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7 nuts oral Nutmeg (edible / food)
My first experiences with nutmeg were years ago when a much younger and dumber me had gotten into trouble with the law and I found myself in counseling classes after being caught driving while in possession of a small amount of cannabis. During that time I was regularly subjected to random drug tests and as a result I began researching various legal alternatives to Mary Jane.

What I had discovered was nutmeg (I call her Meg), a kitchen spice that doubles as a narcotic! I was mystified, and I immediately set about locating a source of fresh nuts. Those first few times were mostly me experimenting with the best methods of ingestion and finding a proper dosage for me, generally just trying to get a feel for this novel substance. Ultimately however, I decided to leave Meg by the wayside as I had finished my counseling classes and as I was no longer concerned with drug testing I started back up with MJ.

Flash forward to the present day and once again I find myself needing to seek out an alternative to cannabis for various reasons. Since then I have recalled my previous experiences with Meg and now I have began using it rather frequently, in part because I have found an incredibly easy method of ingestion.

So this is a brief and basic summary of my past month or so of regular use with Meg. It is my hope that others will also realize that these little nuts are very powerful and special on their own and that if they are used properly they can provide an effect very similar to a heavy cannabis buzz that should certainly not be underestimated.

First and foremost, nutmeg tastes terrible. This is what I believe is the foremost road block for those wishing to experiment with Meg. The best method of ingestion that I have discovered involves mixing it up in a blender in what I like to call a 'meg-shake'. What this requires is 1.) a blender 2.) a coffee grinder 3.) some nutmegs 4.) some ice cream, and 5.) some milk, I prefer whole milk.

Now for me, 7 is the magic number. I take 7 whole nuts obtained from a local whole foods store and I grind them in an electric coffee grinder until it produces a very fine powder. The finer the better, as I believe this helps the body absorb the nuts as it provides more surface area for the liver to work its magic. Next, I blend together a few decent sized scoops of ice cream and a little milk in the blender until it has the consistency of a milkshake. I want to make enough to fill a single large sized glass to about 3/4 way full, I don't use too much milk as I want the shake to be on the thick side. Finally, I add in the finely ground nutmeg and vigorously mix together until the powder has been evenly distributed throughout the shake.

Although it might not look appealing this is by far the easiest method I have discovered to ingest nutmegs. The coldness of the shake seems to dull the particular flavor of nutmeg, and the thickness should suspend the nutmeg powder throughout the drink so I don't end up with a massive mouthful at a time but rather its dispersed throughout the shake and can be consumed with little effort in a few manageable gulps. I stir occasionally while I drink to avoid any settling and it's as easy as that! Much easier to handle than mixed alcoholic beverages of similar size in my opinion, but then again I never had much of a taste for booze.

Now comes the waiting game. Nutmeg is very unusual in that it takes, for me anyways, about 4-5 hours for effects to kick in. But once they do, ooh boy watch out. Often I drink a meg-shake a few hours before bed, an empty stomach helps for the effects to come on stronger but not necessarily faster. I will then fall asleep completely sober and wake up in the morning in a *very* mellowed out state of mind. For me the effects of nutmeg can only be described as severely stoning. My eyes will be incredibly bloodshot, I'll have unquenchable cottonmouth, and an insatiable hunger that many know simply as 'the munchies'.

What's the downside you may ask? Well, nutmeg lasts a very long time...like up to 24 hours long! For me I will experience the same level of head change for the entire day, only slowly tapering back down to baseline as it approaches the late evening. There is no desire to re-dose during this period and I usually go every other day as the effects are so pronounced and last for so long it would simply be overkill to mix up another shake so soon.

If anyone is familiar with the term 'couch-lock', nutmeg very much induces this sort of sentiment. It has a strong sedative component to it that only vast quantities of cannabis could produce by comparison. Although it is extremely difficult, it is certainly not impossible to wake up in the morning after taking a meg-shake the night before. I have mixed nutmeg with various other substances, and I note a particularly pleasant synergy with opiates, however that is a topic for another report as in this instance I merely want to focus on the effects of nutmeg alone.

Finally a bit of theoretical musing on the supposed variability in nutmeg 'trips' as reported by other users. If you have read much about nutmeg trip reports you will undoubtedly have noticed that there seems to be a fair amount of variability in people's experiences with this substance. These experiences run the gamut, from effects that were merely flu-like, to full blown hallucinations, and everything in between on equally variable dosage ranges. I am unsure as to why this is the case but I am fairly confident that there is some sort of complex chemical interactions going on in the liver that are responsible for producing such widely unpredictable effects.

Sadly however, I am not a chemist or even very knowledgeable about chemistry, so the science is beyond me, but there must be some sort of enzymatic reactions taking place that is causing Meg's insanely long duration of effects, from it's 5 hour come up to it's 24+ hour long effects. Perhaps the presence or lack of a particular enzyme in some individuals mediates Meg's pharmacological effects, making them more or less pronounced in others? Based on personal experience I also believe it possible that the mixing of milk/ice cream (I use whole milk) with the nutmeg possibly generates a much more narcotic effect than merely the nuts alone could produce.

Milk, which is difficult for the body to metabolize and requires the use of certain enzymes, possibly enhances or modifies the effects of the nutmeg and produces a much more cannabis like effect than other users have reported. During the past month I have used nutmeg approximately 10 times, each time using approximately 7 nuts and using my 'meg-shake method', and each and every time I have experienced a consistent and solid stoning with no hallucinations or confusion or any sort of strong physical component, save some pretty intense sedating properties at times, especially towards the end of the day. The next night after a day with Meg and I will sleep like the dead, and then I'll awaken feeling refreshed and glad to be back to baseline after being stoned for an entire day.

Some final notes that one might find interesting.. Firstly, I haven't noticed any sort tolerance develop yet despite my frequent usage. Each time has been nearly identical in terms of duration and effects, although the intense sedation at the end of the day seems less pronounced than it was when I first started making meg-shakes.

I certainly don't have any trouble performing my daily regime however I did a massive amount of research and personal experimentation before I determined what I was capable of, and I am quick to revise my opinions if needed based on my experiences with Meg.

Finally, I have not noticed any sort of unpleasant side effects from my regular use. In fact, I find my mood has improved vastly since I began using this cheap and completely legal alternative to cannabis. Overall, I am greatly impressed by the apparent stability of its long term use and I find myself considering dumping ole Mary Jane for good and spending my days with Meg instead. Why? Well she's cheaper, she's legal, she's legit, and I can't fail a drug test for a kitchen spice!

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 106100
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Jun 29, 2018Views: 2,270
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