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A Dive Into Daily Smoking
Salvia divinorum ('80x extract') & Cannabis
by Sky3
Citation:   Sky3. "A Dive Into Daily Smoking: An Experience with Salvia divinorum ('80x extract') & Cannabis (exp107300)". Nov 8, 2015.

  smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
    smoked Cannabis  


I'd like to share my expirament with smoking salvia extract. I did a documented expirament where I smoked salvia 3 times a day for about 36 days and had very odd results. I heard Terrance McKenna say salvia has a negative tolerance so the more you smoke the weirder it gets so I was all in!

Some background on me: I was very inexpirienced with any substance coming out of highschool and had never had any drug but the one time I tried to smoke my dads oxy pills one day (to no avail obviously). But I was always very interested In mind altering substances. I'm now 21 and have had some entheogens like liberty cap mushrooms and a few other naturals and countless salvia endeavors. I have also smoked cannabis about 3 to 5 times daily for years due to serious stomach problems and I love dabbing Rick Simpson oil. So I'm a body high kinda guy.

Anyways I had never heard of anyone's report having an array of salvia trips so I'll share some of the trips I have written down and the result of the testing after a little more than a month.

My first salvia experience was like nothing I had ever heard of, I had bought some 60x and a glass pipe from a head shop the day I got my license because I was eager for an ego death, not knowing that term at the time having never been high on anything. I got my spoon pipe and loaded a nice bowl, and took about 3 deep hits holding them in as long as I could. What came next was nothing short of life changing. I was thrown into space and saw a planet rushing towards my scape of vision. As I blasted through the atmosphere into a green hill landscape, I could see a sea of these orange tubes like the green Mario kind but orange. They had one main tube in the ground and a plus sign made of the orange tube spinning on the side of it like a windmill but on the side. And in the holes were people's faces and they spun while looking into tv screens on the ground and I became one and felt so good to just spin and watch my screen! I was then thrown back into my boring old car in Orange County California and was sad I wasn't able to stay.

The last time of the 36 days of smoking 3 times or more a day ended up being the trip that gave me some gnarly HPPD for a few months.
The last time of the 36 days of smoking 3 times or more a day ended up being the trip that gave me some gnarly HPPD for a few months.
I refuse to blame the shepperdess salvia because she showed I was abusing her visions and if you think plants aren't alive and have an energy go have some ayahuasca or Iboga and shut your mouth. I feel this compound should be treated like DMT.

My last trip went like this : I was in my car in the gym parking lot (keys hidden from myself) figuring what the hell let's have an ego death. I took about 5 deep hits after smoking some bud and I was tossed into a prism of mixing colors where I was torn apart and mixed into this red color wheel and I felt like every atom that made up my body had a needle in it. I came to reality pushing myself against the back window of my car which was a van so I made it pretty far. During the trip I knew it was bad and maybe I didn't reach the threshold and that's why it went bad but for the next few months I developed some serious HPPD which made me quit everything for a while.

I'm not saying that smoking salvia will do this or even smoking it like I did will but I will say that doing this drug daily gave me headaches and it was mentally exhausting after my last trip of the day. But I would do it again! Salvia can be very potent if you aren't expecting it, and I think it's gotten a bad name. You have non trippers trying to get higher than normal and they think LSD and DMT like visuals are bad!! This should be used like DMT, when your ready to have your ego totally obliterated. Also having some shrooms with it's always lengthened the experience for me because it's so quick it can leave me sitting there like dude what the fuck haha and if my ego is already altered it tends to show me a lot more.

That was my story of salvia and I hope this drug gets more recognition for the compound it is because it is so powerful.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 107300
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Nov 8, 2015Views: 1,365
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