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The Peppermint Fiasco
1P-LSD, Amyl Nitrate & Cannabis
Citation:   poppin. "The Peppermint Fiasco: An Experience with 1P-LSD, Amyl Nitrate & Cannabis (exp107823)". Jan 26, 2016.

T+ 0:00
150 ug oral 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 4:00   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 6:00   repeated inhaled Inhalants - Nitrites (gas)
  T+ 9:00   repeated inhaled Inhalants - Nitrites (gas)
My first 1P-LSD trip was nothing short of incredible. I have tripped on LSD-25 multiple times in the past. Additionally I've experimented with mushrooms (oh boy), Cocaine, other assorted stimulants from Adderall to Vyvanse and Ritalin, MDMA, DXM, Xanax, and Oxycontin once or twice. The last time I dropped acid was close to two years ago, but the last experience I had with a hallucinogen was about a month ago with around 6-7 grams of mushrooms. It was nice to be able to quantify an acid trip with a near exact dosage. I ingested 150ug as a tester dose around 4:30 pm. In the end this felt comparable to two hits of some of the better LSD-25 I have had. Overall this experience was absolutely perfect. In my opinion, 1P-LSD is indistinguishable from LSD-25.

T +0m: I drop 150ug of 1P-LSD, grab my headphones and sunglasses and go for a walk to watch the sunset.

T +30m: Feeling very floaty and happy. Content. Nothing is coming on too strong quite yet. Surfaces of cars and my phone screen seems to be shinier than usual. I find a bench near a fountain and a hill some friends and I hung out by while we were rolling one night. This brought on a good vibe and I started feeling much more excited for the night to come.

T +40m: Fully off baseline now. I cannot stop grinning. I'm walking around the city smiling like a fool. This has been a very smooth come-up. Very comfortable. At this point I am experiencing a very nice body high right now. Tracers are increasing heavily. Colors are changing subtly. The wavy / breathing feeling around windows / door frames is back. It's good to be in 'acidland' again. It's been far too long.

T +42m: This is absolutely amazing. It is getting much harder to type notes at this point. I throw on some Tame Impala and walk back to my apartment. Sexual Healing comes on shuffle and reminds me of my recent mushroom trip. This song was playing in the hostel I was staying at in Amsterdam on my last mushroom trip. I forgot I threw it on my LSD playlist and started chuckling to myself on my walk back. This also introduced some interesting thought loops as I got to my apartment. I have a slight stomach ache at this point, but it's passing as the peak is coming on.

T +2 hr: I am starting to peak pretty nicely. I get a familiar anxious feeling and more tingling in my neck and shoulders. I love this feeling. This is making out to be a very visual trip as well. My thoughts are racing as time starts dilating heavily. The colors from the visualizer are bleeding onto the walls. A friend of mine, who I shall refer to as A, stopped by to hangout for a bit. A's face looks like it went through a filter on Google's deep dream and the colors from a little LED toy are merging with her hair. Posters on my wall are dripping and melting heavily. As always with LSD I am easily distracted, so maintaining conversation is very difficult. I am getting into the headspace very smoothly at this point as the peak is settling in. I turn on some music and lay down onto a large foam beanbag chair (I like to call it, 'the blob'). It felt like a cloud, and I stared at the ceiling for a little while. I saw beautiful colors and fractaling patterns that morphed and pulsated with the music. The bass vibrates my surroundings and I'm getting more excited to see Infected Mushroom in a few hours. I relax with A for around an hour, while I wait for a few more friends to come over.

T +3hr: I notice my legs and feet are tingling. The vasoconstriction is getting hard to ignore and isn't too pleasant. I attribute this to the Vyvanse I was taking all week as well as a long Cocaine night last weekend. After I realize this, it was easier to ignore. As I write this today, I notice the vasoconstriction is virtually gone which makes me believe it was mainly the stimulants causing this. The peak is very strong but I feel very level headed and comfortable. This is a great balance of comfort and intensity. Usually I would start smoking a few bowls around now, but I was having such a blast that I didn't feel the need to take any edge off of the trip.

T +4hr: Three other friends stop by and we start smoking a few bowls and light up a blunt before leaving for Infected Mushroom. Smoking ramps up the trip slightly as expected, but as we started walking over the trip settles back down. We arrive at the venue and make our way inside.

