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Undershooting with Special-K
by dankskank
Citation:   dankskank. "Undershooting with Special-K: An Experience with Ketamine (exp107695)". Jan 18, 2016.

56 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


Background: Healthy, casual psychonaut. Average diet and exercise. Prior familiarity with a wide range of psychoactives spanning ten years of use.

Set/Setting: I'm in my apartment with one of my roommates. We use Marquis reagent to test for adulterants (since we don't have any other reagents presently) and no reaction takes place- exactly what's supposed to happen with Marquis + Ketamine. Going with the 'suggested method' of ingesting, I weighed out ~56mg of Ketamine crystals with a gemini-20 scale. Crushed the crystals with a plastic card and then chopped them down with a razor, gathering it all into one line.

Going into the experience, I'm in a relatively neutral mood. I was stressed and anxious before I prepared the line, but found myself more calm as I anticipated trying K for the first time.

9:06pm- Insufflation occurs (approx. half of the line in each nostril). I feel only the slightest tingling/burning sensation. As I'm waiting to feel the effects, I revisit [site] to see how long the onset takes. About six minutes later, I start to notice the first perceptible changes. At first I feel slightly stimulated- sharper perception and mental clarity. I also feel slightly cold, so I get up to grab a hoodie. As I'm walking, I'm attentive to any perceptible changes that are catalyzed by motion. So far, not much to note.

9:17pm- Over the course of the next ten minutes, the full effect sets in, though I find myself wondering “is this it?” I start to feel mild dissociation from my body and environment. Visually, I notice only what I characterize as a sort of “lag”. It seems like my eyes don't quite focus on anything as I'm moving them around. No patterns or visual distortions of any kind beyond the lag effect, however.

As I'm waiting for euphoria or any sort of feel good to kick in, I'm reminded of a DXM experience I had where there was no 'feel good'- just dissociation. At the peak of this ketamine experience, I'm feeling very emotionally neutral- no euphoria and no distress. I feel very mildly nauseous (probably because I didn't wait long enough after eating last). Overall, I only feel dissociated, mildly numb and a little 'derpy'. No stimulation effects any longer.

Subjectively, I'm wondering why people do K if this is what it feels like.
Subjectively, I'm wondering why people do K if this is what it feels like.
It's novel, but not exactly fun to me. I don't feel like dancing, I don't feel talkative (in fact, speaking is a slight chore) and I don't feel giddy or euphoric. Just detached and somewhat numb as if I had done some neutered coke- all the numb without the 'up'.

About 30 minutes in, I start re-researching doses/effects to corroborate my experience and realize that I probably under-dosed (or that I got some weak shit) and that it's gonna take maybe double the amount of more to achieve any of the 'fireworks' I was prepared to encounter. Speech is still slightly difficult, motor function is very slightly impaired and vision is still lagging slightly. I feel as if I would fall asleep if I closed my eyes right now.

10:33 is the time I begin writing this report and I'm feeling a sense of relief that I'm coming back into non-dissociated consciousness (with DXM being my only other experience with a similar drug, I can't say that I'm especially keen for dissociative experiences unless they're dmt/lsd/mushroom/etc based). The trip wasn't especially positive or negative, though I plan on trying again on a fully empty stomach next time because I hate being distracted by trying to gauge whether or not I need to puke. I also intend to take a considerably higher dose next time because I don't feel any good reason to repeat the dose used for this experience.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 107695
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Jan 18, 2016Views: 14,516
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