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Oral Overdose
by TheChemist
Citation:   TheChemist. "Oral Overdose: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe (exp107504)". Jul 5, 2016.

80 mg oral 25C-NBOMe (capsule)



Previous Experience: 30+ psychedelics and entactogens (RCs and classics), you name it Iíve probably done it.

Iíve had 2C-C a few times before, and enjoyed the relaxing experience aspect that is unique to it. I also learned that I seemed to require a higher dose than everyone else, and found 80-100mg to be perfect for me, where as most others had strong experiences with just 30-50mg of the same batch.

I obtained a new batch of 2C-C (I did not know this at the time, but it was mislabeled, and was actually 25C-NBOMe. Due to the experience outlined below, I sent a sample to be GC/MS tested which confirmed it to be 99%+ pure 25C-NBOMe).


I weighed out 80mg for myself and 50mg for my friend (250lb female, early 40s). The white powder was placed in a gelatin capsule and consumed orally.

T+0:30 - I start to feel mild effects, color shifting, and some of the relaxation I was coming to expect. My partner however was very anxious, and kept telling me it felt like it was going to develop into something that was more intense than she wanted.

T+1:00 - The psychedelic quality is stronger than I thought it would be at this dose, but I find it extremely enjoyable. Iím relaxed, my feel like my usual muscle tension is simply gone, and Iím enjoying the world around me through the lens of the drug. Iím seeing pretty strong color shifts and everything is wavy. My balance is slightly off, but I am able to walk without too much difficulty. My friendís experience is developing in to something very unpleasant. She reports ďseeing colors between the colorsĒ, increased body tension and is starting to get fearful. I try to calm her, but canít help smiling due to how much Iím enjoying the experience. I feel bad for her, and wish the drug was doing for her what it was doing for me.

T+2:30 - This seems to be the peak. Iím still enjoying the hell out of it, we went outside and sat on the driveway because my friend reported the smells from the bathroom overwhelming her, no matter where in the house we went. The only way to avoid it seemed to be the fresh air outside. I watch the leaves and twigs dance and swirl and smile as I watch the ground shift colors and shape. I still feel relaxed and slightly euphoric. My friendís experience remains very negative. She's scared and trying hard to hold it together. She tells me she has definitely ODíd, but that she didnít feel it was life threatening. We remain outside for several hours until the effects start to come down, only going inside occasionally for refreshments and to use the bathroom, which she reports to be an overwhelmingly disgusting experience.

T+6:00 - We finally decide to go back inside, the smells are no longer an issue for my friend, Iím still in a relaxed state but the visuals arenít as intense as they were.

T+8:00 - I expected the effects to be completely gone as this point, but my friend and I are still seeing mild trails and visual distortions. We would like to sleep, but canít, so we both take 20mg of diazepam to induce sleep, which effectively knocks us both out until the next morning. No after effects were noted the next day.

Due to the unusually long duration and intensity of my experience, I questioned if what we had was actually 2C-C, and decided to have it tested. I suspected it may have in fact been 25C-NBOMe due a previous experience with 25C; and it turns out I was right. If this substance was orally active, my friend and I would possibly both be dead, and Iím thankful the experience was as mild as it was (despite being pretty strong). I am very careful when weighing out my doses and pouring them in to capsules, but I cannot be 100% certain that the effects we experienced were due to residue outside of the capsule or that 25C-NBOMe is actually orally active at high doses. Either way, I do not intend to take any large quantity of any NBOMe orally ever again. Doing so is dangerous, and Iím thankful that we are both still alive.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 107504
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Jul 5, 2016Views: 2,880
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25C-NBOMe (540) : Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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