T +5hr: I look back on the city I notice the skyline is breathing heavily and the colors are unreal. The city felt alive as I looked over it from the venue. Absolutely beautiful. It's been about 3 hours since I started peaking and I was still going strong. Letters on my phone are vibrating and wiggling so much it's hard to type. I step out into the smoking area with A to smoke a couple of cigarettes. The cigarette is bending over my finger and the burning tip is tracing heavily as I move my hand around. I noticed I was standing by a heater which was warming up the right side of my body. My left side was pretty chilly and I was holding a cup of ice water that was numbing my hand. This created an interesting feeling of being split vertically between the heat and the cold. The venue was very strange. It was a gross and unsettling environment, but nothing could bring this trip down. Luckily it was a fairly small area, so Infected Mushroom would be up close and personal. I was dying for them to take the stage. Two of my other friends in the group had just taken 2C-B at this point and were waiting for it to come on. We listen to the house opener and the music became consuming. This is my first time tripping at a concert and it was completely eye-opening.

T +6hr: My friends offer me some poppers. I have never tried them before so I go for it and sniff the small bottle. Wow. What a blast-off that was. The poppers really ramped the trip up again. I am completely absorbed into the music now and the visual hallucinations are intensified greatly. Infected comes on and we do poppers intermittently while I blend into the atmosphere and vibrations around me. The screen behind them was very hallucinatory and provided a nice focus point to really let go of all distractions and have the music wash over me. I felt completely connected to the music and performance. Between the poppers, 1P, the vibrations, and the incredible sound from Infected, I felt completely fused into to the air around me. This felt almost like the opposite of a DXM experience or some other dissociatives. Instead of a detached feeling, I felt hyper-connected to every miniscule sound and feeling around me. That's acid for you I suppose. It is quite the feeling; I missed everything about taking LSD and relished this moment. We decide to light up a blunt because nobody else was taking that first jump and I needed to take the edge off at this point. After we did multiple others started as well.

T +9hr: We continue to do poppers while Infected is putting on an incredible show. I was completely absorbed into the moment and felt every note and vibration radiating from the speakers. I was still tripping strangely hard after such a long peak. Here is where things get a little interesting. A girl comes up to my friend, A, and asks her if she is rolling. She then offers us peppermint oil to lick off of our hands. Without thinking I quickly lick it and start to feel very strange. My mouth felt completely erased and my vision started to go haywire. I ask the girl what she gave me and her face began to contort twist. She responds with “Peppermint oil.”, but her voice was distorted and masked by the music around us. I start to feel very paranoid and the trip ramps up heavily. I ask her “What did you give me?” multiple times in a row. I was tripping on this thought loop heavily and thought I had made a mistake by consuming some unknown drops of liquid. I am slowly freaking out on this stranger. After she leaves and I calm down I realize it was actually just peppermint oil. The sensations were mind-blowing and really frightened me. It was an terrifying moment, but one that I then laugh about not even an hour later. I guess I slightly forgot how much I was tripping due to the music swallowing me whole. After all of this, I was still on the tail end of the peak somehow. Maybe the extended length was due to the poppers all night and the peppermint oil fiasco, but I feel as though Infected Mushroom's performance was also so intense that it ramped up my trip as well. This was the first time I have seen them live, and it is certainly not the last.

T +10hr: At this point, the peak has ended and in total lasted close to 8 hours. This really surprised me actually. Usually my peaks on LSD-25 are around 4-5 hours maximum, and usually included Nitrous Oxide and smoking Marijuana frequently throughout the day. We walk back to my apartment to smoke again and relax. My friend is spinning his poi on the walk home through the city. It was a very colorful combination with the windows of the skyscrapers and vivid street lights. Colors were bouncing off of the windows and surfaces of the cars parked nearby. We smoke a couple bowls when we get back and I crack open a beer. I don't typically drink any alcohol while tripping, but this was very refreshing. Sitting is pure bliss at this point. My body is radiating with comforting waves of warmth after the cold walk over. The visuals are toning down slowly.

T +11hr: My friends leave and I smoke a little more. I am still coming down and enjoy the small bumps in the trip after smoking throughout the night. I hop in the shower and relax for a bit.

T +12hr: I turn on M83's album with a visualizer, lay down on the blob, and drift off to sleep like a baby. I was still tripping slightly, but I was so exhausted that I had no problem going to sleep after listening to the album. It was about 13 hours after ingestion at this point. 1P-LSD was identical to the LSD trips I have taken in the past, if not even slightly stronger for the dose I had taken. I guess I was pretty lucky with my previous experiences. This shaped up to be a very memorable trip.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 107823
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Jan 26, 2016Views: 13,582
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1P-LSD (682), Cannabis (1), Inhalants - Nitrites (147) : General (1), First Times (2), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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