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Slight Euphoric Feeling for the Rest of the Day
Green Tea
by Anon123
Citation:   Anon123. "Slight Euphoric Feeling for the Rest of the Day: An Experience with Green Tea (exp106718)". May 20, 2021.

4 bowls smoked Tea (dried)


Smokin Green Tea

I recently ordered some Damiana in search of a legal but beneficial smoking herb. I did not have any pipes at the time so decided to make a can pipe in preparation for when it got to my house. I eventually made one that was very nice and decided that I was really satisfied with and decided I wanted to smoke from it immediately. I knew you could smoke Green Tea so I decided I would smoke some and see how the pipe did, at the same time experimenting with this tea.

So I loaded a bowl with the green tea and just smoked as much as possible. The first few hits were not very milky as I was having trouble getting the herb to light to the point it would develop an efficient cherry. I realized that I had to always have the herb directly contacting the lighter if I wanted a nice strong hit.

I noticed from the first couple puffs that I developed an erection pretty quick which confused me. I kept smoking and it went away however I've had the same results smoking Green tea after this first time. I also noticed that I was producing somewhat more sperm than usual, which could be a coincidence as that has very much to do with your diet but this is just how I have experienced green tea.

Once I started getting rather milky hits from the green tea I started burning my throat pretty bad but that could very easily have to do with the fact that I was smoking out of an aluminum can. I also noticed an extremely clear and subtle high that would not be impairing in any situation but is more like something you notice rather than something that would be responsible for you getting into an accident if you were behind the wheel. I left the area I smoked at once I decided my throat should deal with this until its feeling better(which takes like 5 minutes). The high feeling was so subtle I forgot it was even there pretty quickly, and lasted 30 minutes tops. For the rest of the day I was just really happy, like a light layer of euphoria that lasted all day.

+Great light, short lasting high with slight improvements to male performance.
+Slight euphoric feeling for the rest of the day.

-Hard to burn.
-Very harsh on throat (may be smoother with the use of a bong or vaporizer)
-High possibly too weak, this is not improved by smoking more however, it can fade even while smoking.
-Doesn't provide as much energy as many other legal smoking herbs.
-Benefits too subtle and doesn't bring as much to the table as Poppy, Blue Lotus, Damiana, etc.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106718
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: May 20, 2021Views: 358
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Tea (447) : Unknown Context (20), Performance Enhancement (50), First Times (2)

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