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Surreal Hallucination
Trihexyphenidyl (Artane)
by MIG
Citation:   MIG. "Surreal Hallucination: An Experience with Trihexyphenidyl (Artane) (exp107840)". Erowid.org. Feb 12, 2016. erowid.org/exp/107840

2 tablets oral Trihexyphenidyl


This happened in the Mendoza city of Argentina in 1978 approximately

Artane: real hallucination

I took Artane a friend gave to me. He told me it came from the local neuro-psychiatric hospital somehow. He gave me four Artanes that were, as he told me, more powerful than the ones been sold at the chemistry [pharmacy]; so he said I should take just one. He was departing that evening to the mountains with a friend and two girlfriends. I was staying in the city instead.

I took one Artane and hanged around for a while in a big park. Nothing happened apparently, the only thing that I forgot that I took one Artane and had a second in the same place, drinking water from the same tap. Soon afterwards I realised I did it twice.

I remember I went to the centre, saw a couple of friends and gave the rest of the Artanes to them. I was euphoric and remember that I walked and talked with them a bit in the main street and soon after separated.

I took the trolley home.. But after I sat I saw my friends again inside the trolley sitting around me, one next to me and the other one behind as I was talking with them as if they were there from the beginning but forgetting what happened before (that we all went our own separated way).

Suddenly after the friend sitting next to me disappeared, I looked back to the friend sitting behind while asking for the other one, when instead there was another person sitting in place looking and reacting at me with rejecting gesture. It was a total shock (for the passengers and myself).

I understood and remembered that I took Artane and felt miserable in the trolley. But again I was speaking to my friends that were sitting in different seats, this time on the opposite side seats. I remember them talking as if to me or between them but when I looked or stared at them they would dissapear or not respond to me.

Sometimes I remembered I was under the influence, people were watching at me, but again and again I was falling into the hallucination and started seeing my friends again.

Then when I had to get off I say goodbye to them while standing and walking to the back door I saw the rest of the passengers were looking at me holding a distinct sign of disapproval on their faces as I never had seen before directed to me. Went off the trolley and walked home.

When I arrived it was late at night and I knew my father wasn't in and my stepmother was asleep. I went to the kitchen to eat something but I saw my stepmother was there and started talking to her; she was being as friendly as never before. But after a while as I turned my head the real stepmother appeared dressed in pajamas and a face that looked asleep but enraged, a completely different one. She was looking everywhere around as if trying to find someone hiding from her but very seriously, even underneath the table with fear and hate... She asked me 'who are you talking with? And I said instantly: 'with you'!!! Then she looked even more enraged and said, 'oh come on you..!' as a menace and returned to her room.

I also talked about it with my other friends. Something similar happened to them, they got into problems somehow, one of them trimmed off his trousers with scissors because they were 'uncomfortable'. The other one never got out of the centre because he passed all night chatting with 'us', then suddenly losing us, then he was looking for us thinking we were all playing at hide and seek, then he was finding us again and so on.

The ones that went to the mountains told me a horror story happened to them as they would seeing people hiding behind the trees around their hut while they were turning their head, they were also hearing steps following them until they turned to watch directly and all disappeared, then again all night my friend saw and heard armed people hiding around, loading weapons to kill them. The girls got asleep in horror while they kept awake vigilant all night until noon.

We were all having a similar effect, suddenly forgetting having taken Artane, and then suddenly remembering. And seeing the scandal it caused. I had taken LSD and Psilocybe cubensis but I never had this type of 'real' hallucination.

Exp Year: 1978ExpID: 107840
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Feb 12, 2016Views: 4,849
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