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A College Student's Best Friend
by GreatWallofNose
Citation:   GreatWallofNose. "A College Student's Best Friend: An Experience with 2-Fluoromethamphetamine (exp107511)". Nov 23, 2016.

40 mg oral 2-Fluoromethamphetamine (capsule)


I'm now have done 2-FMA about 40 times and believe I have enough knowledge of its effects to write a report. Mindset before ingestion has varied widely though I believe 2-fma is wonderful at elevating my mood out of a bad mood and into a happy, euphoric and stimulated one.

-0:15 – about 15 minutes before I ingest a capsule of 40-50mg 2-fma I like to heavily hydrate myself. I have had a problem with headaches and migraines for a couple years now and I quickly realized (after my first ever dose of 2-fma) that I will get a headache while on this substance if I haven’t drunken enough water that day.
I will get a headache while on this substance if I haven’t drunken enough water that day.

0:00 – I pop the 2-fma with the help of some water

+0:15 – I start to feel some minimal effects mainly just a euphoric feeling and a smile on my face

+0:30-40 – all effects are pretty much present at this point. Happy, euphoric feeling, pretty talkative and generally happy with my state of consciousness at this point. I’ll go out of my way to do things for people and minor inconveniences seem to melt away. This feeling to me is similar to the feeling I get on 4-FA but diluted a little bit. I’ll be much more outgoing around people I don’t personally know (saying hello to random people on the street for example). Additionally there is plenty stimulation to help me do my work.

+2:00 – Many Euphoric feelings seem to wash away at this point but stimulation is still very present and I can continue to grind on my work. I still have a tendency to be more talkative but not as severe as the come up.

+5-6:00 – I’ve found that around 5 or 6 hours after ingestion almost all of the effects start to wear off. I am still left with a minor stimulation but I can feel my lack of attention begin to creep in.

I haven’t drastically raised or decreased my dosage ever so I’ve always sat around the 40-50mg range. I picked this dose initially because it was an easy amount to measure out into capsules and it seemed like a range that last a good amount of the day without the need or want to redose.

Interestingly enough I have found that there was a little bit of a “comedown” or “hangover” on the same day of ingestion. This comedown could be described as a little bit restless, not in the sense that I couldn’t sleep but sort of this uneasy feeling because it felt like my body was worn out but my mind wasn’t. I think this was also related to the dose because as I have become more tolerant of this dose that has completely faded away.

I try to not take 2-fma too late into the night. For me anytime after 7 or 8 is probably not a good idea if I want to go to sleep by 1-2am that night. Additionally I should probably not take this substance more than 2-3 times a week and try to only use it when I CANT PAY ATTENTION. Otherwise there is a possibility that I would become addicted and too tolerant of its effects.

2-FMA is a wonderful RC and I’m disappointed that it has now become harder to obtain. As a college student I have found this to be extremely helpful for finishing long projects and presentations. Many of my friends have all tried this RC as well and they report to me that it is a clean stimulant and describe it as “like Adderall but more euphoric”. I’d like to note that for a couple of my friends Adderall worked for them but 2-FMA seemed to have minimal effects. If it seems like this report has gone on for too long its because I’m writing this while on 2-fma 

Below I’m going to create my own list of effects that I notice.

Positive: Euphoria, Talkative, Clean Stimulation, focus, increased interest
Negative: Minor hangover (uncommon), restlessness at night, possibility of redose

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107511
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Nov 23, 2016Views: 7,591
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