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Thumbs Up and Smiling
Sceletium tortuosum
by DMT Tom
Citation:   DMT Tom. "Thumbs Up and Smiling: An Experience with Sceletium tortuosum (exp106991)". Jun 3, 2020.

500 mg oral Sceletium tortuosum (tea)
  600 - 800 mg sublingual Sceletium tortuosum (ground / crushed)


First Experiences: Kanna Tea & Sublingual Reports

Experience 1
500mg (fermented) Kanna leaf 'powder'… boiled some water, put the leaf powder in, and lightly boiled/steeped for 30 min…. Saved for an empty stomach (tomorrow)
After fridge for 5 hours...

Setting: 2 hrs of sleep. Just tried Dagga tea for first time, its lingering feeling seems amplified by the lack of sleep.
Stomach: no food for 5.5 hours.
Mindset: good.

T 0:00 sipping. Much better taste than Dagga, no nauseating bitterness. Like green tea but a little worse, as other reports have said.
Have at least 20 oz tea to down. Gotta speed up!
T 1:15 nothing huge... Hard to distinguish any effect the Kanna might be having from the heady/euphoric effect of sleep deprivation.
Hard to distinguish any effect the Kanna might be having from the heady/euphoric effect of sleep deprivation.
Lots of distractions too, hard to tell what's going on until after I get some time to observe. Now that I'm alone a few minutes, I do feel a kind of warmth and buzz like a mild painkiller.

T 3:30 think it feels kinda like an SSRI. Just feels like there's some extra serotonin perhaps, making me feel that heady awareness of its presence. Finally in bed for a nap, feeling quite relaxed. It may be harder to go to sleep than it should be, the effect seems to be too 'stimulating' rather than sleep inducing.

Experience 2
Mindset: relaxed. Just woke up from 11 hours of much-needed sleep. Absolutely taken on an empty stomach.

So this time I decided to give sublingual Kanna a go. Measured 600mg and, while chewing 3 pieces of Dentyne Ice, dumped the powder under my tongue. Within a minute I had too much saliva built up! I believe this was from the gum. I didn't want to swallow the saliva, but rather let the Kanna soak under my tongue for as long as possible before sending it down the hatch. Well... I was forced to swallow about half of the dose. The other half got stuck in the gum, turning it from white to lime green in color.

T 0:30 it's here... Was just sitting at computer working, and standing up felt 'different.' This was just the onset. My appetite was decreased, but not demolished as I was able to eat a good breakfast an hour later.

T 2:00 feeling awesome. Went out to play tennis with friends. This substance definitely reminds me of an SSRI except much better. I noticed some 'headspace' and an inner sensation of comfort and distraction from those usual nagging worries and negative feelings (that I must fight with on a daily basis). Tennis is fun. My abilities are in no way impaired, in fact they are exceptionally good! One effect - I kept smiling a lot. I just felt like smiling more than usual, not out of giddiness. It was ALMOST annoying :)

T 13:00 honestly it still feels like there's some after effects. I never noticed any come down... The good feelings continues the entire day. Although I have no doubt the alkaloids are long gone... Indeed it still feels like I'm pleasantly buzzed for some reason. A few hours ago I felt much more talkative to some family members who I normally have trouble with and avoid talking to.

Experience 3
Mindset: overslept for work, but was pardoned
Stomach: ate snack about 7 hours ago, before sleep
Amount: 800mg
Preparation: sublingual
Time ingested: 8:30am

T 0:00 This time I decided against using gum due to that large salivation problem I had yesterday. The shredded powder at first reminded me of those indian herbs, but after mixing with my saliva turned kinda bitter and gunky.

T 0:15 Almost all the plant material has been swallowed (oops… it’s hard to hold it once the saliva builds up). First effects are being felt. VERY slight “nausea,” and also that good feeling is coming on.

T: 0:30 Looking in the mirror, stretching and smiling. Got a positive serotonin buzz going already, just like yesterday. Walking around feels good.

T 1:00 just drank some fresh, good-quality iced tea, enhancing the effect a lot and causing some pleasurable jaw-clenching. Having a productive work session on my computer at home, too. My mind is completely occupied on the buzz. No anxieties are penetrating.

T 1:15 bouncing my feet, typing away contentedly.

T 2:00 Had diarrhea, I attribute this to the Kanna and iced tea on an empty stomach. Still got a buzz, but it’s gradually receding in to the background of my awareness. I expect it will still be there for another couple hours at least!

CONCLUSION: Kanna works great for me sublingually, on an empty stomach, and in lower dosage than expected.
Kanna works great for me sublingually, on an empty stomach, and in lower dosage than expected.
It is a very affordable, legal and pleasant high so far… probably with addictive potential for someone like me (see below).

Final note: I was addicted to Kratom and I’ve quit for a year. At the time of this report, I have also quit smoking weed for 4.5 years, and I enjoy legal mind-altering experiences a LOT in general. I have had strong psychedelic experiences with weed, extensive nutmeg and DXM experience, and one moderate acid trip.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106991
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Jun 3, 2020Views: 2,610
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