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How Why and Awesome
by GMan333
Citation:   GMan333. "How Why and Awesome: An Experience with 4-HO-MET (exp106215)". Erowid.org. Nov 1, 2019. erowid.org/exp/106215

8 mg oral Methadone (daily)
  3 mg oral Nabilone (daily)
  .1 mg oral Pharms - Clonidine (daily)
  17 mg oral 4-HO-MET (capsule)


Why?how? And awesome!

An introduction of my background before the 4-ho-met story begans. I'm a 24 year old caucasian male who been dabbling with psychoactive substances since I was 13, but unintentionally at 8 because of the whole 'ADHD' propaganda schools that got grants of over 200,000$ for thousands of students diagnosed with ADHD/ADD in the 90's, so I was put on methylphenidate for 5 years from the teachers advice.

I pretty much never had a childhood that I remember, I couldn't speak until the age of 7 apparently, But at 13 I started with Marijuana, Codeine and Zopiclone then I worked my way up to the heavier ones at 15. I always went/go on harm reduction websites ever since I was young and I recommend it to everyone/anyone before trying substances you have no idea about and should research as much as you can before making your choice to using an unknown substance and always invest in a regeant test kit (marquis,mecke,mandalin) to make sure you know what your getting.

My drug past consists of hydrocodone,oxycodone,dilaudid, morphine,fentanyl,methadone(8mg at the time of experience and completing methadone program for the second time!! Ugh). Diazepam ,alprazolam,oxazepam,temazepam, clonazepam mushrooms(cubensis) Hawaiian baby woodrose and heavenly blue m.g seeds, cocaine/crack,amphetamines (meth/mdma), mda mdea bk-mdma. Mdpv and foxy, and now a new addition to the list 4-ho-met fumarate and let me say it was amazing/awesome/enlighting all in one word.

I was having a rough/boring day with my GF and she suggested we do colour at the Detroit river to try to make the rest of the night better and enjoy life like we used to. I was nervous and hesitant when preparing our capsules using my milligram scale (never eye ball rc's chemicals- no brainer lol) and because I have never tried this substance yet but I wasnt going to back down. Also nervous since I'm on 8 mg of methadone, 3 mg nabilone daily and 0.1 of clonidine daily, I didnt know how they would react with each other but was sure I would be fine since its a tryptamine and not a depressant that would effect my meds.

0:00- My GF F and I take our capsules, mines 17 mg and hers 20 mg, she weighs 180 lbs so I gave her more. We had to go downtown to the river to enjoy the 'come up'. A voice in my head has been planning this for me so I wanted to make sure it went right.

0:25- I'm starting to feel something was going to hit (the pre game warning trip meter) as I'm wobbling thru downtown area with my girlfriend F.

0:45- wow I feel offbalance lol listening to Led Zeppelin in one ear and listening to my GF through the other and I'm loving the detroit river! All of the beautiful lights blending together to make for one cool art portrait if one was made up on the spot. The atmosphere feels organismic and everything feels like mdma perfect feeling. She still doesn't feel anything..weird.

1:00- Time seems to be slowing down at the river but every light seems brighter all the detroits lights were combined to make for a beautiful scenery I didnt want to leave :) I feel so much euphoria unlike the come up of mushrooms for me this was super easy to get used to and I felt on top of the world but also forgot I took a drug

1:30- jumped on bus with my GF F shes claiming to not feel anything after 20 mg. I'm shocked because music transformed into the most intense thing ever, as every song had a meaning to it and led zepplin never gets old (50 years later !!) the bus is tripping me out people on it are probably like wtf is this guy on!!!! :P seems like I been on the bus forever, I manage to stumble off the bus with a loss of coordination and laughed like a madman as I was walking down the street with a huge grin on my face. I look at my GF and she says shes not even high and is envious of me. My mind is absolutely blowned away at the strength of this yet she feels nothing at a 20 mg dose, yet I'm experiencing synthesia ??

2:00-We get back home and F retreats to bed claiming shes not high and wanted to go to bead bored. I was quite disappointed and I had not the slightest clue as to what was going on, but the visuals are very apparent tracers and patterns are all over the place that would come and go wave-like. I started thinking how greedy us humans are for taking advantage of our home and how can everyone live with themselves upon this earth, I think how I'm no different by selling weed just to make a living unforentally. All we want to do is take,take, and take. Why do we feel a need to take drugs to escape reality? I mean our life is perfect right? We have love,loved-ones,place to live,air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat but then we got wars,murder,violence,poverty,guns and crime..... Then everything made sense we need this to get in touch with our roots to show us right from wrong and ways we can change the future/world for the better so we don't get stuck with the shitty end of the stick. The why?how? Came into play making me question almost everything in existence, I'm definitely at ++.

