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Whoops I Forgot to Eat
by Nov3
Citation:   Nov3. "Whoops I Forgot to Eat: An Experience with 1P-LSD (exp106107)". May 8, 2015.

100 ug oral 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)


Substance: 1P-LSD
Dose: 100μg blotter
Setting: 4:10PM bedroom, cool summer day (cloudy), nobody else around.
Gender: Male, Weight: 10 Stone, Height: 5'9

I haven't tripped in a good few months and I've really felt the need recently. I usually go with 4-AcO-DMT or mushrooms but I've been confirming a lot of the same realisations from them the last few trips, so i've wanted to try something a bit different. I don't usually like acidy type drugs alone, but a friend sent me a sample dose of the latest legal lysergamide 1P-LSD and I thought i'd make the most of my dad being away for the weekend to try it. I'm going away with friends this weekend and will hopefully have a nice group trip there, and I figure this'll be a nice light way to start the weekend. I enjoyed AL-LAD but only tried it a couple of times, and I've heard mixed reviews about 1P-LSD so I'm interested to see how i'll find it.

T+0:00 I held the tab under my tongue and decided to meditate for the come-up, haven't meditated for a while so this is as good a point as any to start again!

T+0:30 I feel a slightly body-load arise, but nothing too unpleasant, I had a bit of MXE and about half a dab of meth (from empty baggie) earlier in the day so it's probably due to this as well. This my eyes closed I see fractals arising, mainly pinks and greens in colour. My limbs are abit 'achey and loose' which is a feeling I get a lot on psychedelics. (Should note, not the numb/coldness you might feel with vasoconstriction, just a bit of a body-trip).

T+1:30 Been stretching around on my bed feeling great and listening to shpongle, so strechy! Lots of energy too, would be a fucking great festival drug!

T+2:00 Fun moving my arms round, the tracers stay so long it kind of looks like I have 4 arms. It isn't THAT colourful or anything but the tracers are awesome.

T+2:30 Been watching outside my window and all the colours of the leaves in the bushes and tracers of cars going by below pretty epic. I want to go for a walk but the road is a bit intimidating and the weather isn't great.... bah I need to be in a festival?!

T+4:00 Have a bit of a headache, though I've had a few beers over the afternoon (4-5) so maybe its that?

T+5:30 Nausea and head-ache have gotten worse, this should be interesting... I've never had this kind of body-load towards the end of a trip before (apart form a few stomach cramps and light, kind of worrying).

T+6:30 It started to feel like a 2C-x overdose for a while, which was highly worrying considering I only took 1 dose and was half way through the trip. I was sick twice and felt quite a bit better afterwards. I spoke to a friend about it and we concluded it's probably cause I hadn't eaten much since breakfast (didn't realise how little I'd eaten till then).

T+7:30 The nausea has started to subside after some toast (after burning 6 lots by forgetting about them!) and the trip seems to be winding down now to, so I'll conclude the report here.

1P-LSD was fun for the first 3 hours and a bit edgey the last 3 hours (which could of probably been avoided if I'd eaten a bit more before the trip. I've heard mixed reports about 1P, but from what I gather the people which haven't had much effect from it probably got a weak batch. Some say they enjoy 1.5 or 2 blotters, but I can see this getting very disorientating with all the tracers (and lack of many 'colourful EOV's or COV's). Perhaps if it was at a festival with more external distractions it would be more enjoyable (climbing around of things, POI etc. and shit would be quite fun I imagine!). In terms of introspection I didn't get any, which was a bit of disappointment it almost felt like a 2C-x trip in that respect. Fun for festivals or being out in nature but disappointing for more focused introspective trips.

It re-confirmed to me that acid'y type psychedelics taken alone aren't really my thing (at least not in a bedroom environment). Would I do it again? Probably not if Acid or AL-LAD was available instead. I might try micro-dosing with it in future whilst it's still easily available though.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106107
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: May 8, 2015Views: 16,452
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1P-LSD (682) : Alone (16), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), General (1)

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