Withdrawal Experiment
Citation:   RedVeinFox. "Withdrawal Experiment: An Experience with Tea (exp107951)". Erowid.org. Mar 3, 2016. erowid.org/exp/107951

This is a subject for which I hardly know where to begin.

Tea has been an intrinsic part of my everyday life for as long as I can remember, as a cultural aspect, as something for those who are upset, as the comfortable reset button at the end of a long day, and that gentle pick-me-up at the beginning of each and every one.

As the drinking of tea is a morning ritual in my household that I have partaken in since I was small (coupled with the drinking of multiple cups a day), I had decided to cease all consumption for three days to measure the subsequent effects.

Day 1:
-A single half-cup drunk at 7 am

-10 am: Feeling a bit sleepier than usual, everything seems a bit off.

-2pm: In the wake of some off-colour 'tea addict' jokes, I just want to read a book and drink tea.

-4pm: Preparing dinner, catch myself thinking of ways to get around my no-tea drinking rules, laugh at myself for being a little too into it.

-8 pm: Drinking more water than usual.

-11pm: fell asleep very fast.

Day 2:
-7am: boil water and realise that I can't use it.

-12 pm: lack of coffee or tea is making it a bit harder to cope.

-3pm: coming to terms with the no-tea concept.

-6 pm: feeling left out as everyone for whom I've made food is drinking tea.

Day 3:
-7 am: sad and cranky.

-10 am: desperately wanting either tea or caffeine (starting to realise that it may well be the caffeine that I'm craving).

-12pm: Finding it very difficult to cope with human interaction.

-3 pm: Drinking large amounts of water and lemon juice as a substitute.

-7pm: coping with the world again, but abnormally tired.

Day 4:
-7 am: make a large pot of tea

-9am: cut open a tea bag and with the now loose tea, roll and smoke a tea joint.

-9:15 am: feeling a mild high (placebo? or can smoked tea actually give a high? something for another day).

-12pm: feeling much better and more tolerant of everything.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107951
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Mar 3, 2016Views: 4,709
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