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More Intense, Long to Come On, Lasts Longer
by Jonathan_L
Citation:   Jonathan_L. "More Intense, Long to Come On, Lasts Longer: An Experience with 2C-P (exp107674)". Erowid.org. Jan 8, 2016. erowid.org/exp/107674



General Information about 2C-P

2C-P is indeed one of the most interesting substituted phenethylamines that I have had the privilege to bioassay on myself.

2C-P is nearly identical to 2C-E and 2C-D, only difference, respectively, is a propyl, ethyl or a methyl functional group attached to the 4th carbon on the phenyl ring, from an ordinary 2C-H molecule. Effects produced by these three drugs are very similar, only differing by dose taken, onset of action, intensity and duration.

2C-P is by far the most intense of the three, also requiring several hours to reach peak levels in the brain, and lasting much longer overall. In my experience, 2C-P takes approximately 90 - 180 minutes before any alerts can be detected.
In my experience, 2C-P takes approximately 90 - 180 minutes before any alerts can be detected.
Noticeable surges, and acceleration of effects, are expected while rising to the peak. Visuals always begin with my eyes closed, simple geometry at first, eventually progressing into complex 3 dimensional shapes, objects, transforming in an ever-changing rainbow of colours. Beautiful. Music is very enjoyable while rising, and synesthesia of the senses is very exciting.

Before long, I will have reached the peak of the experience, most likely 300 minutes after ingestion. Visuals become very intense, open and closed eyed scenery merge into one view. Body load will have been at its worse, and most likely disappeared by the 5th hour. Strong nausea, and vomiting are expected. Pupils dilate, very strong sexual desire, overwhelming amazement at the current situation. No appetite, surges of energy, difficulty performing simple tasks. Any ordinary bodily sensations will be severely impaired.

The peak will last from a minimum of 300 minutes, and can last for over 12 hours. Once coming down, expect another 12 - 24 hours to return to baseline. This is very dose sensitive. The higher the dose taken, the longer the duration, with more powerful effects.

0.5 mg : I have tested smaller doses during titration, however 500 micrograms was the first level I can qualify as a +1.

1mg : Threshold effects. Nothing special.

2mg : Still threshold. Minimal effects. No visuals, no bodyload. No doubt +1 every time.

5mg : Things begin to get interesting at this dose. Psychedelic effects become more apparent, as does the body load. +2. I wouldn't eat 5mg while having any responsibility outside of my place, within the next 24 hours.

10mg : This is the +3 zone. Prepare to trip. Any food you have eaten in the last 8 hours will most likely cause you to vomit. I'd rate this as an average dose for an average tripper. Not for inexperienced users, nor for the irresponsible. Returning to baseline requires maybe 24 hours, not bad at all.

15mg : This is not for the timid. OEVs can dominate the visual senses, making ordinary chores impossible, if not dangerous. Hallucinations can occur, sounds, visuals and feeling. Only experienced users must dare to go on such a trip. Full effects will be felt at this dose, as well the body load.

20mg : Only the most responsible, safe, and open minded people can embark on such a quest like this. The psychedelic experience can be so intense, even the most experienced of us can be terrorized by the sights and memories of such of magnificent dimension. The trip exceeds 24 hours, returning to baseline at about the 48th hour. Full effects are intensified and lengthened at this dose.

25mg : I have only done this once. I required over 80 hours to return to baseline, peak lasted over 12 hours, which was a +4 the whole time. This dose is both crazy, and divine. Expect nothing less than heaven and hell, angels and demons, complete synesthesia, quantum computer thinking. Extreme caution!!!

Everybody reacts differently to every chemical. Do not believe anything I have wrote, do your own research!!! 2C-P will synergize very strongly with many other drugs, especially prescription drugs. I have had great fortune combining 2C-E or 2C-P with many tryptamines, mainly 5-MeO-MiPT. Amphetamines and antidepressants must be avoided at all costs!!!! Combining amphetamines with substituted phenethylamines will lead to serotonin poisoning. Combining them with antidepressants (prescription included) will lead to serotonin poisoning.

These are all just guidelines, and opinions, based on my own personal experience, using drugs for the exploration of the mind. Everybody has the right to seek information regarding safe substance use! Please promote reports like this, to help educate others and save lives.

Some tips from me before tripping:
Never use drugs during the week.
Always plan to use drugs in advance.
Make sure to get a good night sleep.
Skip breakfast, and make an entire day out if it.
Never trip alone, nor with an idiot.
Always check for news online about said drug.
Invest in accurate measuring equipment.

Thank you very much.
25 years old, 150 lbs.
Jonathan L.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 107674
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Jan 8, 2016Views: 1,794
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