Completely Weird and Not What I Expected
by Electric Shaman
Citation:   Electric Shaman. "Completely Weird and Not What I Expected: An Experience with DOM (exp106943)". Sep 7, 2019.

5 mg oral DOM (blotter / tab)


I've had a few hits of DOM (aka STP) sitting around in a closet for a while now. As my life has progressed, I have frankly become genuinely scared of blotters, so the DOM sat, waiting for me to get up my nerve to take it. I tend to be a bit sensitive to drugs, so 5mg of DOM to me would probably be more like 7-8mg for another person.

I hoofed it out to a desert party. After a fun Friday night, it became a hot slightly boring Saturday. I'd heard really good things about DOM: after all it was one of Shulgin's favorite drugs! So, in the rising heat of the morning, I carefully dropped the blotter.

The come up was intense. I was expecting an acid-like trip, like DOM's much more entertaining cousin DOC. (DOC mind you is really oodles of fun.) Things started to look... Squished.
Things started to look... Squished.
It was like my entire perceptual field was distorted in a very real and non-hallucinogenic way. Something had pushed down on the top of my vision, and a bit to the right, and caused the entire world to warp and loose right angles.

It was pretty intense and I was pretty wasted. Like DOC, the come up took around 3 hours. Fortunately there were a pile of air mattresses, so I flopped backwards onto one and stared at the sun through a sun shade and listened to music. It really made the intense 'oh my god what did I get myself into why do I do things like this maybe I should have just stayed sober' stage a lot more manageable. I could barely walk and felt slightly nauseous.

As the day went on, the trip barely abated. I felt like a dwarf, and like the difference between the air and the ground was a lot less than usual. I felt like I could reach down and touch the ground while standing. It also made my kidneys hurt a bit.

Fortunately, nighttime fell, the temperature dropped, and the trip actually became fun. At night its a lot harder to see the disturbing not-squareness of the world. The lights were multi-colored and looked beautiful, and the music was subtly amazing. I had no problems with social interaction, and I was really getting along really well with everyone there.

Around 12-16 hours after the 20 hour trip started, I closed my eyes while on the dance floor, and I suddenly understood what was very magical and special about DOM. The first time I closed my eyes I was more than a bit surprised to notice that I could still see perfectly well through my eyelids! I could see the neon outline of my own hand, holding a beer. I moved my hand, and I saw my hand move at the same time. I saw people walk past, lots of neon stars, and frames around the entire scene like I was viewing everything outside a window. I experimented a bit. I discovered that my brain was quietly making up everything in my visual field. It figured out what should be there, and filled in the blanks. At times the things I saw were almost salvia-like, but in the same neon yellows and reds that everything behind my eyelids was - I could see abstract cities, and writing made of a topographical map, stars, planets, rocket ships, and a spaceman. It was very seriously far out and very cool.

I can see why this substance was one of Shulgin's favorites. It's very unique, and of the vast types of hallucinogens I've tried, it was one of the strangest. I hated it initially. If you try it, save yourself the trouble of doing it twice, and take it in the dark and keep your eyes closed for most of the trip. I would not expect it to be anything like LSD, despite it's past as an LSD substitute.

I'm not sure if I'll do it again.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106943
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Sep 7, 2019Views: 1,529
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DOM (20) : First Times (2), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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