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My Day With STP
Citation:   Morninggloryseed. "My Day With STP: An Experience with DOM (exp107437)". Nov 26, 2015.

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4 mg oral DOM (powder / crystals)
Dose: 4mg DOM
Taken at 8:30am.
Fell asleep at 3:00am the next morning. Duration.....14-18hr.

My Day With STP

After my iboga experience I was invited to California to continue on my journey. The trip out West really congealed the insights, visions, and love from my ibogaine treatment into the person I am now. Sure, I still have a lot of things I am working on but I really do love the person I am today. And I see the love reflected in those around me. Thank you Universe!

A few days after returning home from California I woke up and decided to try the DOM. The taste of DOM was interesting…it tasted very similar to 2C-D but with a sharper ‘methanol’ taste. Probably just ‘chemical suggestion’ but then wine connoisseurs all claim to notice the most seemingly minor components.


0.0 4mg of DOM taken about 8:30am.

45min – I note a definite alert. Nothing more at this point beyond the awareness of something inside of me.

1.20 – Clearly I have taken a phenethylamine psychedelic. No visual effects yet, but the mind is spinning with energy.

1.40 – Visual effects are noted. Mostly of the ‘generic PEA’ type…nothing I haven’t seen before. I’d list the level as a +1.

2.20 – Not much more than before. DOM lives up to its legends as a long, slow developing trip.

3.00 – Effects seem fully developed. If I had to qualify the action of DOM, I’d say it is a hybrid between the LSD experience, and the 2C-E experience. Like LSD, DOM is extremely penetrating…it ‘gets into everything.’ Unlike LSD, there is no feeling of ‘holiness’ or ‘universal profoundness.’ My thoughts are fairly centered on the emotional, human level…instead of the spiritual, godly level. However, the mind is racing and it is difficult for me to gain any insights. I try hard to meditate and let go, but the body load makes it very difficult.

Some impressions: Wow, DOM is no joke. I measured out 8mg, then (thankfully) divided the dose in half and ate 4mg. Man, DOM is STRONG. It has a PUSH. Most of the time I sat imagining how TERRIBLE it would have been to have taken 5X the amount I did...I am pretty sure I would have lost my mind too if I thought it was LSD. And (as the literature suggests) it takes a good 4-5hr to build up to a peak. Also the term psychotomimetic came to be honest this word more approximated my state of mind that 'psychedelic.'

My state of mind was good, the setting was perfect but at the end of the day...I can honestly comment that I would never take DOM again. Visually, it can't compare to 2C-T-7...mentally LSD has it beat, I was also sick to my stomach most of the upset my belly in the typical PEA fashion but the insights, visuals, body feeling, etc never made it worthwhile. It really reminded me of 2C-E the that it was SUPER intense but mostly neutral in emotion with a tendency to go to the negative/scary. 2C-E really felt like DOM condensed down to about 3/4 the length of time.

And the PUSH I mentioned earlier...yup this was speedy. Ibogaine was never speedy, LSD is never really speedy, but STP has me cranked on max. There was nothing at all in common with mescaline; there really was not a single component to the DOM experience that reminded me of the warm, earthy glow of mescaline hcl. To me, DOM and 2C-E are closest in nature to the LSD experience

A theme came out of the DOM experience. Patience. Before iboga, I was a patient person. I was content to wait till the end of time for anything, including the things I knew to be important to my own psycho and spiritual development. I was so patient that life literally became something I put on hold, as I exercised my patience towards my own self destructive tendencies.

Now I find I lack patience. Am I impatient because life is short, and I seemingly wasted so much of mine? I especially notice my lack of patience in the aspect of how I treat my friends. I know in life we all evolve at different rates, but post iboga I find myself trying to share the joys of healthy living, healthy eating, and healthy drugging, etc to everyone around me; frustration ensures when the knowledge I want to share is taken in by one ear and out the other.

So what to do next? Learn patience and move to the next level. I can’t wait to see where life will take me next.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 107437
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37
Published: Nov 26, 2015Views: 15,511
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