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Timeless Moments
by dazz
Citation:   dazz. "Timeless Moments: An Experience with 1P-LSD (exp106503)". Jul 17, 2015.

300 ug oral 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)


300g of 1P-LSD taken alone on a secluded island in Scotland on a 'summers' night. The perfect setting, a little cold outside but nothing that a few layers can't stop (for now). Going to drop at about 10pm.

I've had about 5 experiences with this drg so far, ranging from doses of 100g to 600g. Every single time has been great, a dynamic range of experiences from being in the city and seeing my wallpaper morph into beautiful designs, and the cityscape changing to a hyper cartoonish reality (100g) to being on this island and seeing highly beautiful and complex fractals in the sea and beach, looking over the bay and seeing what looked like a new years fireworks display, and seeing a typhoon in the sky lifting and swirling the clouds and stars into a singularity (600g).

I'll try and log as well as I can this time, as there seems to be a distinct lack of +100g trip reports, and last I tried I ended up deleting the whole thing by accident (I was trippin').

I've had about 1250 calories over the course of the day, light but not too light, so let us begin.

22.00 - Drop 3 tabs of 100g 1P-LSD. Remember the Fruli for a strawberry extravaganza.

23.00 - Begin to see definite changes, what I would call the definite start of the trip. I went out for a quick walk on the beach front and there was about 9 seals sitting on a little outcrop. They were beginning to look very vivid!

The writing on the keyboard is starting swirl around, very hilariously. I'm feeling levels of enhanced energy, I wasdancing on the beach. It feels natural to do, and it's been like this every time i've came up. It's getting darker outside, while inside it's getting a lot more colourful. Shimmers of pastels, pinks and blues like khakis are flowing between the letters as I type. I'm listening to a specially made trip playlist, which contains Tycho, Com Truise, Nordic ambient, Skyrim/Oblivion video game atmospheric tracks. A variety.

23.40 - Wow. Dancing on the beach as the sun properly went down was amazing, still some light. Visuals are definitely starting to increase, fractal shapes starting everywhere and blossoming as I look at the keyboard. Outside the shapes were similar, the clouds definitely starting to broadenand puff up with psychedelic energy. The trip is properly beginning now.

00.40 Properly into a trip, can barely type. Words start to drip down as I type! The music i'm listening to seems to betaking itself apart piece by piece as I listen to it! Staying inside is hard, everything is pastel colours. very complex swirling rhythms.

01.33 Transported throgh so many dimensions. At one point an orange point in the horizon that was burning. I got a little bit paranoid thinking it was maybe a comet and the earth was nearly over! Ha ha. Kept seeing Game Of Thrones charactures hilariously. At one moment I thoght of littlefinger, then brienne. Looking out at the bay was beautiful. It seemed as if the sun never went down.

02.26 Just played Antichamber, holy shit. The colours were outrageous, and just that game in general was perfect.

03.48 Went outside to one of the most beautiful sunrises. The moon looked absolutely hge (the comet from before). The visuals were still there, a sort of thick cartoonish bands of pastel colours. I spent a lot of it dancing to Slow by Com Truise, which defined the trip in many ways. The dancing felt like it wasn't far off ecstasy in it's feeling. Came indoors and tried some Fruli strawberry beer which blew my mind with it's explosivestrawberry taste, but it was also like some sort of thick life beer... that sustained you.

04.00 That's me properly getting back into the normal sort of headspace again. Thogh there is definitely some sort of staggering hallucinatory nature in the music I'm listening to. It's like it sounds muted, and sometimes in slow motion. It was like that for a lot of the trip, with the strange way in which audio seemed to expand and contract in length. Sometimes bits in the music would be staggered, while another part of it seemed to go onwith no problem at all. Regardless, Com Truise is an absolute must. The dancing that took place between my writings in the trip report were awesome, and surrounded by hallucinatory weather. At one time at about half one I was just dancing outside in the rain and it was magical. Visuals are still there, with the same kind of pastel colours dripping from the letters as I type.

06.00 Visuals still there. Tiring now.

11.00 All effects gone, went for a walk and everything was back to normal. What a trip. Hilariously today was the choice for the internet engineer to show up and fix the line. I welcomed him in and offered him a cup of tea. I debated exactly how long I should leave the tea bag in for the socially acceptable cup of tea and then just laghed. I must look mad, my eyes are still like black pools with barely any iris.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106503
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 17, 2015Views: 12,889
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1P-LSD (682) : Alone (16), General (1)

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