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Overdose in the Chamber of a Metal Pipe Organ
Heimia salicifolia
Citation:   whitetrinity. "Overdose in the Chamber of a Metal Pipe Organ: An Experience with Heimia salicifolia (exp106525)". Aug 25, 2016.

28 g oral Heimia salicifolia (tea)
I don't recall how I came upon this entheogen (Heimia salicifolia), but I ordered it among some others at a very good price, I believe that it was mostly leaves and flowers and had been harvested 3 months prior.

I read just a few accounts and decided after the first failed attempt (5g) that I would take 1g per 10 pounds of weight... Bad Idea... but a good lesson as I have since been less *risky* in assuming I need to take more of a tool/drug to achieve desired results.

I prepared the concoction by weighing out 28g of mixed leaf and flowers, I mixed this on the stove with 1.5 cups of distilled water and a tablespoon of vinegar (acetic acid). I brought the cold water to a boil and then let it simmer for 10 minutes while slowly stirring to make sure all the plant product got soaked. I noticed a very slight sweet smell, but very herby like the plant itself. I bottled the tea, it was of a light green color and the plant product would sink to the bottom. I set it out in the sun to ferment, I can't recall if I left it out for one or 2 days in the equinox sun of the fall--at the time I lived near the arctic circle so there was tons of daylight. every 2 hours during the day I would gently shake the tea so that the foliage would get mixed well.

I decided to try the sun-opener tea I had at about 5 pm on a Saturday. I had spent the day playing video games with a friend and was in a good mood. When I opened the tea, the most beautiful smell permeated my senses almost to the point of intoxication, I wanted to sit and smell this tea all day, it was sweet smelling, it's as if you took the plant and took the sweet tones and multiplied them 30x. I decided to drink up, I drank some of the plant matter as well and chewed on the rest for about 20 minutes until I grew tired of the taste. The taste did not match the smell, but it wasn't horrible, and not nearly as bad as some of the reports had led me to believe. As I drank over the course of 5 minutes I mused that I felt like I was slightly drunk.

+T 0 - Started drinking

+T 5 min - I finished drinking my tea and reflected that I felt slightly drunk, but was unsure as to why as I was unaware that I had fermented my tea.

+T 30 min - I started noticing a slight difference in my perception but couldn't pinpoint what was different.

+T 45 min - I started feeling extremely at ease and noticed a slight darkening of the room. At this point, I decided to take my audiophile headphones and listened to some Beethoven for the next 15 minutes with my eyes closed. The music didn't sound any different, but I was thoroughly enjoying listening to it.

+T 1 hour - I got up to relieve myself in the bathroom, then grabbed a glass of water. Walking felt tranquil, I felt warm and at ease in the comfort of my home. My friend and I put on a movie.

+T 1:30 hours - I started noticing that everything I heard had a tinny sound quality to it, it is highly amusing, I also notice that I am starting to sink into my couch more.

+T 2 hours - I think this was the peak, everything now sounded as if it were being played through a complex metal church organ.
+T 2 hours - I think this was the peak, everything now sounded as if it were being played through a complex metal church organ.
When I would talk or my friend would talk or I'd listen to the movie or music, it sounded as if it were being played through a metal pipe organ, the room was darker than usual with a slight blueish haze (it was overcast and I lived in the basement with few windows and had not turned on any lights). The closest thing I can describe what it sounded like, listen to Daft Punk's 'Short Circuit' song, starting at 1:40 and then peak effects are like what you hear at 2:18. (the rest of the song gets a lot of compression, which I didn't hear but it was that tinny overdriven metallic sound) What was extremely odd was that everyone sounded including myself like they had perfect pitches, no sharps or flats, I scaled my voice from low to high, perfect pitch, my friend assured me this was not the case, nor that my voice was that beautiful, we laughed in melodic tones, which caused me to laugh even more. I was very peaceful and my body was very relaxed.

+T 3 hours - The audio hallucinations persisted, my friend left, I noticed I was getting extremely tired in my body, I wondered how much longer I'd have these auditory hallucinations. I got on my computer and poked around on the internet before my spouse and I watched a movie.

+T 4 hours - The audio hallucinations persisted still, the lights in the room had been turned on, but it still seemed dark, I felt a slight buzz in my head that went away after 20 minutes. The weight of my legs began to bother me, so I popped out the footrest and reclined.

+T 5 hours - I was extremely sore on my arms and legs if I tried to shift my position or weight it was painful in a way I've never felt before. My wife gave me a blanket and told me I was looking pale. After some time I told her she needed to stop rubbing my leg because even just a light touch was super painful, I had both mechanical and movement allodynia, and perhaps thermal as well, as the cold parts of me mostly felt numb and like a bad headache but in the cold areas.

+ T 6 hours - I was even more sore, the slightest movement, or touch was beyond words painful, even breathing and expanding my stomach or chest felt like an effort to overcome pain, my spouse was worried and considered taking me to the hospital, I told her no, that if it got even worse maybe then. I slooooooowly got up and headed to the bedroom, after first stopping to pee, my penis didn't hurt to touch, but my belly did (overweight), and as my bladder emptied I noticed a relief of internal pressure. My feet and the palms of my hands and my face did not hurt, my scalp, neck, torso, arms and the backs of my hands were painful to the lightest touch. I slowly and painfully climbed into bed with the assistance of my wife and rested on my left side. Once settled the pain subsided, barring I didn't move. The audio hallucinations were very faint.

+T 9 hours - I had grown restless on this side as I awoke from slumber, I slowly overcame my pain and moved onto my back, then up onto my right side... all in all I think it took me about 5 minutes to do this.

+T 15 hours - I woke up on my back, my throat was sore. I had been snoring as I usually do when I sleep on my back. I went to get up but was immediately told no by my body with the extreme pain that shot into me, as I adjusted, I realized the pain wasn't as bad as it was when I went to bed, I slowly sat up and let myself adjust to an upright position.

I got up to go take a shower, I could move a lot better than the night previously, my joints still hurt to move, but it no longer affected the surrounding areas like my thighs and calves. I turned on the shower and got in and had to immediately turn the water to lukewarm as my 90-degree water (I'm very heat sensitive) was too hot and burned. I managed to scrub myself down, I don't think I would have been able to do it were it the level of pain I was in the night before.

The auditory hallucinations were gone, I had a little bit of light sensitivity, I was still in pain, but I had a feeling of complacency, the sun was shining into our basement, and perhaps I even noticed a slight tinge of yellow more than normal.

+T 24 hours - The allodynia pain had subsided, but I still felt a bit groggy, it wasn't as bad as when I took 400mg Diphenhydramine, but I decided to email into work anyways, and I am glad I did. I never have been tranquilized, but it felt like this is what it'd feel like.

+T 48 hours - It was about this time that the haze that had affected me for the previous day lifted, I felt like myself again and was looking forward to going to work the next day.

At the time (I'm writing this 5 years later), I was dumb, and I was more interested in chasing a legal high, I was dumb though because I was mostly frustrated, I had never 'tripped' and had tried numerous legal entheogens to very little effect, and to be honest I didn't consider what happened as proof that I could trip. I look back on this experience with much reverence and respect. I felt like I got close to seriously messing myself up.

The sun opener has shown me that I needed to be patient, respectful, mindful, and to do my research when I use entheogens to further my psychonautical experiences.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 106525
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Aug 25, 2016Views: 9,805
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Heimia salicifolia (150) : Overdose (29), Hangover / Days After (46), Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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