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A Fun Drug for an Evening on My Own
Amanitas - A. pantherina & Alcohol - Beer
by Beaver
Citation:   Beaver. "A Fun Drug for an Evening on My Own: An Experience with Amanitas - A. pantherina & Alcohol - Beer (exp105867)". Aug 10, 2018.

2.16 g oral Amanitas - A. pantherina (tea)
    oral Ginger (tea)
  1 oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)


Iím not one for all that hippy-dippy stuff about the spiritual side of drugs (each to his or her own) but I do need to lay down the setting and background before I get more specific.

Due to the variation in potency with these mushrooms I feel I should give a decent description or the mushrooms I found. I live in South Africa and so both A. muscaria and A. pantherina do not normally grow anywhere normally and getting them posted in from elsewhere is almost impossible with the postal system here. There are sometimes A. muscaria found in the older pine plantations but those are all at the other side of the country. I have been interested in taking these mushies for very long time and was lucky enough to find a few small A. pantherina growing in my very own garden. This summer was a particular good one for mushrooms to grown as I identified 3 new species, bringing the totally to 11 different species of fungi in my garden alone. Yet I havenít managed to find them growing anywhere else. As an avid, amateur mycologist I recognised it as pantherina as soon as I saw it but after I picked all the mushrooms I could find I still did a proper style of the mushroom to make sure I identified it properly. Always double and triple check when dealing with Amanitas you are going to ingest. I find taking spore prints overnight is great way of making extra sure I have the right one.

Preparation and Experience
There were only 5 small mushrooms, with an average cap length of 7cm, but I took these and dried them in an oven set to 100įC with the oven door wedged open to let moisture escape. I dried them for 45 minutes until they were crisp and snapped or crumbled when handled firmly. The dried weight was 2.16 grams. These were broken up into small pieces and kept in a drawer in my cupboard for a few days.

To prepare the mushrooms I boiled them in 1 and a Ĺ cups of water for half an hour. Once it had boiled for Ĺ an hour I took the pot off the heat and grated about a tablespoon of fresh ginger in, to help with the nauseating effects of the mushroom and to disguise the taste. After I let this mixture cool for a few minutes I pour the contents into a mug through a sieve. I squeezed all the liquid I could out of the mushroom and ginger pieces.

I had eaten very little that day and had had a beer at lunch so I waited until evening to take. At 8:30 pm I drank the all the mushroom liquid I had made earlier in a few gulps. The ginger definitely helps mask any taste as it just tasted like ginger.
The ginger definitely helps mask any taste as it just tasted like ginger.

By 9pm I started to feel a bit strange but chalked that up to placebo and the excitement of taking a new drug. By 10pm I was definitely feeling sometime. I was very tired and there was a very nice body buzz/high going on. I tried to watch a movie but I fell in and out of sleep (or what felt like sleep) multiple times over the next 30 minutes. When I woke up I definitely felt I was on something though it was not as strong as I had hoped. My body high was nice but my limbs felt a bit heavier. The closest I can compare this drug too is being drunk but it is different. My mind was clear and sharp and although I was a bit tired I found that once I got moving I had a lot of energy. It was a sort or primal energy and I felt very powerful and prone to dancing and running. At around 11:30 had another beer because I wanted to amplify the high a bit. If the weather is good next year I will try harvest a lot more mushrooms. I reckon about 5 grams would be the sweet.

The effects lasted until about 2 am where I fell into an amazingly deep and comfortable sleep and there were no negative latent effects the next morning. I just felt energised and happy. I was mildly nauseated for the first hour or so of the trip but other than that there werenít any negative effects. This could be because of the ginger I added or because apparently A. pantherina causes much less nausea than A. muscaria.

It is nothing like any other drug I have try except at a push like alcohol. I have a high tolerance for alcohol and I really enjoy drinking so this could be a factor in my experience.
Have fun!

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105867
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Aug 10, 2018Views: 329
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Amanitas - A. pantherina (71), Alcohol - Beer/Wine (199) : Combinations (3), Preparation / Recipes (30), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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