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Single Use Mysterious Psychosis
by .skitz
Citation:   .skitz. "Single Use Mysterious Psychosis: An Experience with Cannabis (exp107101)". Sep 27, 2015.

  repeated smoked Cannabis
    oral Caffeine
      Pharms - Corticosteroid
      Pharms - Antibiotics


I had a very strange experience while on cannabis which had never happened to me. It was a chillout night with 5 friends, very relaxed set and setting in an isolated house in the woods with a campfire we lit outside.

I have to tell first that I'm a little anxious by nature and was a little bit more than ever because of some personal circumstances. We ate at around 8.30 pm, I only ate some pasta because I always want a light stomach when about to have an intense dose. I relaxed on the bed for approx 30 minutes and then at 11.40pm I put the kettle on the fire to make some coffee. At this time I went out and lit a joint with approximately .3 of weed, very light to ease my anxiety. This was divided by all of us and soon after I [T+00:15] I lit a second joint which weighed .5 in weed.

At this time I run inside the house to drink the coffee I forgot boiling, and I guess all this extra minutes of boiling made it stronger.

I went out and we enjoyed the high for a bit.
[T+00:40] Me and my mate L pack a bowl and divide it.
[T+01:20] At this time I were still high but not enjoying it too much, because my friends (except for my mate L, who is more experienced like me) are laughing on everything and making fun out of everything. I choose this moment to start to set up my pc with Shpongle's Museum of Consciousness playing as a background for a space video that will last an hour as the album. We light a fat 1.5g blunt that is entirely smoked by me and L.
[T+02:00] We light another blunt, and still finish it by ourselves. The video ends and we move into the house.

At around 2 am we go to bed. Everyone starts sleeping except me.
I start getting agitated: the caffeine was still running in my body, and maybe it and the THC interfered with the cortisone/zitromax prescription I was on since the day before. I lose my sensitivity to temperature and regain it about an hour and 10 minutes later, after I wake up again and wash my head with cold water. It was like overheating with paranoical thoughts and very loopy things like 'is this ever going to end'. At around 4am I fall asleep and wake up at 8.30am, have a walk in the woods with the cool air tingling my skin and I am completely normal again.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107101
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Sep 27, 2015Views: 1,491
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Cannabis (1) : Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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