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The Sacrament
by Sweet Galenas
Citation:   Sweet Galenas. "The Sacrament: An Experience with Mescaline (exp107600)". Jul 16, 2020.

T+ 0:00
200 mg oral Mescaline (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:40 200 mg oral Mescaline (powder / crystals)


Concerning Nootropics

About two weeks ago I started eating noopept, 10 mg orally daily, to help me focus on my studies. I found it helpful. I stopped taking it three days ago. I only mention this since nootropics such as noopept and piracetam have been discussed as potentiators for psychedelics.

I found that the noopept helped me focus and it cleared some ”brainfog” but my thinking on noopept became too rational and I found myself emotionally detached from other people. I sense a connection between brainfog and empathy. I did not notice any negative withdrawal symptoms from noopept (other than my fuzzy feelings returning).

This has been my first time with mescaline so I can’t say if the psychedelic state was affected by the noopept. I have nothing to compare with. Although, I want to say that in comparison with the “clear but cold” rational mental state on noopept, the Mescaline sometimes felt overly fuzzy. It didnt matter how deep my trips went or what kind of menacing psychological sidetracks came looming, the experience was coated in a numbing, somewhat euphoric, anesthetising high and I missed the clarity of LSD at some points. I generally find LSD to have sharper edges, if that makes any sense. I think the anaesthesia may have helped ease my hunger for food. The euphoria felt more like opiate euphoria than say MDMA.

The experience

I have just turned in my work before Christmas holiday. The weekend has been cleared for winding down and trying mescaline. I have researched extensively prior. I have not done any test to identify the substance but I am still confident. My girlfriend is also present. She is not taking anything. She is not guiding or sitting in any ordinary sense. She is a sober person in the next room working on her bachelor thesis.

My main intention is to deal with lingering sadness from dealing with grief. A rough secondary intention is to explore the mescaline space. I’m on my couch. The sun is up but it is the shortest day of the year, which means it will be dark around 15.00. I have an eye mask, good headphones and some water ready.

Yesterday was a mellow day. I went for a run, meditated and read. I had a pizza at 19.00 and then some camomile tea later in the evening. Next time I will probably have something lighter to eat. I slept well and woke up at 08.00.

09.00 – I mix 200 mg of mescaline hcl with water. It tastes bitter so I have a sip of orange juice to chase it. That’s it. No breakfast.

09.15 – Starting to feel nausea.

09.30 – I feel energized. My limbs tremor and I feel waves of chills. I feel sensitive to sound. I have a glass of rollaid (samarin, where I come from).

09.40 – I drink another 200 mg mixed with water.

09.50 – Nausea seems to have been relieved by the rollaid. I know mescaline is supposed to come on slow. I try to read to pass the time. I’m reading The Lord of The Rings. The page where I open up the book is the introduction of Smeagol. I find it laden with symbolic meaning and I can only read a paragraph before it gets too heavy. I recognize the stage of transgressing into a different state. I surrender and ask for the mescaline to take me.

10.15-30 – My muscles feel sore when I walk or stretch. I usually exercise daily so I know what is good soreness and weird soreness. My thoughts are wandering but not racing. I feel the mescaline working on my brain. I hear creaking of valves cracking and old rusty parts starting to move. I imagine the mescaline is reaching out into every nook and cranny but it may just be air inside my cranium. Time feels like it’s moving slower but it is a sensation that only lasts a couple of minutes. I have read somewhere that this feeling is common so I wave it aside. I’m starting to sense the nature of this substance and It feels good. I feel ready to dive into the mescaline space.

10.45 – Nausea is back. Its annoying. If it wasn’t for the nausea things would be perfect now. What to do? I try to relax, breath and think that I don’t have to do anything and that the nausea will pass. There are some visual hallucinations but the main show is in my perception of the room. I see things melting or making wavy motions and if I look out the window I find myself staring at a birch across the lawn. It has a lot of information rather than morphing qualities or turning into fractals.

11.20 – I feel like I’m inside a trip report.

11.30 – Eye mask comes on. I see snakes and things I was expecting to see. I wonder how much of the visual impressions is actually immanent in the mescaline or stuff that I have heard about before. Who can tell?

11.50 – The trips does not manifest themselves in any geometrical pattern or otherwise classic form. It feels more like a void. Motions manifest like wifts of smoke or just a breeze. It is very clear that something other is there, I just can’t see it. This may sound scary but it wasn’t.

12.00 – I ask my girlfriend out for a fika in the kitchen. Fika means sitting down and having coffee, talking. I have a glass of orange juice. Conversation is ok but incoherent. I’m enthusiastic.

12.15 - The orange juice in my stomach is very present. The mescaline gets angry with me and says “hey, didn’t we have a deal that it was just you and me down here?”. I’m like hey, It’s orange juice. Relax.

13.00 – I’m still feeling nauseous. I go to the bathroom and expect to purge. Nothing happens. I feel like I’m missing out on the important part of purging. It becomes an issue. I tell myself not to force it. If it happens it happens. I notice my motor skills are heavily affected. I walk as if I was drunk and I feel a pull towards the couch.

15.00 – From my research I had gotten the impression that mescaline would be milder than other classical psychedelics. I clearly got that wrong. This goes deep and I am completely enveloped in it. My ego is softened but not dismantled.
This goes deep and I am completely enveloped in it. My ego is softened but not dismantled.
I get a major religious experience from listening to Björks Vulnicura and Faures Reqieum. I consider myself agnostic but I cant help feeling a divine presence. I recognise the mescaline as a holy sacrament. I feel the presence of dead loved ones. I don’t like to visit graves but I feel comfortable meeting them here. With my mask on I feel them in the room. I hold their hands. Again, I think the fuzzy stoned feeling is holding back my ability to reason with this religious thing.

17.20 – My girlfriend and me have a picnic outside. I is dark and the moon is out. I drink tea and slowly eat fruit. This is the first thing I have had to eat for 22 hours. I also have a cinnamon bun. It feels good.

18.00 – It reacts well to Astor Piazzola. It’s a South American thing.

19.30 – We have dinner and talk. At this point I feel a stoned with a slight headache, probably due to tension in my neck from lying down on the couch all day and or dehydration.

20.30 – I talk to my father on the phone. No problem conversing.

23.30 – I go to bed. Read a little before falling asleep without any problem.

The next day

I sleep well but I am fatigued the whole day. The stoned feeling lingers until about 18.00. My brain feels sore and my neck is a bit stiff. I feel like I have done a lot of hard work. My usual craving for sweets is gone. I feel more connected to my girlfriend and other people.


I appreciate the appeal to fast. The idea to properly prepare one day ahead is generally a good thing with most psychedelics but it is often neglected. I think that it would be possible to have the experience without fasting but there is a point to it that doesn’t have to do with the intensity of the effect on empty or full stomach. I think the point of fasting is about focus. If metabolism is brought to a minimum then there is only yourself and the mescaline. Like I said, the hunger seems to be relieved by the mescaline. I never felt hungry.

I thought fasting was about increasing effect and shortening the come up. Next time I will probably have something lighter than pizza and give the day before even more focus.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107600
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31 
Published: Jul 16, 2020Views: 3,611
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