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4-Hour Profuse Sweat Dissociation Autopilot
Amanitas - A. muscaria
Citation:   DMT Tom. "4-Hour Profuse Sweat Dissociation Autopilot: An Experience with Amanitas - A. muscaria (exp107030)". Jul 30, 2019.

T+ 0:00
6 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (dried)
  T+ 1:00 4 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (dried)
  T+ 1:40 5 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (dried)

9/13/2015 - dried amanita caps
6g at 7:30pm
4g at 8:30
5g at 9:10
Total: approx 15g in approx 2hr

12 hours ago was my first-time Amanita Muscaria trip. I bought 1oz from an online vendor: Dried A- grade Washington state caps. The 6g cap was dark red, the other two were yellow.

I am a 23-year old healthy male in good physical shape at 5’10” and weighing 175lbs. My favorite recreational substances at the moment are nutmeg and cough gels, which I can only use every so often. Unfortunately I’ve been binge-drinking a few times a week for the past few months. I had to quit weed 5+ years ago because it became a severe crutch and addiction.

I also like to trip alone. This is because I don’t have any friends who trip besides my cousin, who I don’t really see. I am kinda introverted, and sometimes I freak out when I worry about how I’m coming across to other people while high
sometimes I freak out when I worry about how I’m coming across to other people while high
. Most of my friends are just normal, suburban middle-class Christians; we go to church, play volleyball, etc. and some of them are down to get some drinks.

So, back to the Amanita report. In a nutshell, I’m very glad I did this, and also very glad that it’s over. I think I will be VERY careful IF ever doing this again…

THE FOLLOWING EVENTS WERE RECORDED IN REAL-TIME. Also, some clarification is added (around T=14:00), signified by brackets [[ ]].


[[From 7:30 to 9:10, the time during which I dosed, only placebo-like effects were noticed. These included a feeling of “weirdness” when excited and over-thinking about a new drug, and a slight stoned feeling.

~I was somehow able to write this report as the events were happening to me, despite blurred vision and large amounts of sweat dropping onto my smartphone from my face. Writing this report probably helped me hold on to sanity.
Writing this report probably helped me hold on to sanity.
Keeping a cool head during this experience was my #1 priority, it could have turned very frightening or been a radically different experience in a different setting…~]]

9:25pm - Starting to feel a little hazy. a little sweating sensation on the forehead. Sort of feels cold. There are a few [[light]] stomach sensations, but no sign of nausea. Besides the haziness, which is very neutral [[neither pleasant nor unpleasant]], the strongest effect at the moment is feeling like my throat is closing up slightly. Again, not sure what to expect. I can probably keep a cool head no matter what happens. Just felt a wave of excitement at that 5g I just ate.

9:30pm Things have escalated a level. Waves of excitement, nerves and sweat are lightly tugging at me as I continue to keep a cool head. more sweating (can feel a drop running down my leg), more throatiness, and a light tightening sensation in my bladder. I’m glad, this may turn into a full experience.

[[At this point I had to fight off some worry that I’d overdosed, but thankfully I succeeded in fighting it off]]

9:52pm time dilation.... First sign of 'nausea” present (this actually turned out to be not nausea, but a bowel sensation that would later lead to diarrhea). Sweating continues. Definitely feeling some dissociation, but still able to think and hold conversation [[with friends, via text and messenger]]. Everything just seems slower.

10:30pm sitting by my bed after taking shower. Sensations are changed. Vision is blurred, can only read something if less than a foot from my face. I'm feeling this annoying hot and cold sensation and have been pouring swear for awhile now. Tried to pee, feels like there's a lot of pressure, barely anything comes out. No nausea and no convulsions, but feeling twitchy for sure. Feel like taking a crap [[……]] Shit the sweating is just bad. I just took a diarrhea and the trip seems to be building still. Hopefully won't get beyond me this [[ I probably meant “won’t get beyond this point' ]]. Probably shouldn't have taken that last cap [[5g]].

[[At this point, I remember time seeming to pass by very slowly. I took a 1:40sec video of myself talking, and I was having trouble communicating how many grams I’d eaten and at what times. Resisting the urge to get stuck in an infinite panic of insanity became my top priority. In order to focus on this objective, I had to simply stand in one place with my head down, or sit on the toilet, and not worry about anything else. My balance was fine if I stood in one place or walked in a straight line, but moving sideways was impossible. I had already changed clothes once, due to my underwear getting soaked with sweat]].

I'm kinda entering a mental 'box' or perhaps we'll call it 'realm'. My thoughts seem to following these patterns and repeat, and I am conscious of it. They are just think aboutovwbts, kinda incomplete thoughts mixed with imagined behaviors.

[[The sweat pouring off my face caused lots and lots of typing errors that I had to correct, the above sentence being an example of one that escaped correction…]]

10:42pm fighting off thoughts that this is gonna last a long time. [[ I’m ]] On the toilet just sweating and losing more water and thinking about managing this.


10:47pm now it's hitting me harder. Starting to feel like I have a fever in that [[ I’m ]] sweating and trembling.
No far-out thoughts.

[[all thought power was focused on being coherent and sane, but these weird, simple repetitive thought patterns were definitely occurring quite strongly at this point. I also kept feeling a sensation/imagination that my “consciousness” was traveling in a “box” or downward-pointing bracket: up and down and across from left to right. This, along with the odd feelings of dissociation and the drastic change of physical sensations and emptiness, were the parts I enjoy recalling the most about the experience, looking back]].

