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Traveling Back In Time
LSD & Cannabis
by Sally_F
Citation:   Sally_F. "Traveling Back In Time: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp108020)". Erowid.org. Mar 14, 2016. erowid.org/exp/108020

1 hit   LSD
    smoked Cannabis
    smoked Cannabis


First, a little background to start off: prior to this experience, I've eaten Psilocybin mushrooms ten times, dropped LSD four times, smoked pure Salvia divinorum a few times, Salvia 20x once, and Nymphaea caerulea once. I plan on using Ayahuasca eventually so I feel the need to immerse myself in the vast catalog of psychedelics in preparation for such an intense experience.

Now onto the trip report. It was a Sunday night and the techno/ neo-electronic trio, Yellow Claw, was performing at a venue just off of campus. For those of you that do not know, Yellow Claw concerts are basically EDM raves with colorful lights, lasers, smoke machines, etc. The plan was for me and my friend to drop a tab and then smoke a joint on the walk to the concert in hopes of the peak hitting us just as the main act came out. On the walk back from the concert we were planning to smoke again to extend the life of our trip. We were attending the concert with a group of friends.

00:00 We each drop a tab and proceed to pass around a joint.

00:30 We get into the concert. The venue is pretty small and couldn't fit more than probably around 600 if it were packed. After giving our jackets to the coat check, and heading into the crowd we could already feel the tingly acid vibes. I was seeing typical auras of bright colors surrounding objects and filling voids of space, along with light tracers/ wavy 'illusions' in objects.

00:50 The opener comes out on stage and starts playing some electronic beats. The lights illuminating the room were neon blues, oranges, yellows, and pinks mostly. My friend and I could see all the different color lights reflecting off our faces, even though the venue was brightly lit still.

01:15 As the DJ droned on and on, the music progressively got more and more shitty. It was starting to annoy me how little I was vibing to the music and it caused me to start getting fidgety and irritated. The bright neon lights were the only things keeping me interested.

01:45 By this point, I had had enough with the DJ's several failed attempts to get the crowd dancing or even vibing in the slightest way. He would play a song, the beat would progressively get faster and faster in anticipation of the bass 'drop', and when it finally would drop, it would be like [insert flatulence noise]. I became very self absorbed in my trip and how negatively the DJ was impacting it. I started to perceive that everyone in the crowd had their eyes on me. They would see me trying to get hyped and then when the bass would drop it would just instantly suck. This happened about three or four times. Even worse, it seemed the DJ would switch the song up completely after each failed attempt at performing a successful/ hyped up bass drop.

02:00 The visuals from the neon lights were getting more and more intense to the point where I was seeing a vivid rainbow popping out above the stage and the DJ. The music was of no interest to me but the DJ was still trying to get some positive feedback from the crowd, with no success. Suddenly I felt my group of friends leave me and I became surrounded in girls. What actually happened was that I was paying less and less attention to the music and more to the people in my general vicinity. I stepped forward away from my friends and suddenly felt as if I had become swarmed in females. Each one, trying to get my attention/ attempting to dance with me. In reality, the women were just talking to each other and laughing at how blitzed I was. I surely was not vibing to the music so I chose not engage in the drunk females around me.

02:15 It seemed that the group of girls I ignored all left my general vicinity. This made me a little less irritated. Although, I was still very displeased with the music and it was keeping me from really chilling out. My nerves were on edge as I found myself in the very center of the venue. It seemed as if all eyes were on me and I started to panic, I began to get very very sweaty. This is where things went sour for me.

02:30 With all of the colorful lights and the perfectly centered rainbow glowing above the DJ, I had become convinced that he was gay and was trying to turn the concert into a gayfest. Suddenly the empty space in front of me where the girls were became filled with men. Then I realized that my group of guy friends was behind me again, although I didn't see the girls. It seemed like everyone around noticed this shift as suddenly the concert illustrated some sort of homosexual aura around my general vicinity. I was totally not down with what I perceived to be happening and I just kept looking back at my friends to see what was up with them. That is when I perceived yet another illusion from the LSD. I thought that the DJ was an older cousin of mine with a hidden alter-ego as this no-name DJ. I convinced myself that everyone had just figured out he was gay (because of something I must have said or did) and I really started to panic. I was beginning to peak just as I started panicking and everything became extremely dramatic and life was utterly chaotic and backwards. I grabbed some random dude's shoulders, jumped up in the air and screamed out 'I WAS ON ACID THE WHOLE TIME!' I land, and immediately I am back up in the air a second time, 'I WAS ON ACID THE WHOLE TIME!!!' I turn around and see two large men, one wearing an 'Illuminati symbol' (all-seeing eye on pyramid) tee shirt and the other one with Jay-Z on his shirt. At that moment in time, I experienced a subconscious thought that Jay-Z had a contact in the venue that heard what I screamed out, and that the Illuminati was coming to take me away. I start to panic even more.

