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Vibrations of Life
by Mountainous
Citation:   Mountainous. "Vibrations of Life: An Experience with DPT (exp105925)". Nov 8, 2015.

100 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)


My background with psychedelics is extensive, Iíve tried LSD, DMT, DXM, 25i, DON, DPH, shrooms, bk-2c-b, LSA, buffotiene, datura, and amanita muscaria having tried each substance 3 or more times at various doses.

I had ordered the DPT, and had tried it the night before. The night before I snorted 50mg to test potency, had considerable tracers and color shifts, on par with 200ug of LSD but without the mindfuck. The next day, having had such a positive experience, I gave two 50mg doses to my friends, and I lined up 100mg for myself. We blew it down, and had our sober friend drive us to the store for some cigs.

T 0:15 Since I had blown mine down on an empty stomach, I was well on the come up by the time we got back to my friends house, starting to get tracers. I collapse into the couch, prepared for a stronger experience than the night before.

T 0:45 At this point I feel the body load, to the point where I canít get off the couch. The body load isnít unpleasant like the body load from LSA, and there is only a little vasoconstriction. The body load from DPT is bad, and when itís affecting me there doesnít seem like there is any possible reason to get up.

T 1:00 Iím having strong CEVís by this point, and hard lines around me are becoming fluid, flowing to the rhythm of my heart beat. At this point I realize I can hear my heart, and I feel for my pulse, only to find my pulse to be very elevated. I get worried. Iím feeling the effects twice as strong as the night before, and can still feel it building in me.

T 1:15 Suddenly I dissociate, I feel like I have been pulled one foot into the couch, and have left my body where it was. I look over at my friends dog, who I found to be staring at the portion of me deep in the couch, not where my body is. I can hear the dog's voice in my head ĒFeel the vibrations of life.Ē Every cell in my body feels like it is vibrating at an incredibly fast rate. I go to lift up my right arm as I look down at it, only to find it hasnít moved, my left leg has raised instead. Confused, I relax and enjoy the way the vibrationsí intensity seems to follow my breathing pattern, breathing in speeds it up, breathing out slows it down. Pure. Bliss.

T 2:30 Iím on the comedown, the dissociation and vibration has stopped. At this point Iím finally able to talk to my friends again.
T 4:00 Iím baseline, my friends and I go over to the local Kava Bar and relax, the easy music has perfect synergy with my afterglow.

Retrospective: This is one of my favorite hallucinogens. It is not good for parties, but its low dose for such a introspective, immersive experience make it the best trip Iíve had. Be warned, it seems to have plateaus much like DXM, with different doses causing seriously different effects.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105925
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Nov 8, 2015Views: 1,342
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DPT (21) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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