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Love Bliss Power
by Koalabear
Citation:   Koalabear. "Love Bliss Power: An Experience with DOC (exp107973)". Nov 7, 2017.

28 mg oral DOC (powder / crystals)


DOC... It was a very large part of my life for a very long period of time. Or was it a short time? This one may never know. I would like it to be know that the dosage I have listed is for the trip I am going to depict. I had taken DOC many times before this trip, but not more than 2 weeks before this try. I by no means support or deny anyone's opinion on this dosage, I did it, and this is the story I will tell.

13:00 pm - Me and a couple of friends all gather around smoking the hookah as we usually did. They were talking about LSD and other psychedelics and I came up with the glorious idea that we should try this DOC I had. They were curious so I got my gel caps out and a fine powder scale. I put small amounts of the tan, off-green powder on the scale equalling 6mgs for each of them. And when dosing mine. I just looked at the tool I used, took a relatively big scoop. And poured it on. 28mg's it read. Now before this I had only attempted 20, so with a gulp. I took the plunge.

14:00 - an hour in we are still just chatting, the whole room can feel the tension as we wait for it to start feeling. I notice a prickling feeling on the back of my neck and a faint tingle in my spine. I knew it was starting.

15:45 - The DOC is just starting its game, it feels like a wash all over my body, intense like you could never imagine. The visuals were earthshattering, like the cool swirls of acid but with the chaotic spike of mushrooms. It was both fantastic and scary. My jaw was clenching slightly but not nearly as much as I noticed with the lower doses I took.

16:00 - after the skyrocketing comeup something magical happened. When I would usually feel some discomfort, overheating, a clenching jaw and a tapping foot. Instead I felt as though I was in a hot tub. My whole body was vibrating but so quickly it just felt like a warm buzz. The visuals were spectacular. Little warmholes appeared throughout my vision. The room looked like it was one of those chairs with the pins pushed in creating those large bunps in-between. And the images seemed to suck into the small black he's everywhere

17:00 - I am in total bliss. A smile doesn't leave my face. Others talked but I couldn't recall. I was looking up into nothing and enjoying every minute of it

21:00 - the lights start to dim and we go outside to watch the sunset. I am amazed with how much more tolerable the high is at higher dosage. When I used to feel twitching and clenching I now just felt warmth and relaxation.

23:00 - its now been 10 hours since dosing and I jokingly say aloud 'well, its half over'. Some laughed. Others seemed a little unnerved. Personally I was feeling better than I had ever felt before, and the time elapsed seemed like maybe only a couple hours.

02:00 - this drug that used to keep me up and on edge and uncomfortable was so soothing. I begin to feel tired. But didn't really want to go to sleep as the visuals were so perfect and warm and beautiful

03:00 - half the people scurried on home, still high they walked. They were obviously a little shaken by the experience and wanted their solitude.

06:00 - just as the sun comes up the visuals are still going strong, but the new environment gives them a very acid like swirl, I went outside and watched the trees swaying in the breeze with the rising sun behind them. One of the more beautiful experiences of my life.

09~10:00 - I don't really know what happened first. If I stopped being high and fell asleep, or if I fell asleep and when I awoke I wasnt high. Sleep came in a blink. My body exhausted from such intensity.

21:00 - I awoke feeling refreshed and energetic, I could still feel a slight aura of mysticism but the visuals subsided.

In short, I would say the erowid guide to DOC dosage is a little conservative. when I purchased it I got a whole gram so I have had plenty and will have plenty for quite a while. I feel the drug became a whole new beast at higher dosages. It rockets past all the twitching and body load and goes to a buzzing euphoria.
Definitely a chemical to love and cherish.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107973
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Nov 7, 2017Views: 955
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DOC (357) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4)

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