2:30 Jamming to more Led Zeppelin outside looking at the beautiful earth that ' we' take for granted, WHY was and is still the biggest question I'm asking and HOW could 'we' forget what we have been doing to this poor world but then it made me realize the government is the one we are pointing fingers at, but its the finger game that were all playing right? Lol, there the ones selling harmful cars polluting the environment. There prescribing us medication when half the time we don't need it,they make us think we need it, when in the real world all we need is a dose of 'reality' to get the bigger picture that we all need change sometimes for the greater good instead of taking medication thats holding us back for hundreds of years !!! Sure some of us really need it but thats back to the half of the times.

3:00-I wobble outside listening to music and ended up laying on my picnic table facing up to the sky staring at the strange pattern of the clouds and there movement was fast, but slow at the same time it seemed to go with my music then all of a sudden the trippy part of pink floyd came on where it sounded like alien music and I could of sworn I seen a ufo in two different spots. It wasn't as close as my first ufo encounter but it was definitely 'out there' maybe organic hallucination ?.

3:30 hours into the experience and I'm jotting everything thats rushing through my fragile mind while listening to Pink Floyd- darkside of the moon. Music's beautiful, life's awesome wished I could share this with my GF a dose of reality but she already knows whats going on and shouldn't have to have painful reminders of whats going on now! Her little sister has been recently diagnosed with bone cancer in her leg I was reminded of this and burst out in tears as how could a god let this happen to a 14 year old, if its to make her a stronger person than okay, but if she doesn't make it me and her whole family will be devastated, she is an awesome person so kind and smart she didnt deserve any of this.

This drug is amazing but definitely has depth, Not unlike some who try to claim that is has none of it, I feel like I been typing for ages with this incredible time dilation, minute takes 5 mins. This drug at 17 mg was pretty strong ,weak at first but kicks the ass in the end, I am like: wtf just happened? Life is explained whetheru I like it or not, its life you just gotta ride it out sometimes.. But I love this psychedelic tryptamine its one of my favourite of all time, more enjoyable/recreational than mushrooms or LSA its pretty sweet, open eyed visuals like tracers on the floors walls sight and closed eye.
I get reminded that I need to do better than I did yesterday, not just for myself,not just for my family, not just for my girlfriend, for the world just to say I did better than I did yesterday. Focus on fucking school work get this education shit done even if it is bullshit bc of the communist bastards get it done bc it can make tmrw so much better than yesterday,by getting a career instead of slanging dope be someone instead of a nobody!

4:00- words are jumping around from place to place like moving on my phone, I was trying to video record my face then all of sudden a white light appeared in my phone screen over parts of my face and my faced morphed and paused there for a min for some strange reason then disappeared! It was the weirdest thing I ever experienced.

F yelled my name apparently it finally kicked in a hour after she laid down she was saying 'why is the room glowing green colours and pyramid with rainbow lights flying out of them'..... Oh no it just hit her lol. I have company now its about time I was so lonely by myself but she really concerns me by complaining about nausea and a bad headache as the trip grows. I told her to drink water because she might need some since this drug affects brain receptors that need water to function properly.

5:00- We walked around the city for a hour it started raining and we didn't get wet at all, just like her pickle situation she ate 5 juicy dill pickles except no juices got on her hand or anything it was like we were water proof lol she seen trees turn into people and people that weren't there. We retired home attempted to sleep but F kept complaining of muscle pains,migraine and nausea I was so confused as to why this was happening to her but no one else that I heard of.

Conclusion- 4-ho-met is very friendly to me, I enjoyed it very much not so much my GF she never wants to touch it again or any psychedelics shes more into mdma. It lasted 6 hours for me, the visuals could of been stronger but thats attributed to dose and I didn't smoke cannabis and they still last for 3 hours. This drug can be recreationally used because of euphoria and easy on the mind I give it 5/5. I always remember to get plenty of sleep beforehand, my GF only had 5 hours of sleep this could of contributed to delay effects and diminished time length as she only tripped for 2-3 hours, not to mention negative side effects of nausea and migraine . I'm going to try 23 mg next time to go for the win... Respect, give,and live life... Peace to all, Gman

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106215
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Nov 1, 2019Views: 798
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