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Two Failed Experiments
bk-2C-B & 'Bath Salts'
by Dazer
Citation:   Dazer. "Two Failed Experiments: An Experience with bk-2C-B & 'Bath Salts' (exp107576)". Jan 5, 2016.

T+ 0:00
150 mg oral BK-2C-B  
  T+ 1:00 2 lines insufflated Products - Bath Salts, Plant Food, etc (powder / crystals)


Iím a 200lb 23 year old male with an athletic frame. I have used DMT, ayahuasca, muscimol mushrooms, marijuana, bufotenin, LSA- pure as well as morning gloryís and baby wood rose, LSD, DXM, as well as many, many unsuccessful others like yopo, sinicuichi, etc.

Iím just starting out in the research scene, so far Iíve only used MDAI extensively, and loved it.

First Experiment

I had just received my product from a UK vendor in the form of 100mg pellets. I knew I couldnít wait to try, despite having exams for college tomorrow. I though, shit it's only 7pm Iíll be fine by tomorrow.

So I downed 200mg with a hearty glass of grapefruit juice on an empty stomach. I studied until my wife was ready for bed, then lay down next to her.

By 9pm the euphoria was full force.

10pm comes around and Iím very disoriented, dizzy and sweaty. Nausea is coming in tinges. My eyes are struggling to focus on the same point
Nausea is coming in tinges. My eyes are struggling to focus on the same point
, I often go cross-eyed or cock-eyed against my will. This is very concerning.

11pm, I am very sweaty, uncontrollably going in and out of consciousness. In my unconscious states I am having terrifying nightmares of death and dying. I can feel my heart beating slower than usual during my wakeful states. With my eyes open, the darkened room is full of color, DMT-like visuals saturate my open eye view space. The ceiling fan is nothing but fractals. The white walls are like tv screens where Mandelbrot patterns are shifting and changing in speed, color and shape aggressively. The room no longer has shape, the ceiling and walls are indistinguishable, the ceiling fan floats awkwardly by itself, fractaling outwards, seemingly coming towards me. At this point, I go unconscious again, presumably from overstimulation.

1am I wake up very disoriented, kidneys on fire, nausea very intense, but quickly fades. Waves of euphoria more intense than before. I sit up in bed because I have to piss. My right eye feels funny and my vision seems obstructed. I crawl out of bed and the visuals ease up enough that I can wander to the bathroom. I get there, and find my dog sleeping on the shower mat. I was quite happy to see her, and she greeted me excitedly. I relieve myself, and go to wash my hands. Looking up into the mirror, I see the right side of my face is very swollen. Now Iím like ďshit I just took a drug Iím allergic to. Fuck fuck fuck.Ē I take a max strength Benadryl, grab a water bottle and stagger back to bed. Still increasingly more intense waves are washing over me.

At this point, I stop bothering with time, as I can no longer read the clock. My face has reduced in size, much to my relief. My kidneys still burn, which bothers me. The room is once again unintelligible in the sea of fractals and color. My internal dialog is moving from topic to topic, reminding me of what an asshole I am for doing drugs around Christmas time.

I decide to lighten the mood by watching a few funny YouTube videos and finally fall asleep. I have dreams that the US Navy is excavating my hometown to find an ancient temple that supposedly proves gods existence. The only problem, is in my dream it's Saturday, and the Navy said its going to wait until Monday to finish. Even in my dreams uncle Sam is lazy.

I wake up late the next morning, still tripping face, knowing I need to get to school to take my exam. I get ready in a hurry, still feeling strong euphoria, but with mild visuals. I get in my car and make the 20 minute drive to my college, get to class (late as hell) and sit down. My instructor hands me a copy of the exam without a word. I cant read hardly anything on the exam, so I Christmas tree everything. The words on the page are moving and dancing, the letters are unrecognizable. The sheet of paper was transitioning through every color in the rainbow. I remember thinking ďthis is hilarious.Ē I failed the shit out of that exam. I hope I didnít fail the class.

I got home and chilled with my wife, helped my dad with some work around his place, and overall had an awesome day, except for when I lost my car keys in the woods and had to spend two hours looking for them while tripping. This was hard, as the grass and the leaves were transforming and changing colors, even as I interacted with them.

Overall, scary as shit and quite unpleasant. I had to piss like 8 times that night, plus all the scares about my health. the very end was pleasant though.

Second Experiment:


Took 150 mg across one and a half pellets of pre-measured bk-2C-B, dinking it down with coke on an empty stomach. The pellets were slightly pink, indicating they had dimerized in a humid alkaline environment. I wasnít worried, as I actually wanted a lighter trip and the loss of potency was actually desired


Remembered I have an errand to run for my dad, quickly load up and drive to take care of it, I know I have about another hour before anything starts to happen.


Driving back from town, I feel my scalp and back tingling ever so gently. Get home and insufflate 2 small lines of bath salts, they hurt for like 10 seconds, and I carry a water bottle to wash down the drip.


Good euphoria coming on, thoughts are becoming tranquil. Face and fingers are going numb and tingly. One of our neighbors stops by to chat with my wife, an older lady whose son just joined the Army. She tells me I should join the Army, as Iím prior service Navy and my wife and I are struggling to get by. Later she tells me the local drug task force has openings, and I should apply. I feel a strong sense of irony. I had no trouble holding conversation despite the dilated pupils and ever-increasing numbness and euphoria.


Euphoria is strong, still increasing. Fingers are getting shaky, possibly from the bath salts. Typing and thinking of things to type are both getting more difficult.


Things seem very much the same, the effects of the bath salts are tapering off, and Iím getting used to typing in my altered state. Having conversations with my wife and helping take care of the baby is easy.


Things are finally starting to get trippy. The room seems to be spinning gently, and while going outside to smoke, my eyes were chasing patterns on the trees I can only see on the corners of my vision. No direct visuals yet. my skin is crawling. My daughter woke up from a nap, and we are enjoying each otherís company, playing and talking. One of my friends came over because his little brother broke the ps4 controller I lent him and he wanted another. I gave him one and sent him on his way.


The trip is going pretty much nowhere from here. In the rest of the evening, there is no increase in visuals. A strong desire to sleep is prevalent. I cooked an alligator tail Iíve been saving in my freezer as a pick me up, as Iím very disappointed the trip failed to launch. In hindsight, I should have seen this coming, as I took dud pellets on purpose. I was just hoping for a little more bang, but I guess I should be grateful anything happened at all.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107576
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Jan 5, 2016Views: 3,320
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bk-2C-B (618) : Alone (16), General (1)

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