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I Have Always Had Strange Luck
Mushrooms & MDMA
Citation:   RealizedJaguar. "I Have Always Had Strange Luck: An Experience with Mushrooms & MDMA (exp106255)". Nov 11, 2020.

T+ 0:00
3.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 0:00 200 mg oral MDMA (capsule)
  T+ 2:30 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
I have always had strange luck. Even before I can remember strange things have happened. Only sometimes do I acknowledge these events as my strange disposition, but some events, ESPECIALLY while I am tripping seem as if the universe or some force has actively influenced things in a curious or strange way. This is one of those experiences. Maybe I was supposed to learn a lesson? Maybe it was our choice of pills. I am left with an immense sense of mystery, discomfort, strangeness on an epic scale.

This was a summer night approximately 3/4's of a year ago. My first time using MDMA, and I had tripped with other people >20 times at this point. Almost all of my tripping had been done alone previous to the past few months of this event, which was 30< times. I had difficult experiences before, some more-so than others, but I had handled them with great fortitude. This time however was different, because it wasn't my brain, my body in a precarious position. I will now introduce the other 2 people involved during this events. N, who was my friend, and P, who was my roommate.

N, had taken MDMA multiples times before, as well as P, I however had never taken MDMA. N, had taken shrooms a few times before, P had never taken shrooms before, I like I said, consider myself semi-experienced with shrooms with ~50 trips under my belt, including some disasters. I had 0 concern for negativity this night because we had everything there, the combination of shrooms, cannabis, and MDMA was sure to give us a ride of a lifetime….. The shrooms are the least of my concern ironically, I was mainly concerned about my trip than the roll.

I take out the shrooms, and I dose 3.5g, no biggie. N takes 3.5g, and p takes 3g.
I take out the [powder] pills, supposedly with .1g of MDMA in each, and take 2, P takes 1, N takes 1.

+1:00 we go on a walk around my apartments and I have some minor visuals from the shroomies, with an empty stomach I was coming up quickly. My energies were rising, and the roll was adding to these energies and adding a slightly euphoria. As we are walking we hear a very deep car collision THUD in the background, an omen perhaps? Disconcerted with the negativity we just had echo through the space around us we headed home.

+2:30 starting to trip out nicely now, enjoying everything except for the tight feeling I have across my entire body, probably from the stimulant part of MDMA.I have been prescribed various dosages of various ADHD meds and it gave me the feeling of the stimulant, but no real euphoria.
I have been prescribed various dosages of various ADHD meds and it gave me the feeling of the stimulant, but no real euphoria.
This is when things go wrong….

My roommate P has become unresponsive, I was smoking a bowl, watching tv or something and realized he was not replying to our conversation. When I looked at him, I realized the light was on but no one was home. His pupils were completely dilated, drool ran down his face, and he was not responding to me calling out to him. Fear, energy, adrenaline, everything shot up my spine, through my body. I didn't realize what was going on, because I had 0 experience with serotonin manipulating drugs. I went and sat next to him, put my right arm around his shoulder and began to say positive mantras to him. He was shaking, squeezing his fists, occasionally he would start fidgeting with stuff on the ground and things around him.

N began to ignore me and P, despite his condition and me frantically trying to figure out what is going on and why my roommate is unresponsive. He begins shaking so badly he starts to fall over onto my lap but I catch him and hold him in my arms, and he is shaking, his eyes rolling back into his head, drooling on himself. Eventually I put him back to sitting. Shortly after he stands up, begins walking autonomously around the room, agitated, squeezing his fists and grinding his teeth.

With him standing, I get N to help me get P down the stairs, safely (he walked with some guidance, semi-conscious), to get some fresh air and let me relax for a bit. N was completely ignoring P's condition and leaving my to deal with everything myself, even asking 'are we really going to babysit this guy?'. This made me livid. Someone who I thought was my friend had absolutely zero care if my friend died or not.

+ 3:30 P, stood in one position for over an hour staring into the sky. He told me afterwards that at this position he was having a near-death experience and experiencing his own atoms, and cells, in his own body. Something I too have experienced during a fake bake OD on head trip (the first time I ever got high).

+4:00 I ask N to help me get P inside, N refuses and goes inside without me. I am extremely pissed off at this motherfucker at this point. I am unable to bring my roommate inside but I am NOT going to leave someone unresponsive near a area that has many roads where drivers are frequently drunk or not paying attention.

+4:15 I get P inside, and get him to lie down, I give him some water and urge him to drink. I check his forehead to see how hot he is. He is hot but not too hot, no signs of overheating. I get him to drink a little, and pack a bowl into the pipe, and get him to take a few hits to maybe help him relax and calm down. This seems to help a bit, but he goes into another wave of unresponsiveness.

+5:00 P is asleep. I am exhausted and super pissed with N. N is asleep. And I am left alone…. Contemplating my roommate nearly dying in my arms while I was tripping on an eighth of shrooms, 2 points of MDMA….. I was left extremely drained, the EXTREME emotions I was feeling during his unresponsiveness flutters through my mind…. Sleep is far away.

+30:00 P has awoken, N is gone. P has very little memory of his… whatever that was. I explain to him what happened, how scared, I was, unable to properly convey the pain and emotion I had bubbling inside me. P seems to be a shell, not himself for a few days. Makes a full recovery.

I really wish this had not happened. I am scared of all MDMA I get on the street for good reason. I have only taken MDMA 4 times since then, no euphoria, only a feeling of stimulant, even if the MDMA is broken off the crystal in front of me with a hammer.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 106255
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Nov 11, 2020Views: 2,768
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