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For the 'Head Space' That I Like
Sassafras, Passion Flower & Various
by imjrod
Citation:   imjrod. "For the 'Head Space' That I Like: An Experience with Sassafras, Passion Flower & Various (exp105891)". Aug 19, 2017.

    Sassafras (tea)
      Passion Flower (tea)
      Nutmeg (tea)
      Anise (tea)
      Betel Nut (tea)
      Lemon Balm (tea)
      Hops (tea)
      Vitamin C (tea)


Psychadelic Root Beer - 7 grams Passionflower, 28 grams Sassafras root bark, 3 grams Parsley seed, 3 grams Nutmeg, 8 grams Star Anise seed, Betel Leaf, Edible Lime, Lemon Balm, Hops, Vitamin C

60 Oz. of tea consumed

To my experience, the active compounds in Sassafras, Parsley seed, and other phenylpropanol herbs are sometimes rather difficult to deal with. Sassafras for example, doesn't dissolve very 'friendly.' I cannot boil the water down to a strong tea without burning the oils. Also, sometimes the active compounds turn into a white pastey substance which is completely useless. Simply put, I find it difficult to make a Sassafras tea strong enough to taste it.

I finally settled upon a method of brewing the Sassafras tea. Preparation: I crush Parsley and Anise seed, Nutmeg, and Sass root bark and place in a nylon stocking separate from the other herbs and place the remaining herbs in a second stocking/tea bag. I use three pots, one with the boiling water, one for the Sass and its companions, one to steep everything on low heat. I also use Vitamin C to help make the water more soluble and balance the Ph against the edible Lime.

I pour about 21 Oz. boiling water over the bag with Sass in it, add one crushed up Vitamin C pill and steep 10 mins. I pour that over the other tea bag in the other pot and let it steep without boiling (low heat). Then I pour more boiling water over the Sass bag. I add half a Vitamin C tab and after steeping the Sass bag for 10 mins a second time, I pour the tea into the pot on low heat, and pour more boiling water over the Sass bag. I add another half a Vitamin C tab, let it steep 10 mins a third time, then pour it in with everything else. By then, the other herbs are pretty much done infusing, so it's time to take it off heat. I add the edible Lime and some sugar, and pour into a pitcher.

That's how I have to do it to still taste the Sassafras without ruining the active compounds. The bitter of Hops provides a counter-balance against the confectionery flavor of the other herbs. Without something bitter it wouldn't taste right (I suppose one could use Wormwood). The Vitamin C both increases the solubility of the water for the Sass and balances the PH against the edible Lime (or possibly the opposite is true as I have never measured the Ph). Edible Lime is for the Betel Leaf.

I began partaking of my Psychedelic Root Beer at about 8 PM

T+0:00 I poured a glass of still warm tea and placed the rest in the fridge. After one 14 Oz. glass, I feel a wave of euphoria come over me. I'm pleased with the flavor and consider the flavor recreational in its own right.

T+0:15 I drink another 14 Oz. glass and go outside to look at the sky. I was overcome with the impulse to sit and relax.

T+0:30 I tried to chug down a 3rd 14 Oz. glass but I'm in such a good mood that I don't care about it. After just a few drinks, I set the glass down and enjoy my surroundings. I'm in a very good mood and simple things amuse me. I'm looking at my dog stare into the corn field and its amazing. I'm listening to the frogs and crickets and it seems as though they've never sounded so beautiful.

T+1:00 I finally get up and finish my tea, and pour a fourth glass. There seems to be some sort of plateau where I don't even care about the tea. It's actually somewhat difficult to drink it down because I become distracted. I notice myself being distracted and amused by the sounds of the night and my dog. At one point, I sat the glass down by my feet. I got up to do something and spilled the tea! ugh.

T+1:20 I'm feeling like I want some more tea now. I pour another fourth glass but become distracted. I feel as though I should set it down lest I forget it and spill it, so I set the glass on a shelf in the garage. A few minutes later, I wanted a cigarette, but I ended up spilling more than half the glass while reaching for one.

T+1:30 I refill the cup to the brim and chug it down as fast as I can.

T+1:50 I feel great! There is a slight psychedelic effect at this point. I would definitely not describe it as visuals, but my perception is changed. Things seem sparkly and bright. And everything that I do or see seems wonderful. Just watching a moth fly around amused me for some time.

T+3:00 I feel great but I want to go to bed so I get a snack and turn on the TV as my usual bedtime routine.

T+3:30 I fell asleep about a half hour after getting my snack and lying down. I had no difficulty in falling to sleep. Everything that evening thoroughly amused me. Even lying down seemed quite wonderful. The feel of the blanket was fascinating.

Overall, I would say this combination of herbs does bring out psychedelic aspects of Sassafras. It is reminiscent of ecstasy. It seems like the stimulant effects of Sass are too strong to get (quite mild) hallucinogenic effects. But the addition of Passionflower and non-stimulant bearing phenylpropanols Parsely, Anise, and Nutmeg provided the extra umph necessary to get the 'Head space' that I like so much. Passionflower seems to have dramatically increased the empathogenic effects compared to Sassafras alone.

Without that extra help, Sassafras tea seems like nothing more than another tea but with something besides caffeine in it. I'll be making this beverage on a regular basis and sharing it with company that stops out.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105891
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 38 
Published: Aug 19, 2017Views: 5,719
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Passion Flower (121), Sassafras (390) : Alone (16), Preparation / Recipes (30), Combinations (3)

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