[[Also even though I was peaking at this point, I was still able to read, comprehend and respond to a work email on my sweat-drenched phone, which I sent my reply to at 10:53. This is astounding…]]

11:06p. Vision blurry [[can’t read words unless held very close to my face]]. Shaking consistent. Soaking with sweat, this is a battle to feel in control. I am winning the battle but in an immense struggle. Being aware of everything is good. Trying to make myself drink water. My head feels kinda absent, like its gone out to lunch leaving my 'coherent autopilot' in control

[[Looking at time stamps of a few conversations I was having with friends via text at this time, I’m extremely surprised I could even talk to them and make sense]]

11:29pm got out of 2nd shower lasting almost 8 min. Shaking and swearing [[*sweating]] is under reasonable control. Feeling like I wan to walk outside. Call “M” [[my ONLY friend who I can talk to about tripping]], do something other than stand and sweat and hold my sanity lol decided it wouldn't do me any good to hold in a big sloppy diarrhea. [[This was my 3rd and final diarrhea of the night. still no nausea throughout the trip. I didn’t want to poop because I thought it would be bad to lose water!!]]

11:51pm standing outside wrapped in [[two]] towels, [[also a bathrobe and two comfy blankets, lol]], standing and dripping sweat, unable to see a lot [[unable to focus on objects a few feet in front of me, like trees. I knew what they were, but they were just blurry]]. Thinking about what's happening in real time. Sweating, salivating. Have on 2 towels, bathrobe, and 2 blankets wrapped. Sweating and still cold.
Have on 2 towels, bathrobe, and 2 blankets wrapped. Sweating and still cold.

[[I took a total of 4 showers last night, each lasting between 8-10 minutes. The warm water made me feel SO much better, and quickly stopped my chills and unpleasant sweating every time. I also made myself DRINK the warm shower water, since cold water would only make me shiver more. Being in the shower was a weird sensation, causing repetitive thoughts and bringing to mind the pain-killer properties of Amanitas. Very weird feeling!]]

I eventually downed water bottles at a later stage of the comedown, and even had a fudgesicle after shoving a bunch of random food in my mouth: raisins, teddy grahams and baked cocoa almonds]]


1:55am - talked to M on phone 28 min. outside. Another shower, random food, peppermint tea. About 45 min ago, [[I was]] able to read from much further away. Sweating still persists, but not as bad. Shaking is under control, but still eventually felt that cold, fever core causing the sweat [[after getting out of the chill-curing showers]]. Took a longer 4th shower. Trying to relax, go to bed. Mind is still wired, body doesn't feel grogginess needed for sleep but obviously sensations are still kinda dissociative.


[[at this point, the sweating had finally stopped, and I was feeling pretty good but also a little shaken and dysphoric, wanting to sleep]]

This is the kind of experience that you're glad you made it through. This is not an 'I wish I could ALWAYS feel this good' trip. This is more like an 'I feel AMAZING that it [the sweating] is over' kind of trip.
That was strange and rather unpleasant lol.

I'm glad I did it, of course. It was NOT 'fun,' it was a challenging experiment. I achieved sanity, it feels like I gained valuable experience just keeping part of myself aware throughout
it feels like I gained valuable experience just keeping part of myself aware throughout
this entire madness of the mushrooms effects.
-The physical impairment had potential to be a euphoric, dissociative stoned state, but the sweating and trembling took over it all.
-All I could do for the better part of the peak was stand or sit and tremble as sweat poured from my face onto the phone and into the towels wrapped around my body. Relentless battle.
-Everything felt hollow-esque. I felt like a lot of my brain was just turned off and I was operating under a different, autopilot system that stayed in touch with reality and recorded everything that was happening to me & everything I was doing. [[All the while, the rumbling and trembling insanity was underneath this autopilot, and I had to make sure it stayed “down” and didn’t “rise up” to go over my head and affect my hovering autopilot that kept me sane.
-Man I was very coherent through it all, making sense to M and realizing when my words didn't come out right, self-aware and self-correcting.
-During the peak I had 3 stinging, spicy, yet smaller-than-it-felt diarrheas. I couldn't accurately wipe or check to see the results of the wipe at the time. I can now.

Thinking of taking a Benadryl... Getting in bed and trying to do comics and reflect over this experience

2:30 in bed now, sweating is very faint now ! Feeling super tired now, drifting when eyes closed.

[[at this point I nodded off and had one or two fantasies akin to being extremely tired and dreaming, then snapping awake. I fell asleep very quickly, feeling very relaxed and odd]]


This is UNLIKE any substance I’ve ever taken. I really liked the bodily sensation of dissociation and emptiness, but it was ruined by the trembling and PROFUSE and NON-STOP feverish, cold sweating and trembling, unfortunately. I changed clothes 3 times, AND I soiled 4 shower towels with my sweat!
I kept wishing I was in a sauna. This might be a REALLY good, relaxing experience if in a hot-tub for 4 hours!

Peak effects started after about two hours, and also lasted about 2 hours probably because I dosed over a period of two hours!
Right now it’s 12:30pm the following day, about 16 +/- 1 hour after the dosage. I feel back to normal and feel a nice afterglow and sense of survival and relaxation. I plan to do my remaining 10 grams at some point after MUCH time has passed, and when the time feels right for this odd and very intense experience. When I called my friend M, he said that I “sounded normal, just a little insane” haha.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 107030
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Jul 30, 2019Views: 3,902
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Amanitas - A. muscaria (70) : Alone (16), Difficult Experiences (5)

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