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Lesson Learned
Temazepam & Triazolam
Citation:   BrainPain. "Lesson Learned: An Experience with Temazepam & Triazolam (exp107137)". Apr 15, 2016.

  repeated oral Pharms - Triazolam (capsule)
    repeated oral Pharms - Temazepam (capsule)
I'd like to give a short report of an experience I had back when I was a far less educated lad and had much less respect for psychoatives. I hope this will serve as a cautionary tale to others who enjoy benzos or their relatives.

I was 16 and staying with my grandparents on a family vacation. Being away from home, I was quite bored. I also am an insomniac and the 3 hour time difference made it difficult to get to sleep. Just to satisfy my curiosity I had a look in my grandmother's medicine cabinet. To my delight I discovered a full bottles of both triazolam and temazepam. I should note that I had never tried any benzo at this point in my career.

I quickly read up on the two drugs and thought I'd start with the triazolam. I consumed three .25 mg capsules with water having eaten a large meal about 4 hours earlier. I do not remember the exact timeline, but I later ate one more .25 mg capsule within an hour. I remember feeling intensely relaxed and a bit disoriented and eventually collapsing on my bed and sleeping it off. I awoke a bit confused but quickly shook the feeling and went about my day.

The next night I tried the temazepam. I consumed four 7.5 mg capsules and experienced a similar feeling as the night before. However, with the temazepam I was much more relaxed, less disoriented and enjoyed myself a bit longer before succumbing to sleep. I awoke with much confusion and it took about an hour to feel normal.

I felt at this point, as most uneducated drug users do, that I had this shit under control. I was wrong. The next night I started of with two .25 mg triazolam and two 7.5 mg temazepam. I felt good after about 45 minutes but was not satisfied. I had planned to take more if I felt like it so I went to the cabinet and this time grabbed something like 10 out of each of the bottles. Here is where I learned that I have no self control under these drugs. I immediately took two more of each (doubling my dose) and screwed around on my laptop until I could no longer concentrate enough to do so. From here until two days later my memory is basically a jumbled mess.

I vaguely remember taking more of the capsules. Even opening them and dumping the powder into my mouth. In my delirious state I believe I even tried snorting some of the powder (I was aware that this is generally considered less effective). The next thing I remember is being in a car with my parents and brothers drifting in and out of consciousness. I could tell it was daytime but had no idea what was going on and really did not care.

Turns out we were going on a family outing to a space exploration museum. I have no detailed memories of the drive and only remember fragments of stumbling around the park like a drunken idiot. By some miracle, my parents just thought that I was very sleep deprived as this is not uncommon for an insomniac.
I remember that we watched some sort of film, but I'm told that I slept through the whole thing. (Apparently it was really cool. Ha)  After this hour or so nap, my memory and coordination improved greatly.

At this point I began freaking out because I realized that I may have left capsules and/or powder all over the place for my grandparents to discover. I was glad that it was time to leave. To my surprise, the car ride home was 2 hours. The ride there felt like just 10-15 minutes because of how little memory I actually retained. Fortunately I made it home and found that only a small amount of powder was on the sink. After about an hour I found the bag of pills that I had apparently stuffed into a drawer. Only problem was that only 4 of the original 20 remained. I doubt I actually consumed even close to that amount because of my attempts to snort and my general benzo-induced retardation.

After another nights sleep I felt completely back to normal. However, the shame of what I had done still remained. I came closer than I've ever come to ruining my relationship with my family. Worse, I could have potentially died or required medical attention and put my family through a terrible situation. Even after several introspective psychedelic trips, I would still say that this experience  (which I remember so little of) has been perhaps the most educational. I try to avoid benzos and similar drugs now but will admit to trying alprazolam, ambien, ativan,  and valium all with varied success and a number of other close calls. However, nothing has come close to this experience. To all the people who want to explore the beauty of altered consciousness, I absolutely do not discourage this. It is human nature and when done responsibly can provide a relief from stress or a valuable lesson. However, I beg of you to be responsible and think of the potential consequences. Listed below are some tips to have a safe and enjoyable medium to high dose benzo experience.

1. Decide on a dosage guideline beforehand and stick to it. Put the max amount you plan to take in a separate bag and put the others away.
2. Be in a safe environment with good people. You are much more prone to embarrass or injure yourself.
3. Give yourself time to recover. Including the day after if it is a new drug or a high dose.
5. Avoid alcohol. I wouldn't advise drinking on benzos at all but if you must, drink much less than you would normally and don't take an excessive dose.

Great adventures await. Be safe and have fun!

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 107137
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Apr 15, 2016Views: 4,494
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Pharms - Temazepam (159), Pharms - Triazolam (209) : Overdose (29), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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