if we had stuck to just the one capsule we may have been good. I think that all the froth was caused by some fillers inside and them some active ingredient that made us how we were.

Play it safe kids, for the sake of a g of charlie for a full blown kit, grab yourselves one and party hard but party safe!

I have a little bambino on the way... I never want to feel like I'm putting my life in jeopardy again. It doesn't mean I've stopped taking narcotics, it just means I'm far more educated now than I have ever been.

Much Love x

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108036
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: Mar 24, 2016Views: 4,555
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