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The Shaker Plate and the Jagged Field
by boxofchameleons_
Citation:   boxofchameleons_. "The Shaker Plate and the Jagged Field: An Experience with 1P-LSD (exp106684)". Jul 25, 2015.

T+ 0:00
200 ug oral 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:30 200 ug oral 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)


Having recently had my first heavy trip on LSD-25 (400g I think), and had a very beautiful, fun and thoughtful trip, I realized I needed to get back into tripping again. The week after the trip, having no immediate source for LSD, I decided to order what is considered to be almost identical to LSD, the analog 1P-LSD. While I consider them very, very similar in terms of headspace, visuals and the general 'mind raped by absolute happiness' feeling, there are a few distinct differences I experienced personally.

It had been a pretty slow day and my friend and I were waiting on some weed. I think we'd been sat in the living room of his flat watching Alice in Wonderland or something, I'm not sure. Finally the word came, and we found out there was no smoke to come. So we decided to try the tabs of 1P-LSD that we'd kept in the freezer for about a weak while I waited for my tolerance to go down. Not being quite sure of the effects yet despite hearsay, we took two tabs, before finally giving in and taking the last two about half an hour later. We watched the music video for Come to Daddy by Aphex Twin as we felt the first tinges, before deciding to go for a walk as we felt the waves coming on. The first key difference I found is that while LSD-25 comes on very fast, suddenly and instantly euphoric, 1P seemed to have a sort of slow, not entirely comfortable come-up for the first half hour, sort of like a sitting period, in which sharp waves sort of cut in along with a feeling of ego death and general displacement. My friend described the feeling perfectly, like he was on a shaker-plate.

We both found this feeling a little uncomfortable, because there wasn't yet a full feeling of euphoria and yet still ego loss and intense fish-eye lens visuals of mayan symbols and faces, as we fell down to meet the ground of being. We found ourselves sitting in a field, the streetlights sparking and spiralling in sharp patters. At this point his light sensitivity was playing up and we decided to move or we would be sitting in the same place for a while. We moved to different locations and sat for a while as it took hold. Finally as we lost our sense of location and direction became meaningless, we decided to top up on juice and picked a direction, heading for the local Tesco. The walk there was beautiful as the visuals really began flowing and the sense of lightness and euphoria finally took hold completely. The shaker-plate feeling never quite left. Finally, after the initial confusion, everything became lucid and we felt it flowing freely as everything bent and twisted in ripples. My friend felt a bit overwhelmed, probably because his tolerance was slightly lower (it had been a while for him, mine probably hadn't fallen down completely from the week previous).

We finally arrived at Tesco to get supplies, consisting of juice and a wonderful new tripping friend, fruit pastilles. We left and walked around the car parks chewing on the fruit pastilles and feeling the sensations of space time echoing, the sound of the chewing becoming like a sort of spatial song, as we felt fully inside out now, still fully functional, euphoric and happy as we fell inside the caverns of the mind. We returned to get more fruit pastilles, and were stopped for a receipt by a nice lady. Thankfully he found the receipt and we not have to be interviewed by a manager or police while tripping balls.

Next we found ourselves walking in the direction of my house, and became immersed in deep conversation about life, perception, god, love and how chaotic and yet perfectly ordered the world is, as time and space melted and we were lost in a sea of layered plates as we passed in and out of our inside out gloves of ourselves. The clouds were beautiful, and we sat by the roadside and watched them as the layers unfolded and after images faded. My friend described seeing the sky in layers that reached up into the atmosphere. Everything was expanding and contracting as another wave came down on us and we approached the peak. At this point I decided to pray in submission to space time, which I find intensifies the trip. We went to my house and sat in the car park outside for a while, not saying much that came out coherently as we were totally encapsulated. I was enjoying the wires and snakes flowing everywhere. We sat and smoked and talked about stuff for a bit, before taking ten minutes to decide to part ways, having mistakenly decided that the peak was over, that it wouldn't be as intense as LSD-25.

We were mistaken. My friend described the next day that he went back to the same field we first sat in as it kicked in, and fell through what he calls 'the black doors of port 7,' in which he still feels as if he's left something. I think he had a very spiritual and introspective peak, as did I, in my bedroom watching the video for Orbital's Halcyon On and On as my associations and thought loops merged and I surrendered and let myself fall into the sinkhole, finally unable to grasp at the source of my thoughts in the beautiful recurring realization I'd been having all my life. The comedown did not last as long as regular LSD, but it was still beautiful, with some lasting visuals, and a long confusion the next day.

The main differences between LSD-25 and 1P-LSD I'd say is mostly physiological, but I also found that while LSD tends to just go straight up to the peak very quickly, 1P-LSD tends to have a sitting period at the beginning, and comes waves with some spaces for reflection in between. The experience is amazing and just as beautiful and profound as that of LSD, although the physical feeling is less pleasant, as my friend said more like a shaker-plate than being a cardboard cut-out, but with elements of that too.

Cannot recommend this enough, as far as I know it's not dangerous whatsoever like other RCs, it's like a brother to LSD and provides the same beautiful and interesting experience.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 106684
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Jul 25, 2015Views: 10,986
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