02:35 I look up to see the DJ being removed from the stage and immediately I think it's my fault. I thought that I got him kicked off the stage for being gay and doing such a shitty job at the DJ. I turn to my friends and begin to tell them how bad I feel, and that I must go outside to talk to my hurt cousin. I start running toward the exit, shoving people out of my way. When I get to the door, I have a sudden change of heart, turn, and run back to my friends. I realized that if I left the venue I would not be able to get back in. Although, for some reason this wasn't stopping me. I run back through the crowd to exit, have another change of heart, and run back to my friends. I proceeded to repeat this behavior about 3 or 4 times. Suddenly the lights switch off and only two yellow spotlights are spinning around the venue, as I start to hear voices on the mic. I see three fat white guys in Adidas tracksuits walk out on stage and they start to crank the party INSTANTLY. I had never seen Yellow Claw before so I figured it was them. They start playing some jams and instantly my trip goes from sour to sweet. I start raving intensely, throwing my body around, swinging my head and whipping my hair.

02:40 I remember that my 'cousin' is still outside, if not gone, and his career as a DJ is over, and everyone knows his deepest, darkest secret. I figured I missed my opportunity to go outside, apologize, and make things right, so I start to formulate alternative options to fixing this mess. I deduced that the only way to save my cousin's career and potentially his life would be to go back in time and rewrite the events that took place during his opening act. My mind racing, I attempted to rave 'hard enough' that I would travel backwards in time. I convinced myself that if I moved fast enough, my molecules could vibrate quick enough to send them backwards in time, therefore liberating me from forward time.
I convinced myself that if I moved fast enough, my molecules could vibrate quick enough to send them backwards in time, therefore liberating me from forward time.
This notion that time travel was achievable was from my Salvia 20x trip in which I was able to flow freely through time as its own dimension. (Although, unfortunately this ability was no longer producible once I came down. In the concert tho, this concept seemed very much possible again).

I began to viscously whip my hair clockwise, then counterclockwise. I jumped up and slammed down to the floor in 'thinker' position and shout which caused me to 'freeze time' for a split second. When I hit the floor, for a split second I had another flashback to my Salvia 20x trip where I was ethereal, flowing through fibrous voids of space and time produced by the neurons firing across synapses of my inner consciousness. But then immediately I was back, kneeling on the wooden floor. That is when my friend grabbed me and pulled me to my feet. I was still wilding chaotically and he had to sort of shake me to slow me down. I told him 'It's just a rave! It's just a rave! It just a rave. Everything is fine. Everyone is on drugs. Itís just a rave. It's O.K.' My friend said that we had to leave but my mind was still stuck on reversing the sequence of events that occurred. My friend explained the reason I was tripping out was because the environment was too high energy, I had too many things on my mind, and that the best thing to do was to go back to the dorm. My mind was racing so fast I could no longer decide what to do next. I felt powerless. My friend brought me out of the crowd, took my coat ticket, ran upstairs to retrieve the coats, and promptly ran back down to meet me.

That is when my roommate and his girlfriend met us and asked if everything was ok. My friend said everything was fine and that he was going to take me back to the dorm. He proceeded to leave, expecting me to follow him out the venue. As we approached the exit, a guard stopped us to warn that we were not going to be admitted reentry after we left. My friend shrugged him off and kept walking but I just stood there paused in time. I turned and began to walk back into the crowd when my roommate grabbed me. He was wearing a tie dye design shirt adorned with a little alien and a mushroom and large text reading 'Chill bro. Don't trip.' I just hugged him tightly and he basically carried me out of the concert.

03:00 We got onto the street and stood there in front of the venue doors as I frantically attempted to find the second joint. I kept thinking someone was going to pull up in a taxi and take a ride with me. Between God, Jesus, my cousin's fatherís, my cousin's mother -- Fatherís sister, my deceased father, and the Illuminati, I was SURE one of them was going to pull over and coax me into the car. Every car that passed, I was waiting for one to pull over next to me.

