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Fire of the Crystal Cathedral of Mania
2C-B & MXE
by nervewing
Citation:   nervewing. "Fire of the Crystal Cathedral of Mania: An Experience with 2C-B & MXE (exp107739)". Sep 13, 2016.

T+ 0:00
50 mg insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:40 20 mg insufflated 2C-B (powder / crystals)


Dose: 20 mg of 2C-B , 50 mg of MXE
ROA: both insufflated
Background: I was pretty deep in depression and feeling wild and confusedÖ teen angst failed relationship bullshit so petty but so upsetting etc etc etc I get impulsive w/ drugs when Iím depressed, I got home and just wanted to do something, something, my usual was dex but I felt a bit nauseous already and didnít want to deal with that. I usually plan out my trips in advance but this time I just wanted to go for something. I remember a friend telling me 2C-B and MXE went together really well, so I decided to go for that one. They were both very fun and euphoric drugs for me so I figured mixing them would cheer me up.

T0:00-MXE insufflated

T0:40-stumble around house a bit, begin to feel the MXE really coming on so decide itís time to dose the 2C-B. Being on a dissociative with anesthetic properties, the pain from insufflating 2C-B is substantially more manageable.

T0:50-Really feeling them coalesce, the world feels like it's shifting out of its frame into a more colorful one. Feel nauseous as hell and go to the bathroom. Ends up being ok, but already can hear all the sounds around me reverberate and recede, like theyíre all coming from the other end of a tunnel.

T1:00-Every surface looks like its covered in colorful graffiti, scribbly handstyles and big cool looking pieces. This is cool as hell, I feel so full of energy. I close my eyes and sink into incredibly colorful and spectacular CEVís, the only description could be glorious and divine, like a blast of sun coming through stained glass, like a rainbow reflected on polished gold or the grace of the sky, it was immense geometric shapes and structures, humbling in their size, I felt like a miniscule speck flitting among these expressions of pure beauty and grace, this was great.

T1:20-I felt like I was struck with a bolt of energy, I arched my back I ran in place I just wanted to and could do anything I was so euphoric I was so spectacularly explosive with energy. I felt the fire of life, it was the same feeling a super high dose of acid gave me- I just had so much life in me I was a miraculous being made of self replicating molecules, and the innate duty to exist was born from that. Survival was the most important thing one could do, in the face of entropy that crushes all. Etc. etc I wanted to run and scream. I went downstairs. The stairs turned into colorful rectangles splitting in every direction. I clung to the rail and rain down as fast as I could. I see my roommate and shout something silly and incoherent to him and then run into the backyard. I feel like an animal I run and jump and go wild back there.

T1:50-I need to turn up the ritualistic ridiculousness of this. I put on the freaky mask I made and wrap myself shirtless in a soft blanket. I run outside after shouting something freaky to my roommate again. I ask him if he wants to watch me go wild or something. I get to the backyard and blast music and shake and writhe and dance in the most absolutely absurd way possible, I had absolutely no qualms with being ridiculous I was alive and that was all that mattered, we had a conversation that I vaguely remember, I said personal stuff to him I think and likewise, I remember curling on the ground and shouting ďI wanna die dudeĒ a lot, and bemoaning the fact that I canít always feel this way. I feel like Iím in my own little sanctuary, that none of the world exists around me.

T2:20-We go back inside. I curl up on the couch in my mask. Weeeee I am still shaking like wild, I still see graffiti everywhere along with other stripey patterns. My mom texts me, completely out of the blue, with ďwhat are you doing?Ē. I am going back home to see them tomorrow but it's 11 PM and this has no context, which realllly freaks me out. I start getting super paranoid. Was I shouting in the backyard? Was she somewhere within earshot, spying on me? (this isnít beyond her which is what really gave this some credence, sheís done things similar before). I just donít reply and decide I'll just respond when Iím down but I'm still pretty freaked out. I still just have so much pent up energy. I want to scream so badly. I ask my roommates if I can scream. I scream at the top of my lungs, throat shredding screams. First I do this in the hallway upstairs, but decide that isnít good. I run to the basement, lie on the ground mask and all, and just let loose with shrieks, screams of life or anguish or something. I realized later how obnoxious this mustíve been.

T2:50-I go back to my room and ride out the spectacular visuals for longer. More of the same rainbow stuff, defies description, no words can give credit to their beauty and the beauty of being lost in them. It was an experience that warrants a lot of words but itíd honestly just get tedious to describe them/I donít recall them very much. I lied here with this for awhile.

T3:30-I go back downstairs. I am starting to come down from the 2C-B at least. Still feel numb and spacey from the MXE. Sit downstairs and watch half of American Psycho with my roommate.

T6:00-Mostly down, only with afterglow now.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107739
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Sep 13, 2016Views: 1,558
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2C-B (52) : Alone (16), Combinations (3)

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