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Rather Perfect
Citation:   EthericBubble. "Rather Perfect: An Experience with 3F-Phenmetrazine (exp107056)". Sep 27, 2015.

T+ 0:00
24 mg oral 3F-Phenmetrazine (capsule)
  T+ 1:10 10 mg insufflated 3F-Phenmetrazine (powder / crystals)
So I received 250mg of this crystal/shard-like chemical this morning. Me and the girlfriend have been after a functional stimulant which is fairly cheap, and fits our criteria. This substance definitely does.

The appearance- similar to shards of mephedrone or ketamine but somewhat powdery, in regards to the fact that it's flat. Very glittery and it gets everywhere if you're not careful.

Read as much as I could on this substance before. I haven't done any other RC stims, only other legal things I've done are Clonazolam, Nifoxipam, and one or 2 other bits. I've done most common illegal substances and use MDMA every few months or so.

Received at 10am-ish, I tried 2mg on the tongue, no adverse reactions.. buut, HOLY CRAP it tastes awful. At first it tastes just like MDMA, but then develops into an even worse taste, that luckily dissipated 15 seconds and a glass of juice later. Had first proper dose at 12:10pm.

10:30am- I had some breakfast (a small bowl of cereal and banana with a glass of orange juice).

12:10pm- I measure out 24mg, carefully examining to make sure that it's not over or under as my scales can occasionally mess up by a few mg. I place it in a normal gel capsule and swallow it with some bottled water.

12:25- Oddly enough I'm starting to feel a little different already... I read other people saying it kicks in quickly but this is very odd haha. Definitely not placebo... it does feel like a very clean, *weak* but mild cocaine high.

12:30- I have a small rush, it feels not too dissimilar from an MDMA rush, but divided by 10. This lasts for about a minute, and feels like butterflies in my chest/stomach and a pleasant dizzying sensation in the head. (Very mild though, don't expect it to feel euphoric).

1pm- After another 5 minutes it developed into a lovely clean mind, a mild amount of energy but I in no way felt like I wanted it to be stronger- I wasn't after a high, I was looking for something that was nice and clean, functional- this was definitely it. I felt very friendly and like I couldn't be bothered with drama- the girlfriend was getting frustrated at the computer as usual, and whereas I'd normally get annoyed and go to another room or ignore her, I talked to her, calmed her down and made her some food. She noticed the extra friendliness too.

1:20pm- After seeing me being ok and explaining to her that it wasn't anything intense, she decided to take a 22mg capsule. I snort 5mg into each nostril- I was still feeling the effects of course, but I wanted to see how it compares to oral dosing. It stings a bit, but not as bad as other people reported- I was clever and crushed mine up into a bit more of a powder like substance before. ;) The sting went after 30 seconds of poking my nose with my finger here and there (not inside, the outside of course).

1:30- Within just a few minutes I started to feel a moderate but noticeable body rush, like mild tingles in most places, specifically feet and the head again. We drink some water. Slight raise in heartbeat but by about 5-10bpm. Only at about 90bpm right now, and I'm feeling very clear in the head, with a small but noticeable amount more energy from the 10mg that was insufflated.

1:45pm- Gf feels the effects, describes them as mild but enjoyable, 'clarity' is the word. She starts to do some drawing as she got the motivation. I'm feeling nice and happy, slight mood lift, no desire to run around and do stuff.

2pm- We have some South Park on, she's drawing but I watch it. I feel a fair bit more amused by the jokes than I normally would.

2:30pm- Effects are declining slightly- I'm surprised at the lack of jaw clenching and calm heartbeat. No dilated pupils either. I feel able to talk and function completely normally, just like I can do jobs twice as quick and happily if they have to be done.

3pm- Main 'peak' effects are gone.

It is now 8pm and I still feel mildly stimulated. I'm glad I didn't redose again as I'm worried I wouldn't be able to get to sleep- this'd be good to dose at 8-10pm if you're looking to stay up into the early morning.

Overall, decent. Here's the main effects for me:
-Quick onset- 10-25 minutes even when taken orally
-Little to no euphoria at doses below 30mg (however I can imagine 30mg insufflated would produce a fair rush).
-Long lasting stimulation- mild but there, 6 hours later. Don't dose after 4pm if you have to get up before 9am the next day.
-Very functional.

I'm going to stick to a dose of 30mg for a good amount to do work with- if I need a boost in the morning, I can imagine this being perfect. I'm very glad I ran across this chemical as I can't say too many bad things about it.
As always, be careful and start low. All the best :)

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107056
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Sep 27, 2015Views: 12,472
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3F-Phenmetrazine (678) : Performance Enhancement (50), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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