My friend informed me that we were way too close to the venue to smoke the j. I agreed so we began to walk back toward campus. We were walking through the same neighborhood we have many times when suddenly the streets reminded me of my hometown, so vividly that I thought we were actually in my hometown. Several police cars passed and I thought that I had caused a huge disturbance. We found a bench to sit down and spark the joint. This raggedy hippy couple passed us but gave no attention. Someone walked passed and asked us if everything was ok and we assured them we were fine. I soon got really bad dry-mouth from the joint and I attempted to spit on the ground. What I saw when I looked at my spit was hundreds of little sperm swimming around. This was symbolic because it felt like I was in the town I was born in. The cum-spit freaked me out a bit but I remembered I was tripping so it didn't phase me too hard. I started to remember the homosexual vibes I was getting during the concert and I promptly left that bench. On the walk back to campus, I saw the hippy guy again except without his girl, and I asked him if he was tripping. He told me he went to a show the previous weekend where his friends all took a nice cocktail of drugs but that he was currently on probation.

03:15 We were almost back on campus when we passed a Baptist church. The sign read 'All are welcome.' I found comfort in reading that and I mentioned it to my friends. I started thinking about religion and ancient civilizations. I started thinking about native peoples, when I look down to see the familiar seal in the pavement on the sidewalk. The seal was the front of a buffalo nickel (a side profile of an American Indian wearing a headress). That moment was very symbolic and ironic to me. When my Pops passed away, during the funeral procession I was having a conversation with the hearse driver inside the limo and he told me that he had an original buffalo nickel. A few weeks later, I received that buffalo nickel in the mail from him and a card. It felt too perfect to be true, as I looked up and saw an Indian person pass me. I know Indians are not the same as Native people but it still felt extremely symbolic to me, thinking about 'American Indians' and seeing an Indian person.

03:30 We were coming up on this public bench on the street corner. I always loved this bench because the owner installed a green laser lighting system in the tree above, and positioned it pointing down on the bench. My friends and I would smoke on the bench and blow clouds up into the air to intensify the laser beams. I sat on the bench and began to sing an old Church song, 'This little light of mine. I'm gonna let it shine. Oh this little light of mine. I'm gonna let it shine. This little light of mine. I'm gonna let it shine. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.' The whole time, my friend was clapping along and adding in little Baptist-choir-like interjections. I got up, we all shared a laugh, and continued walking back to the dorm.

03:45 As we approached the intersection, I looked up and saw three traffic lights as they were all yellow. All of the street lights had a yellow hue to them as well. This reminded me about the concert and that I had not even made it to Yellow Claw's set. I remembered that the friend that I dropped with was still inside the venue, tripping balls. I felt bad for ditching him and I hoped everything would turn out fine for him. The whole walk back to campus, I felt like the universe was perfect in every which way and no matter what goes wrong, the universe has a way of fixing itself.

04:00 When we were finally back at my dorm we met up with a few friends and went upstairs to my dorm. Upon entering my room, I felt really hot so I began to strip down to my boxers and sit on my bedroom floor. My friend turned the lights off and he handed me his phone, with my favorite song playing, Man on the Moon by Kid Cudi. I slowly danced around my room like a phantom while rapping the song. I felt so in tune with the way of the world and my head was finally back where I wanted it to be.

04:15 I put some clothes back on and we decided to go outside and smoke another joint. We sat on a bench and passed around the j. We conversed about tripping for a short while before heading back in.

04:45 We went into one of my friend's rooms and put on the movie 8 Mile. I sat down and became absorbed in the movie. I was laughing my ass off at parts that I've seen a hundred times. The laughter in the room was contagious. I got up to take a piss and as I stood up, I accidentally set off the voice command on my phone. Ignoring it, I took a pee, walked to the sink, looked at myself in the mirror, when I heard my phone started randomly playing a song. I took my phone out of my pocket and the song that was playing was 'Trippy' by Rich Hil featuring Kid Cudi. I walked back into the room, showed my friends, and simply dropped it out of my hand. I sat down and started watching the movie again.

06:30 My friends finally got back from the concert and they told me it was amazing. I was glad that my friend had a good trip and that everything worked out ok. This trip was extremely symbolic to me but I never figured out why I perceived the opening DJ to be a cousin of mine OR why I thought he had a homosexual alter ego. Either way, I'm probably going to stay away from LSD for a long time.

P.S. I did figure out what caused me to perceive notions of homosexuality around me. On my previous acid trip, I convinced myself that my good friend (who has a girlfriend of several years) was hitting on me and that he was actually gay. Again, this turned out to be a figment of my imagination. Although, I started thinking about it upon entering the venue. I took my friend aside and shared the story with him, except AGAIN, while I was tripping, I convinced myself that my good friend actually was gay. I shared this with my friend in recounting the story. He assured me not to worry about it, for it could trigger a bad trip. I guess sometimes that is what happens when you are on drugs, whether you try to avoid it or not.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 108020
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Mar 14, 2016Views: 1,932
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LSD (2), Cannabis (1) : Sex Discussion (14), General (1), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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